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SEIS Crowdfunding Opportunities by Investing Zone


CYWL has grown organically since its formation, with its own investment capital and resources. Considering the realistic insight into the global demand for an online sports specific coaching portal to the market, we will need to move from R&D pre-reveune traction stage to Sales and Profit stage. This can be achieve via a £100k Second Seed/Angel round.CYWL has very ambitious plans to expand the company. To realise the full potential of becoming a world class company CYWL plans in January 2015 to raise by way of debt/equity a sum in the region of £1.5M growth capital. Each of these proposed plans will provide extended global reach across the sector, consumer acquisition and increased return on revenues. It has aligned its sales, marketing and operations to become a major participant in a rapidly expanding market. Revenues of £80M growth scenario are expected with a strong EBITDA margin over the next 5 years."CoachAnyWay is a online sports coaching portal, giving you the opportunity to learn any sport, coached in a variety of ways"www.coachanyway.comProblemAccess to Free sports coaching content and saving time searching the web to find right type of coaching content and resourcesSolution An all in one sports coaching portal/service, helping users find a variety of coaching content and resources for them to use as they progress CoachAnyWay has no barriers to entry, this is what makes it appealing to users!Coach Your Way Limited’s strategy will be to deliver www.coachanyway.com globally, that penetrates the global market and establishes itself as “the” world” destination as a provider for its digital marketing platforms for the general public seeking sports tuition, educational systems, coaches and sporting organisations. CYWL provides a service that can directly benefit society, by encouraging active behaviour, whilst generating high revenues and growth.CYWL is targeting consumers with and interest in 8 vertical sports; Football, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Netball and Boxing, underpinning their objective of capturing a segment of the global sports market, which is set to be worth $145 billion US dollars by (2015) and the worldwide e-learning market is estimated at $91 billion In the US alone (2013).Unlike sport sites that focus on their own specific channel, CYWL will perpetuate and support initially 8 channels of sports education and tutorial, the ongoing conversation and social network via the web and mobile platforms, to then increase this number to 32 sports channels over 5 years.    •    There is no global destination for sport education.     •    A platform where users can produce and broadcast their coaching methods to the public    •    There is no true personalisation for sports. Facebook, YouTube and others try, but they have not accommodated segmentation of sports users.    •    Latest sports products will be targeted to users via advertisements relevant to their specific interest.    •    Delivering a continually expanding and evolving library, always providing current information    •    Website structure that encourages ‘social activity’ and ‘networking’ between coaches and other members, www.coachanyway.com is the’ Linkedin for Sports Coaches’ Our Proposed Business Model:1) During the Beta stage of development we will be able to track the top 8 leading sports that havetriggered the most interest from the public. Using this information we will engage with sportingbrands allied to those top 8 sports to explore opportunities for them to advertise on the www.coachanyway.com website. For example the Golf channel is selected via a user, with up to 20 videos per page, alined brands in Golf such as Callaway, Adams, Bridgestone, Cleveland, can all compete and be inline with these videos down the side, to sell their products to an extremely targeted audience interested not just in Golf, but in recreating a Golf Swing, Putt. This will be an added incentive for users to buy from these advertisers offering these products, thus saving them time having leaving CoachAnyWay and search across the internet for these items needed to play Golf.Over time, as determined by user interest in over 32 sports, we expand the opportunity for advertisers to use our website, from initial 32 advertisers on 8 sports to 128 potential advertisers on 32 sports and increasing there after.The top 4 biding companies in each sport will be able to choose from a starting advertising priceand method of advertising, as per the following examples:Pay per impression [8 initial advertisers pay £3 per 1,000 hits (0.1%)]Pay per click [8 initial advertisers pay £.20 per 100 hits (1%)]Cost per engagement [8 initial advertisers pay £.20 per 100 hits (1%) year 1 and £.30 year 2]Pay per lead [8 initial advertisers pay £2 per 200 hits (0.5%) year 1 and £3 year 2]2) 50% of content will be Premium Content, with starting costs at £1 per download in year one and £2 in year two. We currently have over 80,000 video downloads a month on our prototype so the usage is there!3) IOS and Android Applications will go on sale for £2 year one and £3 year two4) Directory referral fees on a monthly basis,A Directory to find coaches in your surrounding area A Map Directory, for individual sport governing bodies coaching courses for users to learn how to coachA Businesses Directory using google maps, so users can find local coaching businesses providing coachingTotal sales are forecasted at £691,703 Year 1 (2015) to £25,506,908 Year 5 (2019)Net cash flow forecasted at £134,996 (2015) / £3,942,175 (2016) / £9,779,542 (2017) / £15,446,959 (2018) /  £20,412,881 (2019) You need to be registered as an investor to see thisJoin Now
investment: £8,850 target: £100,000
9% of Funding Target Achieved
The company operates within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market and will be launching KOKONATA drink product.KOKONATA coconut water is a particular variety of coconut that is indigenous to the tropical island of Sri Lanka called “King Coconut” this is a particular type of Yellow Coconut which is only grown in this region.  On the Island, Kokonata coconut trees grow freely and in abundance with little or no human intervention. Its taste and ability to replenish the body make it the premium source of hydration, hence the name “King” of all coconuts.You need to be registered as an investor to see thisJoin Now
investment: Unknown target: £300,000
WHO WE ARE We are a social network that gives creative writers as well as artists (actors, film producers etc) the opportunity to market their work and establish themselves in the world of entertainment. Whether you are a professional writer, or write as a hobby, this site is perfect for you. Users are able to upload samples to their portfolio and share their work for free.   BUSINESS AND THE WRITE HUSTLE All types of business that use writers whether it is magazine companies, film companies, record labels, recording artists, managers, producers , speakers or simply a company that’s looking for a script to advertise their new products or services. The Write Hustle is perfect for you to quickly find that talented writer you need and gives you the ability to have direct contact with them and build relationships as well as with other businesses.
investment: £500 target: £150,000
0% of Funding Target Achieved
We will create a barcode scanning smartphone application called "Behind The Lines?" [BTL] to provide users with accurate ethical ratings for the manufacturers of the retail items they scan. Ethical shopping is a substantial and growing sector of the retail marketplace and we have a unique, useful and timely product to sell into it. This is the first stage in the development of a data-driven marketing business which will include: product-based information for consumers; commercial information services, affiliate and sponsorship deals with high street and online retailers and eventually a full ethical shopping portal or 'online supermarket'. The final aim is create a brand and business strong enough to be an attractive acquisition target, in an expected timeframe of five to eight years.
investment: £4,300 target: £100,000
4% of Funding Target Achieved
The Business Opportunity  Very simply, Zappawoo is aiming to achieve in the accessible travel market what lastminute.com and Secret Escapes  has done in the mainstream travel market.There are an estimated 12 million people registered as disabled in the UK, all with varying physical needs, and who spend an estimated £12.4bn in 2013 on domestic travel (the Purple Pound). We also have an ageing population who often need more accessible product as their mobility declines (the Grey Pound). For these groups, booking a holiday that suits their needs – an accessible holiday - can be a very complex and frustrating business.The solution: Zappawoo – making accessible travel easier to bookThe Zappawoo booking platform will bring together for the first time the vast array of accessible accommodation and travel options, allowing those with disabilities (and those who just simply need some additional reassurance) to easily search and book product and take advantage of time limited offers.Our highly navigable website will be full of holiday and leisure options from both mainstream and specialist providers suitable for those with special travel needs.We already have many suppliers interested. Funding is now required for technical development and an aggressive roll-out.Please note that the minimum investment is £1000.00You need to be registered as an investor to see thisJoin Now
investment: £1,600 target: £350,000
0% of Funding Target Achieved
In 2015 “CUT” aims to become the world’s largest e-book publisher by author numbers. Over 700 pro-writers pre-registered before CUT even went live. CUT is a writers’ e-publishing community, powered by leading-edge technology. Imagine a LinkedIn for writers that is also an on-line destination for contemporary writing. CUT sells e-books, readable on ALL e-readers. Writers create content for CUT and this content drives traffic to the site. Leading edge publishing technology minimises costs so that e-Book publication carries no charge to writers. In turn, CUT receives 99 year rights on a 50/50 revenue share. CUT building huge content, over 300 e-books published already.
investment: £106,306 target: £150,000
71% of Funding Target Achieved
BiVictriX Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that are developing ADC's (Antibody Drug Conjugates) in the field of Oncology. They have invented a strategy that improves ADC selectivity towards cancer cells.
investment: £451,506 target: £430,000 pre-money valuation: £4,347,778
105% of Funding Target Achieved
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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