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SEIS Crowdfunding Opportunities in Film, Entertainment & Media

Gigride is a one-stop-shop for musicians, DJs, venues, promoters, to come together and produce gigs. The company is bringing the live music industry into the 21st century. It is the only platform known to enlist attendance of bands’ past shows. Gigride is initially focusing on capturing the bookings market before perfecting a longer-term business model. The company's objective is to enable organisers to make informed booking decisions and support revenues by maximising attendance. Gigride also aims at bringing the UK’s estimated 500k bands, 30k promoters, and 130k music venues, together in one online marketplace. 
investment: £59,580 target: £170,000 pre-money valuation: £950,000
status: Active 15 days
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35% of Funding Target Achieved
FortuneHunterTV is the UK’s only TV Series providing specialist advice and bespoke content for small business owners. 100% for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.We have a defined targeted audience, delivering our content to them via their phones, tablets, computers and televisions.As Lyndon Wood says “FortuneHunter TV is full of nuggets of information, delivered to you by people who have actually faced the same problem, and overcome it successfully. Its like having an entire group of mentors on your phone or in your living room”There has never been a better time to invest in a business that encourages and supports budding entrepreneurs in the UK
investment: £9,240 target: £30,000 pre-money valuation: £270,000
31% of Funding Target Achieved
BOS Films specialises in creating and producing african themed films for mainstream audiences. The Directors first film, a love story about immigration, was a big success. It screened across the world, in the UK and the US and was also released in Africa.
investment: £1,560 target: £50,000 pre-money valuation: £671,501
3% of Funding Target Achieved
THE MUGHALS is a prime-time entertainment drama series for international television, recreating for a modern audience the most vibrant ruling dynasty the world has known, in the genre of such hits as THE TUDORS and ROME.
investment: £22,400 target: £50,000 pre-money valuation: £61,607
45% of Funding Target Achieved
Like a lot of young independent British film companies, 721 Productions had only a modest budget with which to enter the $36 billion global film industry in 2014 (an industry that seems recession proof given that global box office revenues have seen a 22% increase since 2009).  Despite the low budget, director Paul Emmanuel still produced a piece of brilliance with ‘The Maid’ - a romantic drama that hit the silver screen in early 2014 and subsequently went on to pick up various film accolades, including multiple awards, a nomination for Best UK Feature Film and screenings at the prestigious London and New York film festivals. Since the overwhelming response to what was 721 Productions' very first film, the team has been hard at work on its latest film ‘Secrets of the Lost Souls’.  Paul Emmanuel is once again steering the ship second time around – albeit with a greater depth of industry connections and knowhow compared to the first. He is working alongside other talented and versatile filmmakers David C. G. Hare – who himself has built an impressive career over the past 15 years – and the award-winning cinematographer Steven Marshall who has over 9 years experience in his field and has worked on movies screened at film festivals in Cannes, Venice and Berlin.  The latest film production will cost £80,000 – you'd be forgiven for thinking that that's a small amount for the production of a movie. But with advanced digital cinema technology available to modern-day filmmakers at reasonable prices, costs can be contained. The film ‘Paranormal Activity’ for example, cost $15,000 to make and grossed over $107,000,000 at the box office – testament not only to the relatively small investment these types of productions need, but also to why Horror/Action genres are widely recognised as offering the highest rates of return on investment in the movie industry. Like Paranormal Activity ‘Secrets of the Lost Souls’ is a supernatural horror thriller aimed at the more lucrative US market.  Production is scheduled to begin early next year and 721 Productions wants to make investors become part of the journey – one featuring ongoing film updates, special mentions, exclusive screenings, site visits, film previews and a wrap party. How far you travel on that journey with the production team depends on how much you invest. Investors pledging money to this pitch will receive exciting investor rewards and shares in a movie from what is an emerging British film production company. Check out the 'rewards' section for more details.
investment: £24,700 target: £80,000 pre-money valuation: £720,000
31% of Funding Target Achieved
The Writers’ e-Publishing Community, with leading-edge technology, LinkedIn for writers, on-line destination for contemporary writing. In 2015 “CUT” will become the world’s largest e-book publisher by author numbers. Over 700 pro-writers already pre-registered. CUT sells e-books, readable on ALL e-readers. Writers create content, driving traffic, reducing costs. e-Book publication is free. CUT receives 99 year rights and a  50/50 revenue share. CUT are building huge content, with over 170 e-books published already.
investment: £95,656 target: £95,000 pre-money valuation: £855,000
101% of Funding Target Achieved
WHO WE ARE We are a social network that gives creative writers as well as artists (actors, film producers etc) the opportunity to market their work and establish themselves in the world of entertainment. Whether you are a professional writer, or write as a hobby, this site is perfect for you. Users are able to upload samples to their portfolio and share their work for free.   BUSINESS AND THE WRITE HUSTLE All types of business that use writers whether it is magazine companies, film companies, record labels, recording artists, managers, producers , speakers or simply a company that’s looking for a script to advertise their new products or services. The Write Hustle is perfect for you to quickly find that talented writer you need and gives you the ability to have direct contact with them and build relationships as well as with other businesses.
investment: £500 target: £150,000
0% of Funding Target Achieved
The Company is seeking finance for producing the feature film, "E=Motion", a sci-fi movie about a road trip to the end of the universe. E=Motion offers mass appeal as a dramatic sci-fi thriller.
investment: £13,175 target: £25,000 pre-money valuation: £22,438
53% of Funding Target Achieved
Klondyker is a media brand which focusses on the people and places who are benchmarking new entrepreneurial approaches. Highlighting stories of solutions and innovation in business, public affairs, social enterprise, it is a magazine and digital platform which serves an outward looking audience. These readers are globally-minded. They are hungry for beautifully presented experiences in print. They already know what’s coming over the horizon - they want to know what comes after that  
investment: £2,000 target: £15,000 pre-money valuation: £135,000
13% of Funding Target Achieved
In 2015 “CUT” aims to become the world’s largest e-book publisher by author numbers. Over 700 pro-writers pre-registered before CUT even went live. CUT is a writers’ e-publishing community, powered by leading-edge technology. Imagine a LinkedIn for writers that is also an on-line destination for contemporary writing. CUT sells e-books, readable on ALL e-readers. Writers create content for CUT and this content drives traffic to the site. Leading edge publishing technology minimises costs so that e-Book publication carries no charge to writers. In turn, CUT receives 99 year rights on a 50/50 revenue share. CUT building huge content, over 300 e-books published already.
investment: £106,306 target: £150,000
71% of Funding Target Achieved
MJK Media are the company that is creating the Football Walk Of Fame. They are setting out to produce 3 films; a full length feature film, a documentary for television and a film for DVD/Video and the internet. The films will be showcasing the achievements of each of the footballing icons that resulted in them joining the Football Walk Of Fame.
investment: £135 target: £150,000 pre-money valuation: £150,000
0% of Funding Target Achieved
Big Couch is the 'crewfunding' platform that empowers filmmakers to connect with crews that invest in projects they believe in. Crews accept lower upfront fees in return for profit shares and deferred payment. Film producers optimise their budgets up to 20%. 
investment: £403 target: £30,000 pre-money valuation: £625,022
1% of Funding Target Achieved
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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