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Write the greatest children's story ever told... their own!

3 years ago

There’s no denying that, in this digital age, we are taking more pictures of our children than ever before. More people are seeing them too: thanks to social networking. As great as this is, it’s not quite the same as looking back on old photos, put together by parents and grandparents, in photo albums full of nostalgia and magical memories.


So, what can parents, grandparents and friends use to ensure these special memories are stored in a place where they can be enjoyed time and time again, without having to scroll through a lifetime of Facebook posts, holiday snaps and memes? We need something that combines the digital age with the personal touch of the past.


Skwibble, now live on the app store, is a safe way for parents, grandparents and friends to share pictures and memories of their child. When you’re ready, Skwibble makes it easy for you to transform your digital memories into a beautiful photobook to treasure, giving your child a wonderful insight into the pictures, places and people of their childhood.


Since Skwibble went live in the App Store on 8th Feb 2017, they have had over 480 downloads. It was officially launched at The Baby Show, receiving excellent feedback from parents and industry experts (we’re pretty chuffed about that, parents can be a tough crowd!).


Skwibble have chosen to raise their investment through equity crowdfunding on the Invesdor platform. With crowdfunding becoming an increasingly popular way for start-ups to raise funding, Birju Pujara - Skwibble’s founder and ‘Chief Skwibbler’ - explained why they chose this option; “For a company such as Skwibble, our priority for the next couple of years is user growth and user engagement. Achieving strong metrics in these areas would put Skwibble in a great position to start monetising the app. With that in mind, the traditional forms of fundraising do not suit the business model and this is increasingly true for many startups today. We chose Invesdor as I found them to be very consultative in their approach and, as someone new to crowdfunding, their assistance was very welcome. With Skwibble serving such a captive audience and having such a big opportunity for growth, we wanted as many of our users, friends and supporters to become a part of our story.


With investment, the team at Skwibble hope to get the Android app developed. This will help increase download rates and invites by existing users. They also have plans to introduce the ‘Skwibble Nursery’; a sister-app designed to revolutionise the way in which nurseries communicate with parents and how they record a child’s progress. In addition to this, Skwibble plan to include video, book/gift printing and more - enhancing the user experience and increasing user engagement.


To date, Skwibble have raised 42% of their investment target and have a pre-money valuation of £651,000. Their current share price stands at £2.17 meaning, with a minimum investment of just one hundred shares, you could be a part of the Skwibble team for as little as £217!


Come jump aboard the Skwibble train and enjoy the ride! Click here, https://www.invesdor.com/en/pitches/788 to read more about this exciting investment opportunity.



You can download the app here, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/skwibble/id1195350506?ls=1&mt=8.

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