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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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BitcoinPoint enables anyone to buy Bitcoin easily. The company remarks that registration on crypto exchanges and the extremely high fees non-tech savvy users encountered with Bitcoin ATMs made Bitcoins unviable. BitcoinPoint aspires to create an ecosystem of agents, Point of Sale (PoS) machines and ATMs to make it easier to acquire cryptocurrency and even use it for remittances. The company has developed a 'Bitcoin Online Wallet' with zero network fees for its clients. It has overseen 21,500+ transactions, registered 2,500+ accounts, and signed an agreement to connect to and provide services to 320,000 locations globally. BitcoinPoint will use the investment to build a remittance service leveraging its crypto expertise, via Bitcoin and the Stellar blockchain with stablecoins, to allow cross-border instant transfer and increase its UK network of agents.
pledged: 186% days to go: 26 investment: £186,333
Expend helps businesses by simplifying and automating the process of expense management. The company provides optional contactless payment cards, receipt and invoice management, mileage tracking, spending approvals and expense reimbursements through its mobile app and web platform. It aims to become a contender in the global travel and expense management software market that is expected to reach $17.4 billion by 2027. The company argues that 96% of its customers are happy and recommend its services. It has onboarded notable clients such as Amazon, Capitalise, Bumble, and Jimmy's. The company will use 40% of the investment on sales and marketing to further target the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and corporate markets, 40% to open up market opportunities via further product enhancements along with partner products, and 20% to expand its services to international users.
pledged: 131% days to go: 35 investment: £659,401
Zoom 1hr is a hyperlocal last-mile delivery service delivering food, convenience and retail goods within one hour. The company is currently operating in West Midlands, Wales, and bordering English counties. It aims to become a contender in the online food delivery market that is projected to reach over £5 billion in 2021. Zoom 1hr has witnessed 70,000 app downloads, processed over 280,000 orders through its platform, and gained an annual turnover of £665,000 in 2019-2020 at an order growth rate of 108%. Zoom 1hr argues that its list of partners consists of local, national and international stores including Subway and KFC. It has also secured a contract with Co-Op to be its third national last-mile delivery partner, currently servicing 61 stores. The company will use the investment for New Area Mobilisation (NAM), product and website development, key hires, and team expansion.
pledged: 194% days to go: 29 investment: £388,959
Aura aims to become the go-to, one-stop portal to make the journey towards death an approachable one for users via its services. It aspires to become a contender in the estimated £73 billion global death services industry. Aura allows users to access tools to leave important messages for their loved ones, avail guides and resources on topics related to death and ways to prepare for it, enter safe spaces to get answers to their queries, and access curated end of related services hub via affiliate links. Aura argues that its portal is empowering 80,000+ individuals and their families to deal with death and live fuller lives. It has also partnered with companies such as Dead Happy, Pure Cremation, St James’ Place and MND Association to increase its brand presence. Aura has featured on media entities such as BBC, Channel 4, Telegraph, Vice, Mirror and more. It will use the investment to help millions of people deal with death humanely.
pledged: 89% days to go: 19 investment: £534,024
ikigai aims to be the first financial technology company in the UK to combine banking and wealth management in one app, helping young affluents grow their money. It argues that 56% of high-net-worth millennials are dissatisfied with the wealth management tools on offer. ikigai aims to change that. It allows users to plan a variety of financial goals such as building wealth, starting a new business, or purchasing a home, to name a few. The company has partnered with Blackrock, which provides asset allocation insights to users. ikigai has raised £2 million to date and launched on iOS. The company has featured in media entities like TechCrunch, UKTN, AltFi and Glamour. It has partnered with best-in-class providers like WealthKernel and Railsbank. It will use the investment to grow its technology team and product roadmap.
pledged: 135% days to go: 12 investment: £1,628,580
BARE Dating (BD) is a dating application that aims to bring open-minded people together in a safe space, empowering them to explore and experiment. The BARE Beta application launched in 2020 with 10,000 users in the UK and other markets. The app allows users to show interest in others by sending emojis, reveal as much or as little as they want, and interact with real, verified people instead of bots. It aspires to become a contender in the dating sector that is set to be worth £4.2 billion in 2025. BD argues that it garnered over 400,000 views on its YouTube channels with 60,000+ unique visits being registered on its site. BD has featured on press entities like Forbes, VICE, BBC One Show, Cosmopolitan, Metro, Stylist, Modern Women, and AskMen, to name a few. The company will use the investment for advertising and marketing, along with continuing app updates.
pledged: 123% days to go: 15 investment: £216,460
whatimpact is a social impact technology entity that uses AI and specific reporting tools to match charities and social enterprises, termed 'Recipients', with donor companies and grant-makers, termed 'Supporters' to ensure efficiency and transparency in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and grant-making. whatimpact aspires to become a contender in the CSR segment that is estimated to be worth over £76 billion in reputational value to UK corporates. The business has onboarded 20 companies and 120 charities/Social Enterprises in Q1 2021 including EY, Brewin Dolphin, and Engie. whatimpact has a further 500 charities/social enterprises and 45 corporates in the pipeline. Its subscriptions range from £100/month to £2,000/month. It will use the investment to develop its algorithm and datasets, engage in customer acquisition, and build its leadership team.
pledged: 125% days to go: 89 investment: £375,002
Valkyrie Industries (VI) makes wearable haptic suits, termed BiFrost, designed to let users feel, touch and hold objects naturally in virtual simulations. It aims to recreate the human nervous system with technology. The company asserts that BiFrost has been piloted successfully with a UK space agency and is a strong contender in the space robotics market that is set to be worth $4.36 billion in 2023. VI aspires to develop a robotic arm for space use, operated using haptics enhanced VR, to transmit information such as pressure, vibration and resistance. The company has featured on The Discovery Channel, TechCrunch, and IDTechEx. It plans to offer its first development kit BiFrost to early adopters at $10,000 per month, with full technical support. The company will use the investment to develop its technology, support its early adopters, and strengthen its IP protection.
pledged: 80% days to go: 6 investment: £322,837
NOQ aims to solve the issue of queuing at events by digitising the process and bringing increased sales and profit for event management companies, coupled with data-driven insights. It aspires to capture the UK market share through partnerships with event management companies, food concession groups, PoS (Point of Sale) systems, and WiFi providers. NOQ offers a three-step solution for event-goers namely, pre-order ahead of time, click and collect or deliver to a location within the event. The company also claims that it provides a bespoke solution specific to suit the needs of each event and ensure seamless execution of the same. NOQ has overseen transactions worth £275,000+ on its platform, onboarded 13,000+ active users across iOS and Android, and covered 190+ events in 2020. It will use the investment for hiring key personnel, marketing and operational expenditures.
pledged: 106% days to go: 2 investment: £212,303
Artists Ahead is a company that enables music rights holders to retain a greater proportion of the royalties generated by their music and protect their copyright. They argue that music royalties generate around £2 billion in revenue each year in the UK, but many artists receive a very small proportion of the income generated. Artists Ahead aims to change this and charge around 8% of royalties with the rest going to the artist. The platform collects both recording and publishing royalties, uses blockchain to provide proof of ownership, and holds all digital assets and royalty data in one place, accessible to the customer on any device. The company claims that its business model is transparent. They intend their business to reach maturity in 2025. It anticipates the purchase of its brand by potential buyers as a foreseeable exit plan. Artists Ahead also envisage an IPO permitting investors to trade their shares as another exit opportunity.
pledged: 144% days to go: 42 investment: £173,500
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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