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‘Gively’ Comments on NextFin's Ratings Service

Posted 1 years ago

‘Gively’ Comments on NextFin's Ratings Service
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Gively has complimented NextFin on what it has described as an “excellent ratings” service. An online marketplace where users can give and get second-hand items for free, the company was rated by us on July 16 and achieved a rating of 76%.

The second hand clothing market will double in value to £50 billion annually by 2023, and the company finds itself as a suitable contender in this domain. They aim to lower greenhouse gas emissions and minimise landfill sites through its portal.

The company has reached over 5,000 users, 70% of which came from unpaid channels. 

Gively won an SME (Small and medium enterprises) grant worth £10,000 of television advertising and has received rave reviews from its users through the App Store, social media, and in person. 

They will use 50% of the investment for marketing purposes, 25% for technology up-gradation, and 25% for hiring human resources.

NextFin spoke to the entrepreneurs and investors behind the business to guage how their crowdfunding rating has had an impact on its operations. 

Phil Galoway, CEO of Gively told us: “As our rating makes clear, we have all the ingredients needed for success here. 

“We have a passionate, experienced team. We have a great product that could help turn the tide on unsustainable consumption, in a market poised for explosive growth.

“Finally, and importantly, the model is simple and designed to deliver a strong return for investors. The beauty of our model is that everyone has the potential to be a winner.

“Our planet, our neighbours, our investors. Join our mission to make giving mainstream, and save millions of items from landfill! 

“Nextfin have been excellent at distilling the workings of our business. This will help us communicate our strengths, and importantly, help us work on our shortcomings to build an even stronger business proposition.”

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