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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Wi-Fi Securities Limited is a cyber security company that aims to revolutionise the security of public access Wi-Fi. To realise this vision, the company is developing a unique patent-protected system called SpriteGuard™ which will protect you and your data from hackers by stopping you connecting to fake hotspots. The system is targeted towards the $550 bn worldwide hospitality industry and has the ability to expand to other large global markets like city-wide free Wi-Fi, airports and coffee shops. Moreover, Wi-Fi Securities Limited has a highly experienced Wi-Fi Securities management board that has a track record of delivering multi-million-pound projects from concept to successful commercial deployment.

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days to go: Extended investment: £1,014,708
Celestial Labs is a drone display company that combines advanced technology with organic performance. The company's proprietary 'Skytheatre' display is a dynamic, safe and green alternative to carbon-intensive fireworks and represents a new frontier for the live event industry. Composed of a creative collective of award-winning filmmakers, musicians, developers, entrepreneurs, and storytellers, the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of drone display innovation, where technology meets imagination. The Human Support division of Celestial is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to lift the spirits of those who witness Celestial's displays whilst imparting crucial information. The company aims to enlist the support and guidance of city leadership partners, industrial conglomerates, and seek grant funding.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
Argento Labs, a UK-based biotech company, is dedicated to converting waste into valuable resources, leading the way in sustainable innovation. They utilize patented bioprocessing technology to extract sugars, proteins, and fats from agricultural, forestry, and municipal waste. Their product range includes alternative proteins, biogenic CO2, and bio-fertilizers, contributing to environmental sustainability and decarbonization efforts. Argento Labs focuses on scalability for industrial production to support a sustainable future and envisions waste as a transformative solution for preserving the planet. Their patent currently applies in the US jurisdiction.
days to go: Stretch investment: £406,251
Amino focuses on targeted nutrition using amino acids to improve human health, emphasizing the untapped potential beyond sports and bodybuilding. Currently offering pre- and intra-workout amino acid drinks, the company aims to expand its product line to cater to a broader consumer base, believing the market lacks variety in ready-to-mix powdered blends. Backed by scientific research and a commitment to taste and accessibility, Amino aspires to emerge as the leading global brand in amino acid products.
days to go: Stretch investment: £192,918
Carocell Bio is innovating by developing patented anti-inflammatory peptides delivered via nanoparticles to address severe inflammatory conditions such as atopic dermatitis. Their primary peptide, JEL0305, not only halts inflammation but also prevents its initiation, as evidenced by its effectiveness in reducing inflammation in human AD biopsies and burn tissue. With AD impacting a substantial population and costing $21 billion yearly for unsafe treatments, Carocell Bio's safer peptide remedy has the potential to avert AD recurrence. Additionally, their pioneering approach to skin-related inflammation involves topical peptide products that target mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK), a crucial element in inflammation. This breakthrough offers promise for managing and forestalling AD and mitigating skin aging.
days to go: 6 investment: Withheld
Cheran's Bakery, based in Kent, specializes in crafting sumptuous sweet treats available online and at their expanding chain of five stores. With sales exceeding £1.2 million since inception, they create indulgent and creatively packaged products, baked daily for maximum freshness and luxury. Their high-quality, visually appealing shop designs and 'Instagrammable' offerings have attracted over 24,000 social media followers, amplifying brand recognition, while their focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences fosters word-of-mouth promotion.
days to go: Stretch investment: £281,867
Clinical Net is a health-tech firm focused on revolutionizing access to innovative clinical trials. Their AI platform swiftly connects patients with suitable trials, addressing the challenge of low participation rates and delays that hinder pharmaceutical research. With over 69,000 trials globally, their solution aims to streamline the cumbersome and time-consuming process of trial matching, making it more efficient and accessible within 5 minutes. This innovative approach targets the $3.73 billion patient recruitment market while ensuring individuals have easier access to groundbreaking treatments.
days to go: 2 investment: £130,059
Crowd2fund is an peer to peer lending and investment platform that allows businesses to raise investment directly from private investors by the mobile app or the desktop website. Designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, the platform allows investors to build up a balanced investment portfolio or sell their investment to another investor within the community. Crowd2Fund is aiming at growing to a value of at least £353m by 2024.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
Doqit offers a solution for managing life admin tasks, helping you organize important information, set action dates, and receive timely reminders, ultimately streamlining tasks like insurance renewals and warranties to reduce unnecessary expenses and simplify your life. It provides secure storage and easy access for vital information, transitioning from chaos to simplicity.  Security is also a priority for Doqit. The platform ensures that your sensitive information is stored securely, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can access your important documents and data whenever you need them, all within a few clicks.
days to go: Extended investment: £87,500
Earth Broadband stands out as one of the UK's pioneering green broadband providers, revolutionizing the way people use broadband services for environmental good. Founded by Luke Chapman in 2022 after witnessing climate change effects in Indonesia, the company aims to reshape broadband services, offering wildlife-themed packages and facilitating monthly contributions to planet-saving initiatives. Using innovative AI technology, Earth Broadband enhances customer service while empowering users to contribute to environmental causes by planting trees and removing ocean plastic through their app. The company's strategy focuses on achieving large-scale impact with a small, efficient team, aiming to revolutionize broadband provision.
days to go: Stretch investment: £300,520
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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