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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Nourish by Jane Clarke (NBJC) is an aspirational wellness brand that makes nutritious drinks made with all-natural organic ingredients, using low carbon footprint packaging, delivered to a customer's doorstep. Its target audience is people afflicted with malnutrition particularly when undergoing cancer treatment or living with dementia or mental illness. The company expanded its customer base by 789% between January 2020 and March 2021. It also points out that it has onboarded noted Chef Prue Leith. The company has featured in numerous publications like Daily Mail, Net Doctor, The Sun Online, and Daily Express, to name a few. NBJC has raised more than £650,000 from private investors in its previous round and secured an 'Excellent' rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot from 100+ verified reviews. It also seeks to become a contender in the Oral Nutritional Supplement (ONS) market in the UK that is valued at £237 million. The company will use the investment to launch and scale its B2B model and invest in Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing.

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pledged: 85% days to go: Extended investment: £257,579
Soho Street Cocktails (SSC) uses the finest quality ingredients, including real fruits with no artificial flavours or colours to produce high-quality pre-mixed cocktails. SSC argues that bars and restaurants make high margins from the sale of cocktails but the serving time of several minutes per cocktail causes either a backlog of bar orders or requires additional staff. The company asserts that its drinks, in contrast, are poured directly into a cocktail shaker with ice, shaken for 8-10 seconds, then served to the customer. SSC stresses that it has found success in bars and restaurants. SSC's current range consists of three ready-mixed cocktails, namely Espresso martini, Pornstar martini, and Raspberry Daiquiri, with more flavours in the pipeline. It has submitted its product for sampling and testing with major retailers, including Waitrose, Sainsbury, Tesco and Costco. SSC states it will use the investment for additional production runs to ensure sufficient stock to cater to larger orders from distributors and festivals.
pledged: 0% days to go: Extended investment: Withheld
Doisy & Dam (D&D) is a confectionery challenger brand that produces a range of dark chocolate products. It claims that its products are sold across the UK and stocked by Amazon, Sainsbury's, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Boots, and other global markets. D&D's products are created using ethically sourced cocoa, natural ingredients and contain no traces of palm oil. The company aspires to become a contender in the UK confectionery market that was worth £3.9 billion in April 2021. It further points out that people are aware of the health and the sustainability credentials of the products they buy. It intends to target this sentiment and become an established brand. The company states it has grown its sales to over £1 million and aspires to become the best dark chocolate confectioner in the UK. D&D state they will use the investment for marketing, expanding its product range, and growing its export business.
pledged: 140% days to go: 16 investment: £420,044
Vite Naturals (VN) is a plant-based nutrition brand that seeks to disrupt the $750 billion health and wellness food market. The company intends to target the aforementioned market with its products namely, Vite Brain, Vite Body, and Vite Protein +. Since launching its first product in late 2018, VN has sold directly to over 10,000 customers and accumulated hundreds of five-star reviews. VN has stocked its products with Holland Barretts both online and offline. The company earned £501,000 in revenue in 2020 and has positioned itself in rapid growth sectors. VN, in recent months, introduced products like 'Gut Health' and 'Mental Performance' in the snack bar category and listed with two of the UK’s largest health food distributors. The company states it will use the investment for new product development, optimising field sales, hiring marketing staff, launching brand awareness campaigns, and ensuring steady working capital.
pledged: 83% days to go: 15 investment: £125,666
Ember Snacks (ES) is a sustainable meat snack brand that aims to end factory farming in the meat industry. It works directly with farmers committed to using high welfare and regenerative practices to improve soil health and encourage wildlife on their farms. Since its launch in 2017, ES's products have been stocked in over 2,000 distribution points across the UK, including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. It also argues that it is the most reviewed meat snack brand on Amazon across the UK and Europe, with nearly 4,000 reviews. The company asserts that its products are stocked in 200 Stonegate pubs, supported by field activation. It earned over £1.75 million in sales in 2020, won a medal at the Charcuterie Live Awards 2021, and received over 35 pieces of press coverage in 2021. ES states it will use the investment to discourage factory farming, build its team, grow distribution channels in major UK supermarkets, launch a campaign to highlight factory farming practices, reach out to new customers, and launch new products.
pledged: 101% days to go: 2 investment: £811,374
IceRobotics develops sensor technology and advanced data analytics for the dairy farming industry. It claims that its cloud-based behaviour monitoring system - CowAlert - provides real-time insights and ‘alerts’ farmers on the performance of their herd, using data collected from ‘IceQube’ sensors attached to the rear leg of a cow that records the cow's movements. CowAlert interprets and relays this data back to the farmer in a series of actionable reports. The company states it has generated revenues of over £1 million in 2020, sustained a customer retention rate of 95% and onboarded 143 commercial CowAlert customers worldwide recording 42,000 cows. It has also raised £6 million in equity investments to date from serial angel investors and family offices. They intend to use the investment to grow their base in the USA and across the food supply chain, strengthen their team, develop new CowAlert modules, and develop collaborative opportunities with dairy industry organisations.
pledged: 91% days to go: 9 investment: £637,956
Lost At Sea (LAS) is an independent lifestyle beer brand that targets adventurers. The company has sold 26,000+ beers since 2019, with its products stocked in 50+ outlets. LAS claims that its new online shop has a 21.82% conversion rate and an engaged community of over 30,000 people. It also points out that since its first brew in 2019, it has seen substantial growth in demand, and as a result, provides kegs to its flagship stockist to ensure they have a constant flow of stock. The company has made over £1,000 Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) donations to date. They intend to use the investment to build a community of like-minded beer lovers, launch a flagship bar in Abersoch, North Wales to advocate local produce and sustainability, create a scalable bar concept for future expansion in other coastal towns, and hire personnel to drive product innovation and sales.
pledged: 27% days to go: 8 investment: £83,362
The Ethical Butcher (TEB) is a premium, sustainable and ethical online butcher on a mission to spearhead the craft meat revolution. It has partnered with farmers who practise regenerative agriculture and supplies premium quality meat to the restaurant industry throughout London. TEB claims that its meat is 100% pasture-fed and free from hormones and antibiotics. It has served 10,500 orders to 5,000 customers. TEB generated £789,000 in revenue and £141,000 in profit in 2020. TEB asserts that it has an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, featured on news entities such as The Telegraph, The Times, and BBC Good Food, and claims to be the first and only online Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) certified butcher in London. The company points out that it has 478,000 website visitors and intends to use the investment to accelerate the growth of its B2C business and scale its meat production.
pledged: 330% days to go: 8 investment: £1,323,158
Windsor & Eton Brewery (WAEB) is an award-winning Royal Warrant holding brewery. WAEB brews over 1.4 million pints each year and is on a mission to make beer Windsor's top attraction. WAEB has won over 70 national, international, and regional beer awards. It claims to be a supplier of exclusive bottled beers to the House of Commons, London’s Shakespeare’s Globe, and over 200 pubs, bars, and hotels. The company made over £600,000 of direct sales to consumers through its brewery tap, shop, and home deliveries in 2020. WAEB argues that it is running five successful bars in and near Windsor, serving nearly 7.6 million visitors per year. WAEB created the Windsor beer festival and is a member of the Worshipful Company of Brewers. They intend to use the investment to grow its estate from its existing five venues to twenty by 2026, start with a major new bar in the heart of Windsor, and buy a canning line on-site to ensure fresher beers for its customers.
pledged: 208% days to go: Stretch investment: £625,931
PANTSANDSOCKS.COM is an online retailer and subscription service that helps men buy branded underwear and socks. They state their mission is to be a convenient, one-stop-shop for top brands in the market. PANTSANDSOCKS.COM argues that it is an ‘Authorised Stockist’ of 16+ leading brands including Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. The company claims to have fulfilled over 2,000 orders, welcomed over 100,000 unique website visitors to its site, achieved a 4.6/5, ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating, and signed up over 4,000 people to its database. The company has integrated with Amazon and Google Shopping to provide additional revenue streams. They state they will use the investment to achieve 100,000 unique visitors per month by the end of Q3 2021, meet its business targets, and continue to develop its internal capabilities at a sustainable rate.
pledged: 69% days to go: 13 investment: £139,705
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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