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Crowdfunding Opportunities by Envestors

Book Your Lifestyle (BYL) are a marketplace for the hair and beauty services market. BYL brings together the supplier and the consumer. The supplier can market their business, fill their unsold slots and improve the efficiency of their booking systems. BYL make it much easier for the consumer to book their hair appointment on the go, on their mobile and also allows them to make payments.
investment: £655,000 target: £750,000
87% of Funding Target Achieved
Intoware provide wearable, mobile and desktop technology to SME's and SAS clients. Intoware digitise the deskless workspace and therefore remove the need for paper checklists. Once a checklist is complete, Intoware is able to share the completed list with anyone it may concern.
investment: £700,000 target: £750,000
93% of Funding Target Achieved
The Wave in Bristol aim to build an in-land surfing lake. It is designed to produce consistent perfect waves without having to wait. If you're not into surfing then there will be a multitude of other activities to get involved in. 
investment: £20,000 target: £3,800,000
1% of Funding Target Achieved
Ancon is designed to detect trace elements of things such as explosives, drugs and chemical weapons in the air. Ancon manufactures equipment and components that are up to 10,000 times more sensitive then anything else on the market.
investment: £1,043,525 target: £1,480,000
71% of Funding Target Achieved
GoInStore is a first person shopping experience that allows online visitors to experience a store as if they were in the store. You are able to engage with a retail associate from that store in real-time via a one-way video stream and a two-way audio connection.
investment: Unknown target: £0
nan% of Funding Target Achieved
GreenPiP produce sustainably sourced, green packaging for the packaging market. Their packaging will be made of just one material and therefore it is easier for the agencies that deal with recycling once it has been discarded.
investment: £105,000 target: £1,000,000
11% of Funding Target Achieved
 Tevva have created a range-extended electric truck. With a small on-board diesel engine, the truck is able to re-charge the batteries while the vehicle is travelling. This enables the commercial vehicle to meet its delivery schedule without stopping for constant recharging.  
investment: £615,000 target: £2,000,000
31% of Funding Target Achieved
Cipher Surgical have developed a new product that is designed to remove contaminants from the laparoscope’s lens during keyhole surgery, thus removing the need to constantly take the laparascope out of the patient for cleaning. This is done by manipulating CO2 and saline across the lens and therefore removing blood, peritoneal fluid, particulate matter and condensation/fogging from the lens.
investment: £175,000 target: £300,000
58% of Funding Target Achieved
Aveqia is a unique interactive gastronomic experience combining a luxury restaurant with state of the art kitchens to create an exceptional venue for corporate events or private groups. These experiences are run by Michelin star trained chefs.
investment: £100,000 target: £750,000
13% of Funding Target Achieved
Sugru is the worlds first mouldable glue. It starts off like playdough so you can shape and mould it into almost anything, you leave it overnight and it turns into a strong, durable rubber. Sugru was invented to make fixing and making things easy and fun for everyone. 
investment: £410,000 target: £1,500,000
27% of Funding Target Achieved
Synergy Grill have designed a grill targetted at restaurants, hotels, clubs and the commercial market that cuts the users gas bill by 50%. It does this by injecting air into the combustion. It also has no fat tray to clean out as all of the fat is vapourised and goes into the food and therefore futher enhancing the taste. 
investment: £125,000 target: £600,000
21% of Funding Target Achieved
Billon have created a technology that enables zero cost global payments by the use of a simple mobile app. Billon's mobile app allows you to instantly pay for the rest of an article from the Guardian or even donate to your favourite Youtubers with a few clicks of a button. 
investment: £1,406,667 target: £900,000
156% of Funding Target Achieved
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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