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Equity Crowdfunding Social Impact Rating By NextFin

Posted 3 years ago

Equity Crowdfunding Social Impact Rating By NextFin
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Following the acquisition of CrowdRating, NextFin are now rating equity crowdfunding pitches to provide potential investors an independent rating to allow them to make informed decisions.

We ask the entrepreneurs hundreds of questions on areas that include management, investment and product/service to create a rating out of 100. We use technology to automate data gathering where possible and ratings are independently reviewed by an experienced analyst. As a regulated company we are bound by the principles of the FCA to be fair, clear and not misleading and scoring is evidence based where ever possible.

We love every variety of entrepreneurs, startups and crowdfunding. We understand that some companies may not achieve a high investment rating but we want to recognise innovation, community and environmentally friendly investments. Every pitch is rated for its social impact and in return this rating reflects upon the crowdfunding platform they are featured on. Crowdfunding platforms will be rated on how much social impact they are making by supporting these exceptional companies. Jobs are being created, big problems are being solved and crowdfunding needs to continue supporting amazing entrepreneurs. It's not always about the money.

This social impact rating covers four elements and each is evaluated separately and bought together with an overall score out of 5 stars.

The four elements are:

Governance: does the business have clear vision, mission and culture statements

Innovation: is the product/service disruptive, innovative or new to the market

Environment: how does the business impact the environment

People: is the business employing, training new people and how does this affect the community. Does the business promote equality and diversity?

We have had very positive feedback as entrepreneurs & investors understand our rating service. Our rating and comparison site provide brand awareness and trust in the investment opportunity because it has been independently evaluated and compared with similar investments. Entrepreneurs are provided with interactive widgets to showcase a summary of the rating on their website, social media and marketing material.

The ratings are provided free of charge (to equity crowdfunding pitches), free of commission and are completely independent.

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