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Crowdfunding Opportunities by GrowthDeck

The Teacher Booker is an online platform created for schools. It offers a robust tool that helps schools manage all staff administration through its wide range of recruitment provision. The app has over 5,000 teacher registrations with 100 schools who use and implement Teacher Booker. It has also secured a contract with a well-known regional education services provider. The Teacher Booker platform aims at eradicating expensive supply teacher agency fees and saving the schools millions of pounds a year.
investment: Unknown target: £650,000 pre-money valuation: £4,179,123
Kirk & Kirk is a vibrant fashion brand that produces a distinctive range of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Many celebrity clients such as Naga Munchetty, Prue Leith, Morcheeba, Morrissey, and Sharon Stone are clients of this fashion brand. The company aims at earning a unique position in capitalising on a rapidly-developing market with opportunities to grow in wholesale, fashion and online sales.
investment: Unknown target: £750,000 pre-money valuation: £4,113,813
Boom offers a wide-ranging voice over internet (VoIP) telephone software service targeted towards small and large companies. The company's highly experienced board comes with 270+ years of experience in the IT and Telecom sector. Boom enables a company to execute all of its telephony activity via a highly scalable, cloud-based service with more features. With the proceeds, the company aims at becoming a major software telecoms business. Its exit plan is to sell within five years as a software company, not as a telecoms business, with high growth recurring revenues to do an ideal valuation.
investment: Unknown target: £1,500,000 pre-money valuation: £10,442,675
Growthdeck is a Fintech crowdfunding platform that provides tax-efficient as well as growth investment opportunities to the growing network of private investors, introducers, partners, and investors. The company carries out professional due diligence, provides extensive business support and develops a close relationship with its investors. Growthdeck regularly hosts networking events that help in connecting growth businesses with sophisticated investors from across the globe. With the proceeds, the company will seek up to £2.5m of new equity capital.
investment: Unknown target: £2,500,000 pre-money valuation: £14,166,667
CFP is a family owned business which is backed by British Business Bank. The company has created the world’s leading carbon fibre composite recycling operation. CFP has drawn a pipeline of business across a range of applications and is now involved with 25+ businesses across automotive, defence, and oil and gas industries. The company has taken concrete steps to improve its sales team to reflect its end market focus. CFP believes that as the adoption of the products occurs, the markets are adequately plentiful and different for CFP to achieve its aspirations and that the exit valuation fixed out in the Investment Memorandum remains achievable.
investment: Unknown target: £478,380 pre-money valuation: £7,769,551
Kelda showers have created a shower solution that leverages aerospace and automotive technology to deliver 2x the power for the same water use. This saves customers money by reducing their water bill and also improves user experience.  
investment: £1,540,000 target: £1,500,000 pre-money valuation: £1,897,508
103% of Funding Target Achieved
Eco Burner Limited have created a product called the Chafo. The Chafo is a refillable, safer alternative for traditional drop-in gels and wicks used in the restaurant industry. The heat output of the Chafo is fully adjustable and will give you a running time of 5-7½ depending on the setting.
investment: £56,500 target: £1,300,000 pre-money valuation: £2,639,394
4% of Funding Target Achieved
Digital Sports Arena (DSA) is a video games development company that focuses solely on mobile sports management simulations. DSA was founded in 2015 by an award-winning team of video games executives.
investment: £157,200 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £5,000,550
31% of Funding Target Achieved
Oh You Pretty Things Limited are a chain of Champagne and cocktail bars specifically designed for regional department stores and shopping centres. They serve indulgent treats, champagne, cocktails and coffee in stunning bars across the UK such as Manchester, Gateshead, Leeds and Essex. They have also signed a concession agreement to roll out 11 bars within a major UK retailer and will be opening the first on Oxford Street in April 2017.
investment: £693,000 target: £750,000 pre-money valuation: £3,000,000
92% of Funding Target Achieved
The Chilli Pickle are an indian restaurant providing authentic indian cuisine in the heart of Brighton from a diverse collection of Chefs. They currently have a restaurant, a takeaway and delivery service and also a street food cart providing a broad range of indian food. They will be looking to open a further 4 restaurants in the south east and and are planning to open the first in the summer of 2017.
investment: £684,000 target: £700,000 pre-money valuation: £2,241,176
98% of Funding Target Achieved
Bioepic is an app which enables users to easily and non-invasively measure their health status in just 30 seconds using just a smartphone. The app calculates pulse wave velocity, body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate variability chaos, vascular stiffness and the effectiveness of inhalers. 
investment: £12,500 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £3,500,000
3% of Funding Target Achieved
Halo Coffee are a range of 100% compostable, biodegradable coffee capsules, containing premium quality coffees which are fully compatible with Nespresso home machines. The capsules have been designed by a world-leading environmental packaging team and are made from a natural blend of paper pulp and bamboo.     
investment: £656,250 target: £500,000 pre-money valuation: £2,719,575
131% of Funding Target Achieved
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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