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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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OPTIFarm is the world’s only real-time, remote, 24/7 optimisation service for livestock farms. The company argues that current livestock production facilities lack a systematic way of monitoring production, animal welfare or staff training needs on a continuous basis. It stresses that its model combines the knowledge of trained experts with raw data gathered from livestock consisting of metrics like feed consumption, feed availability, water, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. The company combines the aforementioned data with advanced software and data analytics offering livestock businesses 24/7 monitoring providing full status reports every 90 minutes. OPTIFarm asserts that this enables farms to optimise feed, water and climate to provide the best conditions for their livestock. OPTIFarm’s service is currently generating c. £25,000 per month in recurring revenues from poultry clients in 14 countries across the globe. The company stated it will use the investment received to prepare the business for rapid scale-up growth over the next five years.
pledged: 0% days to go: Extended investment: Withheld
HelloDone automates conversations across messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram for the transportation, home delivery and utility sectors. HelloDone stresses that its Software as a Service (SaaS) enables more than 80% of inbound queries to be resolved automatically between customers of retailers and global carriers. HelloDone states that its portal drastically reduces the customer service burden and creates new dialogues with the customer for enhanced revenues. The company claims that it launched its portal in October 2020 and onboarded its first client in four months, followed by signing large online retailers such as Charles Tyrwhitt and Footasylum. It has also signed contracts with leading UK fast fashion groups and major US retailers. HelloDone is tracking £330,000 worth of Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for 2021 and forecasting revenues of £65 million by 2025. They state they will use the investment to arrange flagship brands signed, build on evidence/success metrics and build scale and pace ready for a planned Series-A in mid-2022.
pledged: 116% days to go: Stretch investment: £700,003
SkiBro is a leading business-to-customer (B2B) Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that aspires to become a contender in the €2 billion ski lessons market. The platform has onboarded 8,000 ski schools and 150,000 ski instructors to date. SkiBro's marketplace encompasses 350 resorts in 7 countries across Europe and North America, with over 6,000 ski instruction products. SkiBro intends to expand into ski hire. The platform has 350 independent ski instructors (250 last year) and 400+ ski schools, with notable ones including ESF La Plagne, ESF Courchevel, Evolution2 (France), Skischule Alberg (Austria), and Ski and Snowboard School Courmayeur (Italy). The company claims that despite COVID-19 hampering business in March 2020, the platform hosted 8.467 lesson bookings worth €1.35 million, recording a 500% YoY growth with an average booking value of €453. SkiBro is seeking £1.5 million of equity funding to accelerate company growth and deliver profitability in 2023-2024.
pledged: 99% days to go: Extended investment: £749,825
Business Finance Market (BFM) is a financial technology platform that stimulates the market towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) lending via data in the UK. BFM claims that SMEs are gradually being excluded from mainstream banking. The company cites that in 1988, 40% of all bank lending went to SMEs. BFM points out that lending today is closer to 4% with an estimated £22 billion funding gap to the 5.9 million UK SMEs. BFM asserts that almost 90% of SME loan applications are stuck due to a lack of choice and transparency when it comes to securing finance. BFM aspires to solve this dilemma. It states that its technology allows SMEs to experience quicker finance decisions based on true addressable market access and allows lenders and intermediaries access to its platform to help manage the end-to-end application process, improve deal flow, and deliver faster credit decisions. BFM intends to exit via a trade sale within the financial sector.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
Hemspan states that it designs bio-based building systems and products for construction by combining modern methods, technology and hemp to produce net-zero carbon solutions. The company argues that every time an average house is built, the CO2 emitted by the manufacture, transport and assembly of the materials used is around 50 to 60 tonnes. Hemspan says that one hectare of UK-grown industrial hemp can absorb 11 tonnes of CO2 each year with regeneratively farmed hemp capable of sequestering a further 6 tonnes per hectare of CO2 into the soil each year. Hemspan intends to activate significant demand for hemp farming in the UK and develop processing technologies to reduce reliance on imports and enable large scale manufacturing of bio-based cladding and insulation products that spin out of R&D programmes. It asserts that the global industrial hemp market is expected to grow at 25% CAGR reaching US$ 27 billion by 2028. It aims to be a contender in this segment. 
pledged: 200% days to go: Stretch investment: £200,000
Plerith works with high growth start-ups and scaling companies to plan for and deliver growth. The company asserts that it helps companies promote their business to potential funders, through its network of angel and venture capital investors depending on the stage and sector of the said business. Plerith is partnering with Newable and Bristol Private Equity Club to deliver the fund in the South West London (SWL) area and identify and invest in the most exciting high growth companies in the region. Plerith argues that its deep knowledge of fundraising, sales, strategy, finance and technology would help SWL businesses flourish. Plerith aims to provide investors access to the highest quality local companies in the SWL region.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
Zentraxa is focused on precision bioengineering to produce peptides with predictable properties tailored towards purpose. The company points out that peptides are amino acids that are the building blocks of certain proteins needed by the skin, like collagen and elastin. It has come out with a synthetic biology platform, Zentide, that designs, produces and tests novel peptides. Zentraxa argues that Zentide can circumvent previously existing bio-design limits imposed by conventional peptide synthesis and produce tailor-made biomaterials for healthcare, personal care and industrial uses. Zentraxa is initially targeting healthcare with its first biomaterial, a debondable adhesive, for use in wound care. The company asserts that the material has other uses such as cosmetics and industrial applications due to its ability to bond strongly while still being easily and painlessly removable. Zentraxa will use the investment to create a portfolio of other biomaterials for licensing to global businesses in the health and industrial sectors via its Zentide platform. 
pledged: 66% days to go: Extended investment: £600,000
whatimpact is a social impact technology entity that uses AI and specific reporting tools to match charities and social enterprises, termed 'Recipients', with donor companies and grant-makers, termed 'Supporters' to ensure efficiency and transparency in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and grant-making. whatimpact aspires to become a contender in the CSR segment that is estimated to be worth over £76 billion in reputational value to UK corporates. The business has onboarded 20 companies and 120 charities/Social Enterprises in Q1 2021 including EY, Brewin Dolphin, and Engie. whatimpact has a further 500 charities/social enterprises and 45 corporates in the pipeline. Its subscriptions range from £100/month to £2,000/month. It will use the investment to develop its algorithm and datasets, engage in customer acquisition, and build its leadership team.
pledged: 125% days to go: Stretch investment: £375,002
The SidebySide Partnership is a London based Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Venture Capital (VC) firm. Its purpose is to finance and control the management teams of its investee companies enabling them to become a developed corporate entity. The SidebySide Partnership's focus is on fast-growing technology businesses with £1 - 10 million in revenue. It provides 100% EIS relief on investment with zero initial/ongoing fees charged to investors. The SidebySide Partnership's investment experience of 20+ corporate acquisitions totalling more than $200 million, 20+ private investments, and a rate of interest of 12x over the last 35 years has enabled it to become a dependable platform for upcoming tech businesses. It will use the investment to grow its business across different verticals.

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pledged: 300% days to go: Stretch investment: £1,500,000
Celestial Labs is a drone display company that combines advanced technology with organic performance. The company's proprietary 'Skytheatre' display is a dynamic, safe and green alternative to carbon-intensive fireworks and represents a new frontier for the live event industry. Composed of a creative collective of award-winning filmmakers, musicians, developers, entrepreneurs, and storytellers, the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of drone display innovation, where technology meets imagination. The Human Support division of Celestial is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to lift the spirits of those who witness Celestial's displays whilst imparting crucial information. The company aims to enlist the support and guidance of city leadership partners, industrial conglomerates, and seek grant funding.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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