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Itasca Wines Praises NextFin On Its Ratings Service

Posted 4 years ago

Itasca Wines Praises NextFin On Its Ratings Service
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NextFin recently provided Itasca Wines with a rating of 76%. A Hampshire-based vineyard and winery that produces find English wines, Itasca Wines is raising funds to build and equip a contract winemaking facility, to fulfil the growing demand from vineyards without their own winery for winemaking services.

They operate on a contract based model by providing a ‘grape to bottle’ service to other vineyards and will also generate revenue by selling it to other vineyards. Itasca Wines aims to become a major winemaker and create award-winning wines at Penn Croft. The company has already planted its first vineyard, consisting of 16,000 vines and has featured in Vineyard Magazine in February 2019.

Designed to safeguard and nurture the health of vines and the vineyard, Itasca Wines is the “first of its kind in the UK being managed under the principles of ‘Conservation Agriculture’ and ‘Conservation Viticulture’, the combination being its unique selling points.”

NextFin spoke to the entrepreneurs and investors behind the business to gauge how their crowdfunding rating has had an impact on its operations. 

Debbie Tarrier, Investor Relations for Itasca Wines told us “The rating and information provided by NextFin gives a decent rounded overview and will be very useful alongside our own marketing and we welcome the chance to share our passion with you and to answer any queries.

“People have invested so far either for lifestyle reasons, the romance of being part-owners of a vineyard they can visit and be a part of the Itasca Wines Adventure as we grow, or the dividends/profit are attractive for investment,” we were told.

NextFin spoke to an investor in the company, who told us “the overall rating of 76% appears fair in its reflection of a compelling set of financials, a highly knowledgeable management team and the overall product proposition combined with the inevitable risks associated with a start-up in an increasingly competitive market with an as yet unproven product.”

According to the investor: “The management team of Itasca Wines have been very clear and consistent in establishing their passion for wine and the winemaking business and have an exciting vision for what Itasca can offer to consumers and vineyards in the area.

“Although as individuals, they are clearly skilled, the 81% rating for management is probably appropriate given that the relatively early stages of the project provide limited opportunities to demonstrate their combined capabilities as a team.

“An overall rating of 76% would definitely pique my interest.”

The investor went on to say that although some of the comments highlighted issues in the business as with any startup, the detail in the report was very compelling and provided valuable insight.

NextFin’s ratings are free of charge, fully independent, and therefore are not swayed by an investor, platform or entrepreneur's opinion, giving investors an impartial, in-depth analysis on an investment opportunity.


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