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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Manufacturing and Retail by Envestors

Warwick Acoustics produces Electrostatic Audio Systems for the auto industry. The company is partnered with various car Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to produce and distribute automotive solutions. 
investment: Unknown target: £5,500,000
status: Active 18 days
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Adande Aircell®Limited (AAL) is an airflow management system designed to fit into the current cabinet designs to minimise and reduce energy usage, improve temperature stability, and stop cold air falling out. It significantly improves the efficiency and performance of the refrigerator. The Aircell® technology is protected by a bunch of series of patents filed internationally and in the UK. With the proceeds, the company will manufacture and sell the whole unit and create a secondary stream to ensure that the company can demonstrate the technology through trade shows and in-store demonstrations.
investment: Unknown target: £1,500,000
status: Active 10 days
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GreenPiP produce sustainably sourced, green packaging for the packaging market. Their packaging will be made of just one material and therefore it is easier for the agencies that deal with recycling once it has been discarded.
investment: £105,000 target: £1,000,000
11% of Funding Target Achieved
Go In Store is a first person shopping experience that allows online visitors to experience a store as if they were in the store.  Customers can engage with a retail associates in real time.  They intend on using new technologies to bring this human to human virtual shopping experience to life.
investment: £275,852 target: £1,499,973
18% of Funding Target Achieved
Metal matrix composite components and materials, primarily comprised of aluminium for use in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Alvant specialise in designing, developing and producing the composite for well-known clients such as Ford and Safran. In the last financial year, Alvant achieved a turnover of almost £617k and has invested more than £10m towards manufacturing and testing their own product. Alvant is now raising funds to distribute their components to a wider market and expand the number of commercial applications that would benefit from their materials.
investment: £2,105,001 target: £2,500,000
84% of Funding Target Achieved
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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