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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Glint is a proprietary multi-currency platform that allows users to buy, save, spend and send real gold and other currencies, digitally with its application. The company asserts that its scalable technology enables its clients to use their currencies such as GBP, USD, EUR and Gold, with Glint's UK, EU and US-issued Mastercards in 210 countries worldwide. Glint also points out that its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Service, Glint It!, allows clients to send and receive gold and currency between Glint accounts in over 160 countries. The company has raised £20 million in equity funding to date, reached 79,000 registered clients, and overseen over £158 million worth of transactions on its platform. Glint will use the investment to maximise revenue, organically grow its business, increase its registered customer base to 250,000 in 2021, and hire key personnel across various portfolios.
pledged: 48% days to go: 36 investment: £977,055
BitcoinPoint enables anyone to buy Bitcoin easily. The company remarks that registration on crypto exchanges and the extremely high fees non-tech savvy users encountered with Bitcoin ATMs made Bitcoins unviable. BitcoinPoint aspires to create an ecosystem of agents, Point of Sale (PoS) machines and ATMs to make it easier to acquire cryptocurrency and even use it for remittances. The company has developed a 'Bitcoin Online Wallet' with zero network fees for its clients. It has overseen 21,500+ transactions, registered 2,500+ accounts, and signed an agreement to connect to and provide services to 320,000 locations globally. BitcoinPoint will use the investment to build a remittance service leveraging its crypto expertise, via Bitcoin and the Stellar blockchain with stablecoins, to allow cross-border instant transfer and increase its UK network of agents.
pledged: 186% days to go: 26 investment: £186,333
Caldera is a heat battery company that seeks to institutionalise zero-carbon energy solutions for the masses. Its patented breakthrough, Warmstone heat battery, can store 100kWh of heat for a standard home for 24 hours. Caldera asserts that it takes renewable energy when it is low cost (using a flexible green tariff with prices as low as 5p/kWh) and stores it as heat, providing carbon-free hot water and heating via Warmstone. The company has raised over £1.5 million through grants and investment to date, installed its first pilot Warmstone product in a family home, established a manufacturing and R&D base, and acquired the support of a not-for-profit centre of excellence, Energy Systems Catapult. The company is working with König Metall in the European Union (EU) and intends to build and sell Warmstone units via a range of approved UK installers. Caldera will use the investment to install a small number of pilot units in trial homes in 2021 before a full commercial rollout in 2022.
pledged: 120% days to go: 26 investment: £600,032
Gravitricity is an energy technology company that uses heavyweights to store energy underground. The company uses winches to raise a heavyweight to the top of a vertical shaft to store electricity in the form of potential energy when there is excess energy on the grid. It then lowers it when required with the winch motors running as generators to transfer energy back to users on the grid. Gravitricity argues that the system can be charged and discharged multiple times a day for over 25 years. The company has built a 250kW concept demo in Edinburgh. It aims to become a contender in the energy storage market that is predicted to become a $620 billion market by 2040. The company has received interest from operating mines, grid companies, EV charging stations and solar developers for its technology. It will use the investment to complete the concept and detailed design for its prototype, develop its commercial projects portfolio, and protect its Intellectual Property (IP).
pledged: 142% days to go: 26 investment: £1,068,285
dooo is an all-inclusive platform that offers on-demand specialised home haircut service to consumers. The company claims that 21% of people reported a disability in the UK in 2018 and 49% of people reported social anxiety or other mental health issues, that prevented them from visiting a salon. dooo wants to change this scenario by helping everyone get the haircut they want, wherever they want and overcome the inequalities in the hair industry. dooo allows users to connect with the stylist beforehand and express any special requests to tailor the experience to their requirements. The company aims to become a contender in the 'Hair & Beauty industry that generated over £8 billion in 2018 in the UK alone. dooo will use the investment to develop native mobile apps on both iOS and Android, boost marketing and PR strategies to further its 'Bristol Launch' in Summer 2021, pay wages to essential staff, and manage administrative tasks.
pledged: 115% days to go: 26 investment: £57,920
Expend helps businesses by simplifying and automating the process of expense management. The company provides optional contactless payment cards, receipt and invoice management, mileage tracking, spending approvals and expense reimbursements through its mobile app and web platform. It aims to become a contender in the global travel and expense management software market that is expected to reach $17.4 billion by 2027. The company argues that 96% of its customers are happy and recommend its services. It has onboarded notable clients such as Amazon, Capitalise, Bumble, and Jimmy's. The company will use 40% of the investment on sales and marketing to further target the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and corporate markets, 40% to open up market opportunities via further product enhancements along with partner products, and 20% to expand its services to international users.
pledged: 131% days to go: 35 investment: £659,401
INSPHERE uses image sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide and correct robot positioning during the manufacturing process, ensuring right-first-time production. The company argues that industrial robots are not completely accurate and can experience unplanned downtime that can cost up to £10,000 per minute. INSPHERE asserts that its solution allows factory operators to operate safely with less downtime, and with multiple robot and human operators. The company has developed three products since 2013 which have received recognition in the aerospace and industrial automation sectors. INSPHERE is now launching IONA, a network of sensors that can be permanently deployed in a manufacturing environment to monitor and control industrial robots. IONA, the company points out, uses both hardware and software to correct errors taking into account the robot and its relationship to the workpiece. INSPHERE will use the investment to diversify the reach of IONA across markets.
pledged: 80% days to go: 16 investment: £1,000,000
3RD ROCK is a sustainable activewear brand that aims to make the best and most ethical climbing clothing in the world. It claims that it has developed a worldwide reputation for making extremely comfortable, better fitting, Made-To-Move garments that perform on the rocks, meet high ethical standards, and transition seamlessly into a user's everyday life. The company has witnessed a 215% growth in the last twelve months despite COVID-19, sold over 65,000 units, and garnered £1.3 million in revenue to date. The company has also acquired knowledge from the Goldman-Sachs accelerator programme. It has recycled over 12,000 plastic bottles into its garments and over 1 tonne of sea waste in its leggings and bra-tops The company will use the investment for range expansion with new innovative product lines, build up its Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) model further, and hire key personnel.
pledged: 119% days to go: 35 investment: £359,652
KLORIS manufactures and sells premium Cannabidiol (CBD) wellness and beauty products. The company follows a Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) model and has garnered over 1,400 loyalty club members achieving a conversion rate of over 3.4%. KLORIS asserts that this has allowed the company to build brand loyalty and respond quickly to customer needs while maintaining high gross margins. The company has procured over 20 Stock Keeping Units (SKU), is listed in leading retailers like Boots, Selfridges, Amazon Prime, Mankind, and Lookfantastic, and has signed spa treatment partnerships with BVLGARI Spa, Cloud Twelve, and others. KLORIS has earned over 120 reviews with an 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating and was shortlisted for 'Best Wellness and Self-Care Brand' in the Sunday Times STYLE Beauty Awards 2021. The company will use 40% of the investment for PR and marketing, 35% for hiring key personnel, 16% for New Product Development (NPD), and 9% for hosting events.
pledged: 89% days to go: 26 investment: £223,910
SaigolEd is an Education Technology (EdTech) company that aims to make quality teaching available to millions of 7-18-year-olds across the UK at an affordable price. It is developing an app to combine immersive videos with charismatic teachers from leading schools, rich visual effects, leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and tests to inspire learning. The company points out that its teaching courses will be available to students wherever/whenever they wish to access the relevant course. SaigolED also aims, once the company's app development is complete, to cover the full student curriculum so that its users have the tools to excel in their exams. The company argues that there is no dominant UK EdTech player in a multi-billion pound market. It aspires to fulfil that gap. SaigolEd will use the investment to build a prototype that would be overseen by its team including a star teacher from a top UK school, initiate rigorous user group testing, and target General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSEs) as its beachhead market.
pledged: 115% days to go: 21 investment: £230,395
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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