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Technology: the future is now?

Posted 2 years ago

Technology: the future is now?
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20 years ago Google, facebook, Uber, Amazon and Airbnb did not exist. Today, Facebook, Google and Amazon are considered to have market values that exceed $500 billion, Uber over $50 billion and Airbnb more than $31 billion.

Somewhere in the story of these now tech giants was a point where the founders looked to raise capital for investment, capital that was exchanged for equity, equity that is now worth a lot of money.

Of course for every Amazon, Google Uber and Airbnb there is a friends reunited (remember them?), AOL, Netspace and Geocities. The risk of investing in start-up companies is that they are more likely to fail. Of course if they do well then they can do very well indeed – which can be great news for their investors.

This is the appeal of start-up investing and in no sector does the aroma of potential fast track growth smell sweeter than in technology.

At businessagent.com you can search by sector as well as by platform and tax relief eligibility. Right now there are 13 companies looking for investors.  Ever fancied an app that let you buy goods from a store without having to queue up at the till? Well Thyngs, feels the same way. They are a technology company that can transform anything into an instant point of sale through the use of QR and NFC tags. Christmas shopping would never be the same again! Better still, Thyngs is one of four companies looking for investors that has been analysed and rated; with the ratings available on businessagent.com so you can learn more about how the business is run and what the analysts think its chances of success may be.

The three other companies with ratings are; hubba do – a site that connects businesses and individuals with expert consultants who can help them to get their job done.  Think of it as a vetted yellow pages for professionals in sectors like IT, project management and compliance. Breezie, looks to use technology to help better facilitate care for older people.  And Threedeemee (3Dme), creates avatars, something that could be picked up by retailers as they look to improve the online shopping experience. Imagine an accurate 3D avatar of yourself trying on clothes online for instance.

As you can see from the four pitching companies with ratings, there is a great deal of variety in the technology sector. Some great ideas will make it, some won’t. Sometimes people are happy to use technology to make their lives easier and sometimes no matter how much better a service is we like things as they were. With a start-up timing and luck have impact, sadly great ideas can fail because people aren’t quite ready for them yet, or because someone bigger offers something less good but similar and takes away the opportunity you have to grow. But of course sometimes great ideas pan out – look at Airbnb. When it was launched the idea of staying in the spare room of a stranger’s house may not have appealed. Today Airbnb is challenging the hotel industry and used by many people as a default.

The technology companies listed across the various equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK (but easy to compare and consider in one place thanks to businessagent.com) are all looking for investment.  They are all hoping to be the next big thing. As investors the question is, do you want to take the risk that they could be?

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