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SEIS Crowdfunding Opportunities by Envestors


GoInStore is a first person shopping experience that allows online visitors to experience a store as if they were in the store. You are able to engage with a retail associate from that store in real-time via a one-way video stream and a two-way audio connection.
investment: Unknown target: £0
nan% of Funding Target Achieved
Sense Products is a food supplement company that currently have 5 products on the market; Sense for a night out (alcohol), Sense for nicotine lovers (smokers), Sense for cholesterol, Sense for city living (busy lives) and Sense for weight warriors.
investment: £200,000 target: £350,000
57% of Funding Target Achieved
ZOA Robotics build robots which have been inspired by nature. They are currently focusing on low-cost 4-legged systems for the transportation of materials on uneven ground. ZOA's founder has experience in the robotics industry and has already created impressive initial prototypes of the product.
investment: £188,300 target: £250,000
75% of Funding Target Achieved
Adapttech aim to reduce the number of sessions needed to adjust a prosthetic to it’s owner, making prosthetics more comfortable at a much faster rate. Their technology uses a laser scanner combined wearale sensors to determine where the socket needs adjustments.
investment: £1,225,000 target: £1,700,000
72% of Funding Target Achieved
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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