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UK Equity Crowdfunding's second biggest fund raising ever happened this week

UK Equity Crowdfunding's second biggest fund raising ever happened this week

2 years ago

The highest funding amount for a crowdfunding campaign in the UK was for Crowdcube, who raised over £7 million, 146% of their target funding amount, with the backing of 3,699 investors. 


The second highest amount ever raised was reached on Wednesday (29 November).


ADC Biotechnology limited provides specialist drug manufacturing services and it has just raised over £6 million on Investing Zone with the help of just 10 investors. 


Sacha Bright, CEO of businessagent.com the regulated, independent marketplace for the UKs equity crowdfunding and P2P sectors, comments:


"ADC Biotechnology has reached quite the milestone today. More than £6 million invested, the second highest amount in UK equity crowdfunding's history, and an extension to the fundraising period means that there is still time for others to invest yet more. But, with just 10 investors contributing to this amount it is worth thinking about who has invested and why? 


"I say think because the crowdfunding platforms do not, at present, declare much information about the types of investors putting money into the fundraising campaigns that they host. They don't tell you about special interest deals that may be involved, or links to the company - family for instance - that could all have a significant bearing on why someone may have invested and in turn help to inform your investment decision. 


"Of course, what Investment Zone offers, that private equity for instance would not, is sight of and the opportunity for people to invest in what appears to be an exciting company with a product that they believe will resonate with global pharmaceutical companies. The sector has a lot of growing up to do, but it continues to prove that it deserves its place in the eco-system that supports the growth of companies in the UK."

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