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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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FloatWind manufactures mass-produced floating offshore wind turbines. It seeks to disrupt the £20 billion offshore wind energy market. The company argues that conventional offshore wind farms, installed at sea, use expensive and slow installation methods that are also dangerous to the marine environment. It further stresses that the high cost of installation is often borne by the consumer. FloatWind asserts that its business model is different. The company claims to build its products on land and then floats its ready-to-float turbines out to sea. The company points out that this reduces environmental damage, substantially reduces costs, and makes offshore wind energy cheaper. FloatWind was selected for a 6-month UK Innovate Edge business mentoring programme and appeared for SetSquared Business Mentoring Seminar in May 2021. The company has 3,000+ followers on LinkedIn. FloatWind states it will use the investment for product development, expanding its team, IP protection, promoting marketing and PR, and boosting its manufacturing capabilities.
pledged: 124% days to go: Expired investment: £311,497
Occuity seeks to develop revolutionary non-invasive screening and monitoring devices for chronic diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's. It argues that its device safely shines a low power beam of light into the eye and then collects and analyses the return signal to accurately measure structures within the eye and detect changes associated with the onset of the aforementioned diseases. Occuity is targeting three distinct markets, namely Ophthalmology, Disease Screening and Disease Monitoring, which is worth an estimated $35 billion per year. It claims that its 'Occuity Indigo' product enables earlier detection of diabetes and provides a non-contacting, pain-free glucose monitor. Occuity was awarded over £1.5 million as part of the Innovate UK grant for the development of technology within Occuity Indigo. It has also signed a partnership with one of the UK's leading ophthalmic distributors, Birmingham Optical, to distribute its PM1 pachymeter device. It states it will use 42% of the investment towards Research and Development (R&D), 23% towards sales and marketing, 20% towards management and finance, 9% towards managing CAPEX and NRE, and 6% towards paying fees.
pledged: 158% days to go: Expired investment: £2,854,857
GRNDHOUSE is a fitness company specialising in the strength training vertical. The company hosts live strength training classes with metrics delivered to its community-centric app. The app allows users access to a weekly structure of low- and high-impact classes that focus on each body part to ultimately condition the entire body throughout the week. Users can even post their results on their user feed to champion and inspire each other, win badges and awards for their progress and gather their health data over time to see their improvements. GRNDHOUSE argues that it has acquired 1500 paying members to date via organic marketing on its portal. The company has also earned revenue worth £266,000 since its launch and featured in the Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider and others. It states it will use 30% of the investment to develop its film studio and equipment, 45% towards paying salaries of its technology, marketing, sales, and instructor teams, 20% towards marketing, and 5% towards hardware stock.
pledged: 177% days to go: Expired investment: £1,453,651
Beija London (BL) is a digital lingerie brand for cup sizes AA-H with a flagship store at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross. It argues that women have suffered because of the over glamorisation of the intimates sector. BL intends to solve that problem. It asserts that every single bra it makes caters to different cup sizes and different needs. The company has received an investment of £1.8 million in equity finance to date. BL witnessed +1300 fittings being completed on its online bra fitting service portal since its launch in April 2020 and garnered a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 57. BL was approached by Victoria's Secret US in 2019 to help the latter expand its offering and be more inclusive of different body shapes. It states it will use the investment to ensure that it has a sufficient stock of fast selling fashion lines to boost cash flow and increase the lifetime value of its loyal customer base.
pledged: 159% days to go: Expired investment: £478,013
SupportRoom is an online mental health and well-being platform connecting individuals and businesses with therapists. The company's core proposition is its Employee Support Platform (ESP) that focuses on improving employee well-being and engagement. It asserts that its portal generates employee anonymised data accessible to present organisations that can then use this to identify real problems and implement change without making assumptions. SupportRoom argues that clients can communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos and voice messages on its portal. SupportRoom has secured six partnerships to drive B2C and B2B growth. The company has over 600 verified external therapists on its roll call. It was chosen as a 'Top 50 Most Exciting Mhealth platforms for 2021' by Welp magazine. SupportRoom states it will use the investment to build the best-in-class virtual mental health clinic with therapists and hire a team of solution sellers and marketers to grow its business.
pledged: 105% days to go: Expired investment: £317,310
Endlesss is a cloud-connected mobile and desktop app that turns music creation into a live, collaborative social event where musicians and fans can interact in real-time from anywhere in the world. The company argues that despite users making music, sharing that piece of music is a long and lonely process that takes days or months, requires multiple different apps and services, and carries no guarantee on whether those songs would be heard or not. Endlesss aims to change this via its software. The company witnessed over 9,000 sign-ups in May 2021, oversaw over 40,000 jams and 2.6 million riffs being created in 2020, and has spread across 100+ countries. Endlesss aspires to dominate the music creation software market that is expected to grow to $1.86 billion by 2027, up from $884 million in 2020. The company has received acclaim from entities such as Verge, TechCrunch and Pitchfork. Endlesss states it will use the investment to grow its team, develop new features, boost marketing, and promote Research & Development (R&D) to grow its business.
pledged: 138% days to go: Expired investment: £415,541
Perkier is the UK’s fastest growing healthy snack bar brand. It asserts that its bars are 100% plant based, contain 60% less sugar, and are free from gluten and palm oil. Perkier aspires to dominate the global snack bar market that is worth $22 billion. The company claims that its products are distributed in every Sainsbury’s supermarket, in over 450 Morrisons stores and over 400 ASDA stores. It further points out that it is listed in major foodservice companies including Compass, Brakes and Bidfood. The company has over 55,000 followers across social media, and a brand ambassador program including team GB Olympians reaching 1.6 million people. Perkier states it will use the investment to expand its team, increase digital marketing, and invest in innovation.  
pledged: 202% days to go: Expired investment: £811,695
OXTO Energy is an energy storage technology provider that intends to transform the way energy is stored. It claims to have developed an innovative energy storage flywheel technology made using 100% recyclable steel, having a low cost of operation, and being easy to manufacture. It argues that it has secured approximately £1.7 million worth of revenues through contracts for 2021 in UK, Kenya, and France, to name a few. It also aspires to become a minority partner of large infrastructure projects by offering its units at a discounted rate, guaranteeing a consistent revenue stream while increasing profitability throughout the project. It wants to dominate the estimated £70 billion energy storage market. The company states it will use 25% of the investment to grow its team, 60% for project delivery, and 15% towards growth and commercialisation of its business.
pledged: 141% days to go: Expired investment: £635,493
Wild & Stone (W&S) is on a mission to make sustainable and stylish items the natural alternatives to commonly used plastics with products like bamboo toothbrushes and reusable steel razors. W&S stresses that its products carry a 30-day no-quibble returns policy, and for every order, it donates to the Marine Conservation Society. W&S argues that it has completed over 100,000 orders, grown its range to include over 85 products, and earned over £850,000 in revenue since its launch. It also points out that it is listed on major marketplaces including, Amazon, NOTHS, Wayfair, eBay, and Etsy. W&S products have been nominated for multiple Amazon choice awards. Its founder, Kathryn Jonas, was shortlisted for the 'Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year, Southeast region' at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2021. The company has featured in publications such as Vogue, The Times, Tatler, Elle, and The Independent. They state they will use the investment to increase its product range and level of inventory.
pledged: 200% days to go: Expired investment: £250,460
Dadsnet is a community-focused digital agency that focuses on fathers. The company stresses that the majority of dads feel lonely in their role as dads and feel unprepared to be a dad. It further claims that dads feel undervalued and misrepresented in the media. Dadsnet strives to become a meaningful community of dads helping them become a little better at raising their kids each day. The company creates, produces and distributes exceptional video, influencer and podcast content through its online communities, earning satisfactory results for its clients. Dadsnet claims that it received a Facebook grant of $50,000 and unprecedented access to the latter's resources culminating in Dadsnet becoming one of Facebook's chosen strategic partners. It was the the 'Winner of Best Small Agency' at the UK Social Media Awards. The company states it will use 70% of the investment towards personnel hiring, 15% towards web development and User Experience (UX), 10% towards creating unique content, PR and marketing campaigns, and 5% for contingency events.
pledged: 129% days to go: Expired investment: £129,747
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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