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Freedman & Partners LLP is a peer-to-peer lending platform that was established in March 2016. They have distributed over £100m in loans to businesses. F&P assess each borrower's application and will set an appropriate interest rate for investors to contribute funds towards. There is no fee for having an application reviewed by F&P.

How do they charge?

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Business Loans

ThinCats provides a means for experienced private investors, companies, pension funds, to achieve interest rates well above inflation while providing funding to creditworthy businesses. The platform links individuals with funds with companies that require funding.

Once registered, ThinCats lenders deposit their money into their unique designated account. They use this account to access the Lenders Forum and to bid on auctions. The minimum bid is £1,000. There is no maximum. There are two main types of auction:

  • Fixed Rate, where the borrower offers a single fixed interest rate and the loan is filled on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no danger of early bidders being outbid by later lower bids.
  • Variable Rate is the second and more common auction type. This allows lenders to make offers to borrowers. The platform software automatically selects the lowest interest bids to make up an auction syndicate. Successful lenders will get the rate for which they asked. Occasionally there are minor variations based around the above methodology.

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