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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Glint is a proprietary multi-currency platform that allows users to buy, save, spend and send real gold and other currencies, digitally with its application. The company asserts that its scalable technology enables its clients to use their currencies such as GBP, USD, EUR and Gold, with Glint's UK, EU and US-issued Mastercards in 210 countries worldwide. Glint also points out that its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Service, Glint It!, allows clients to send and receive gold and currency between Glint accounts in over 160 countries. The company has raised £20 million in equity funding to date, reached 79,000 registered clients, and overseen over £158 million worth of transactions on its platform. Glint will use the investment to maximise revenue, organically grow its business, increase its registered customer base to 250,000 in 2021, and hire key personnel across various portfolios.
pledged: 48% days to go: 36 investment: £977,055
dooo is an all-inclusive platform that offers on-demand specialised home haircut service to consumers. The company claims that 21% of people reported a disability in the UK in 2018 and 49% of people reported social anxiety or other mental health issues, that prevented them from visiting a salon. dooo wants to change this scenario by helping everyone get the haircut they want, wherever they want and overcome the inequalities in the hair industry. dooo allows users to connect with the stylist beforehand and express any special requests to tailor the experience to their requirements. The company aims to become a contender in the 'Hair & Beauty industry that generated over £8 billion in 2018 in the UK alone. dooo will use the investment to develop native mobile apps on both iOS and Android, boost marketing and PR strategies to further its 'Bristol Launch' in Summer 2021, pay wages to essential staff, and manage administrative tasks.
pledged: 115% days to go: 26 investment: £57,920
Zvilo aims to become a major challenger bank in the Balkans for Balkan people living in the European Economic Area (EEA). It plans to disrupt the outdated Balkan banking sector and become a contender in an estimated remittances per annum market worth €14 billion. The company asserts that it has procured a letter of intent for a pilot program that would allow it to offer business lending to 800+ Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and financial services to 45,000+ potential personal banking customers. It has also initiated a licensing application with the Central Bank of Kosovo and partnered with Mastercard as its card partner. Zvilo will use the investment to formalise its application for Supply Chain Finance (SCF) licensing in Kosovo, execute its strategic partnership agreement with its Kosovar partner retailer, prepare for a second fundraising round, and expand its services.
pledged: 149% days to go: 28 investment: £299,000
Lifetise generates proprietary consumer data via its portal to boost the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based decision-making process within banks and insurers and increase their product sales. Lifetise asserts that its portal helps financial institutions acquire and fulfil the needs of high-value customers at a lower cost to the organisation. It is in negotiations with three retail banks and is an Accenture Fintech Lab alumni. The company was named as one of the most influential financial technology entities of 2020 by The Financial Technologist magazine and selected for the Mayor of London's 'Business Growth Programme' under the 'Most high potential startups' category in 2021. Lifetise will use 58% of the investment in product development and engineering to scale its technology platform, 31% on sales and marketing, and 11% on operations.
pledged: 62% days to go: 44 investment: £250,000
B-North is a financial technology bank combining cloud-native technology with face-to-face relationship banking to disrupt the £150 billion UK Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) lending market. It argues that it delivers cash to SMEs faster than the competition by combining its lending origination platform with a locally delivered servicing and relationship model overseen by experienced bankers. B-North asserts that it is engaging in a positive dialogue with several potential investors with a committed investment now standing at £18.6 million since June 2020. The company has also raised a seed capital of over £6.8 million that includes a six-figure investment from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to establish its core team and create both the lending and deposit-taking platforms. The company will use the investment to provide a cash runway to the end of Q2 2021 as the team finalises its Series A round and secures its banking license.
pledged: 145% days to go: 16 investment: £725,085
Career Masterclass (CM) is an e-learning platform that seeks to level the playing field for professionals from under-represented or under-served groups by giving them practical guidance from successful industry leaders. It aims to become a contender in the Learning and Development (L&D) market that is valued at £40 billion in the UK. The company asserts that there is a 57% consensus amongst leaders that soft skills such as communication, negotiation, personal branding, and leadership are more important than technical skills. CM aspires to fulfil this objective. It has onboarded clients such as Google, Natwest, HSBC, Barclays Bank, and McDonald's. CM's female CEO and founder has been listed on 'The Powerlist of Britain’s Most Influential People of African and African Caribbean Heritage' for 3 years running. CM will use 45% of the investment for growing its team, 30% for platform and content production, and 25% for marketing and administrative expenses.
pledged: 175% days to go: 7 investment: £351,557
TheCarCrowd is a Passion Asset Investment (PAI) platform that intends to address the lack of investment options for the 8 million UK millennials by allowing them to take a real equity stake in a classic car and benefit from the potential appreciation. The company argues that classic cars appreciated 194% over 10 years up to Q4 2019 as per expert reports. TheCarCrowd points out that its portal allows interested investors to buy shares in cars from just £20 and unlock the benefits of potential appreciation. The company asserts that its business idea has found traction amidst users with over 620 investors registering on the portal since the company's launch in November 2020. TheCarCrowd will use 12% of the investment for Public Relations (PR), 48% for marketing, and 40% for working capital.
pledged: 189% days to go: Stretch investment: £379,108
Projekt Rising (PR) is an automated project management Software as a Service (SaaS) portal that delivers projects to clients by replacing freelance teams and project managers with intelligent automation. The platform provides services such as video production, web and print content, and e-learning projects. It asserts that its model in the interactive and pharmaceutical industries has led to delivery times being cut in half, costs reduced by >50%, with the highest industry quality standards being maintained throughout. PR aims to be a contender in the £57 billion Project Management Professional (PMP) market. It will use the investment to grow its business across different verticals.
pledged: 34% days to go: Extended investment: £51,060
Novus aspires to become the UK's first ethical digital bank. It argues that Generation Z and millennials want purpose-driven products and services that can also address environmental and social challenges of the times. The company asserts that its services align with the aforementioned objective. Novus allows its members to live a sustainable lifestyle by providing them access to sustainable brands through Novus' in-app marketplace and rewarding them via cashbacks. The company intends to undergo two more funding rounds – Series A and Series B – for scaling its UK operations and expanding in the US and other key EU markets within the next two years. It will IPO its business when it achieves profitability. The company also foresees a strategic exit to interested banking entities.
pledged: 366% days to go: 87 investment: £732,000
The SidebySide Partnership is a London based Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Venture Capital (VC) firm. Its purpose is to finance and control the management teams of its investee companies enabling them to become a developed corporate entity. The SidebySide Partnership's focus is on fast-growing technology businesses with £1 - 10 million in revenue. It provides 100% EIS relief on investment with zero initial/ongoing fees charged to investors. The SidebySide Partnership's investment experience of 20+ corporate acquisitions totalling more than $200 million, 20+ private investments, and a rate of interest of 12x over the last 35 years has enabled it to become a dependable platform for upcoming tech businesses. It will use the investment to grow its business across different verticals.

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pledged: 260% days to go: Stretch investment: £1,300,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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