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Crowdfunding Opportunities in Professional, Financial and Business by Envestors

Billon have created a technology that enables zero cost global payments by the use of a simple mobile app. Billon's mobile app allows you to instantly pay for the rest of an article from the Guardian or even donate to your favourite Youtubers with a few clicks of a button. 
investment: £1,406,667 target: £900,000
156% of Funding Target Achieved
ITIG have developed software to aid in understanding the investment process, as well as reducing the associated costs of investing. Using their licensed methodologies, retail and institutional investors will see return funds which are more predictable when investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), resulting in highly diverse and low-cost investment portfolio.
investment: £67,000 target: £750,000
9% of Funding Target Achieved
Those who work in services, such as the Armed Forces, can find it difficult to access financial products due to their anomalous credit histories compared to non-services personnel. TSFL aims to address this with their advanced risk-modelling platform for underwriters. This will allow tailored insurance, consumer credit and eventually home lending to be sold through TSFL.
investment: £1,431,885 target: £2,200,000
65% of Funding Target Achieved
An IT recruitment and training site launched to meet the demands of enterprises that require highly skilled tech professionals. 365 Talent Portal offers companies to hire IT consultants at a lower price compared to traditional recruitment hubs. The company also allows IT professionals registered on the site to access training and certification programmes that will expand their current skillset and become more marketable to potential employers. 365 Talent Portal is raising funds to produce more prominent marketing campaigns and establish their brand in major markets such as the USA. In addition to this, the company will be using AI more heavily and develop a more automated approach on their platform for their customers.
investment: £156,000 target: £500,000
31% of Funding Target Achieved
Founded by entrepreneurs, Oliver Hutley (COO) and Rory Chichester (CEO), TECS Group is an expert provider of technology. TECS Group delivers non-discretionary critical services, such as Electrical Testing and Treatment, Gas Safety, and Fire Safety, on behalf of customers. These services are covered by strict legislation & regulation. Following a constant period of investment into developing a scalable and a solid operating platform, the TECS Group is embarking on its subsequent stage of growth. With the proceeds, the company will deliver and successfully implement its technology strategy, successfully drive for organic sales, increase the national coverage, and continue its final program.
investment: £96,770 target: £1,000,000
10% of Funding Target Achieved
Cyance is an award-winning marketing technology pioneer. Nexus is a software platform designed by the company to track the buying behaviour through billions of computers belonging to millions of businesses across the globe. This platform can track the consumed content and identifies customer interests and needs. The company's customers typically generate x3 more leads and x4 more sales. With the proceeds, Cyance will increase its marketing sales and improve product development to fund the general working capital.
investment: Unknown target: £350,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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