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Banks not lending to small businesses is stunting Britain’s growth

Banks not lending to small businesses is stunting Britain’s growth

Posted 3 years ago

Every year, thousands of small businesses see their loan applications rejected by the big Banks. Figures from the British Business Bank (BBB) suggest that this equates to around £4bn in loans ..

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What do debt warnings mean for investors and small businesses?

Posted 3 years ago

The debt warning The Bank of England (BoE) warned again on Tuesday about rising debt levels in the UK. Whilst the majority of UK household debt is related to mortgages, other debt such as credit ca..

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For capital fund raising success consider combining your options

Posted 3 years ago

Never before have businesses in the UK had so many options available to them for raising capital. Where in the past networks were limited and generally localised they can now, thanks to new technolo..

Tagged: fundraising success combine options raising capital business loans business finance venture capital funding options

What is peer-to-peer lending?

Posted 3 years ago

Peer-to-peer lending – also known as P2P lending, debt crowdfunding and marketplace lending – is an alternative financing model whereby people borrow from other people, rather than going..

Tagged: business loans business sme business funding loans peer to peer peer to peer loans peer-to-peer loans peer to peer lending peer-to-peer lending equity crowdfunding

What alternative business finance is best when you are refused a business loan or credit by your bank?

Posted 3 years ago

The financial crisis of the late 2000s made a marked difference to banks’ willingness to lend; business overdrafts became harder to come by and business loan applications met more often with a..

Tagged: business business loans sme finance merchant cash advance invoice finance business growth equity crowdfunding debt debt crowdfunding crowdfunding assets lending business loans

What is debt crowdfunding and how does it work?

What is debt crowdfunding and how does it work?

Posted 3 years ago

What is debt crowdfunding? Debt crowdfunding, sometimes known as peer-to-peer lending or loan-based lending, is an alternative way for businesses to borrow money. In essence, it’s the same pr..

Tagged: business business loans debt crowdfunding debt crowd-funding crowdfunding equity equity crowdfunding business loans finance business finance start ups sme business growth

Will USA trump regulation for impact on UK Alternative finance market? Asks our CEO Sacha Bright

Posted 4 years ago

 Will USA trump regulation for impact on UK Alternative finance market? Asks our CEO Sacha Bright   It is a little early to say quite how Trump’s Presidency will impact Alternative..

Tagged: business agent donald trump alternative finance peer to peer p2p america economics peer-to-peer business loans borrowing altfi fintech

Why Invoice Finance Might Be Right for Your Business

Posted 4 years ago

Financing your business comes in many different forms and can vary from what you assume to be available. The standard business loan is of course the traditional form of finance, however not every bu..

Tagged: finance alternative finance invoice finance MarketInvoice raising finance business finance business loans

P2PFA Q2 Data Shows Growth Slows for Peer to Peer Lending

Posted 4 years ago

The UK Peer to Peer Finance Association have just release the data for Q2 of 2016 to show that lending currently stands at £5.8bn with around £658 Million lent in Q2. This shows a dip fr..

Tagged: p2pfa ifisa innovative finance isa isa peer to peer p2p peer to peer lending p2p lending zopa funding circle alternative finance business loans loans

Business Finance: Beyond the Business Loan

Posted 4 years ago

Business Finance: Beyond the Business Loan   For many, the traditional business loan is the most logical option when looking for finance. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work out how..

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