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Covid-19 Home Working Increased Productivity, Report Claims

Posted 2 years ago

Covid-19 Home Working Increased Productivity, Report Claims
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34% of companies believe that working from home is having a positive impact on employee productivity, according to new research. The Covid-19 UK business barometer, conducted by Sapio Research and B2B agency Skout, reveals that reduced travel times and changing routines have also contributed to employee effectiveness. 

As a result, around one in six organisations also reported that they are downsizing their business operations, significantly reducing expenditure in areas such as recruitment, training materials and premises spaces. 

The change in operations does however come at a cost, with 35% of businesses investing more into remote working technology, compared to pre-Covid-19 levels. 

The research, which was conducted between mid-April and mid-May with a cross industry sample of 500 businesses from SMEs to large enterprises, also shows how home working is also opening up new opportunities for UK businesses. 70% of respondents claim that it has potentially strengthened relationships with clients, supply chains and competitors. 

The survey has revealed that over the course of the pandemic nearly half of businesses have used financial support from the government, such as the furlough scheme, with a further 26% planning to use it in the near future. And, with part-time furlough now an option, companies will start exercising the different options available to them when returning employees back to work. 

Companies are also embracing change using online alternatives. 24% of respondents have made efforts to maintain their brand presence through activities such as virtual quizzes, 19% have delivered services through online training programmes, and 18% have participated in virtual networking events. 

Commenting on the findings, CEO of NextFin, Sacha Bright, said: “The fact that a third of businesses are considering moving to a remote working environment is certainly a positive for areas such as the environment, employee morale, family and home life. 

“However, on the other hand, if these results are accurate, then in theory we should see a third less office space being required. Should the government recognise this as a trend, the it could relax planning laws to convert these offices into homes, thus solving the housing crisis. In every crisis, there is an opportunity."

Authors: Sacha Bright & Oliver Murphy


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