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Equity Crowdfunding Pitches

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Tred is the UK’s first green debit card that lets users track, reduce and offset their carbon footprint as they spend. The company plants trees with every sustainable purchase the user makes. It aims to become a contender in the challenger financial technology market that is projected to be worth £365 billion by 2027. Tred won the 'Pay360 Award' at the 2021 Fintech Pitch Live event and has featured in the Evening Standard. It will use the investment to launch the Tred card to the public and develop more features like a personalised carbon coach and green investment options.
pledged: 155% days to go: 26 investment: £623,826
TheCarCrowd is a Passion Asset Investment (PAI) platform that intends to address the lack of investment options for the 8 million UK millennials by allowing them to take a real equity stake in a classic car and benefit from the potential appreciation. The company argues that classic cars appreciated 194% over 10 years up to Q4 2019 as per expert reports. TheCarCrowd points out that its portal allows interested investors to buy shares in cars from just £20 and unlock the benefits of potential appreciation. The company asserts that its business idea has found traction amidst users with over 620 investors registering on the portal since the company's launch in November 2020. TheCarCrowd will use 12% of the investment for Public Relations (PR), 48% for marketing, and 40% for working capital.
pledged: 111% days to go: 29 investment: £223,134
StepLadder is a financial technology company dedicated to helping people buy their first home. The company asserts that it is tackling the housing crisis with its 'StepLadder Circles' that is based on the Rotating Savings and Credit Association model (ROSCA). Users have to state a monthly monetary contribution and a financial goal. The portal then adds them to a group of people with the same goal wherein all users contribute the same amount each month. The portal then randomly allocates one person in the circle each month the total contribution received. This repeats every month for the duration of the circle until everyone has received their deposit. It has awarded over £750,000 to members on its portal. The platform has featured in The Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, and The Independent. It also won 'Innovator of the Year' in the Women in Tech Awards 2020. StepLadder will use the investment received to improve its pan-UK growth via referral and ambassador programs.
pledged: 89% days to go: 26 investment: £111,320
WorkClub is a ready-for-market B2B platform on a mission to disrupt the workspace landscape by making it easy for members to work from anywhere by activating idle space across a range of commercial venues like hotels, workspaces and more. It asserts that in 2020, 46.6% of the UK’s workforce worked remotely, a 9x increase from pre-COVID levels. It argues that its portal perfectly caters to the demands of the aforementioned category. WorkClub has onboarded 5,000+ subscribers and built a network of 180+ workspaces. The company points out that its platform is an ideal solution to downsize or ditch an expensive office lease and retain great talent. It has established key partnerships with entities like FIVERR, Superscript, Zipcar, and Opportunity Network. It will use the investment to scale ‘WorkClub for Teams’, its workspace-as-a-service for small to medium-sized businesses.
pledged: 85% days to go: 17 investment: £257,347
Baanx is a Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) banking platform that is Application Programming Interface (API) driven and digital-friendly. It aims to become a contender in the digital asset financial services market that is expected to rise and expand to over 580 million people or 7+% of the world population by 2022. Baanx argues that it is disrupting the slow and expensive banking sector by leveraging blockchain to launch secure and low-cost banking products and services, with a few lines of code. Baanx offers its users 'Digital wallets' (via API or a custom mobile app), crypto-friendly debit cards in physical and virtual formats, and allows users to send fiat or cryptocurrencies to anyone in their contact list with 'zero' Foreign Exchange (FX) fees, through its proprietary software, TextBit.  
pledged: 98% days to go: 10 investment: £9,500,000
Fairer Finance (FF) is a consultancy launched in 2014, on a mission to become the UK's most trusted provider of consumer financial services ratings. FF makes money through four key channels namely, licensing access to its data and insights, selling endorsements to those who do well in its ratings, sponsored research that helps improve the financial services market, and helping firms do better for their customers. FF earned £170,000 worth of revenues in its latest quarter, had its ratings published on thetimes.co.uk, which got 35 million views/week and onboarded noted entity, Lloyds Bank, that uses FF's data insights. The company aims to expand into more banking and insurance sectors and grow its consumer presence, helping it to strike deals with comparison sites and sign up more companies for its Insight services. The company will use the investment to expand its campaigning work and create a fairer market for consumers.
pledged: 88% days to go: 17 investment: £222,466
Projekt Rising (PR) is an automated project management Software as a Service (SaaS) portal that delivers projects to clients by replacing freelance teams and project managers with intelligent automation. The platform provides services such as video production, web and print content, and e-learning projects. It asserts that its model in the interactive and pharmaceutical industries has led to delivery times being cut in half, costs reduced by >50%, with the highest industry quality standards being maintained throughout. PR aims to be a contender in the £57 billion Project Management Professional (PMP) market. It will use the investment to grow its business across different verticals.
pledged: 32% days to go: Extended investment: £48,000
Qardus is an ethical and Sharia-compliant financing platform for social impact Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and investors. Qardus asserts that the 3.8 million Muslim community in the UK, and 25 million in Europe, is massively underserved when it comes to accessing interest-free (Sharia-compliant) structures. It intends to change this. Qardus offers up to £200,000 in innovative interest-free business financing to eligible SMEs for tenors of up to 24 months and is Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved. Qardus points out that it has provided over £250,000 in financing to some high social impact SMEs during the COVID-19 pandemic, maintained a 100% track record with a 0% default rate to date, and featured in media entities like Sifted, Islamic Finance News, Peer-to-Peer Finance News, and Fintech Futures amongst others. It will use 30% of the investment on marketing costs for acquiring SMEs and investors on its platform, 60% on growing its team, and 10% on obtaining additional licenses to expand its services.
pledged: 142% days to go: Stretch investment: £305,598
Infinity Circle (IC) is a digital wealth creation platform that aims to create an ecosystem where wealth management meets social media in a way that is cyber secure, respects a user's privacy, and complies with the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) rules. IC intends to vet and distribute the best-in-class products for each asset class on its platform that is planned to be partly automated and partly operated by specialists who can guide a user. IC asserts that its CEO Elisabeth Dana has worked with the likes of Barclays Private Wealth, handling average accounts of £50 million while its CTO, Ashley Adkins, is a coding expert who has put his talent at the service of the UK Government before starting his private practice. It will use 40% of the investment for technology innovation, 30% for upgrading operations, and 30% to market the platform's launch.
pledged: 107% days to go: Stretch investment: £322,520
Novus aspires to become the UK's first ethical digital bank. It argues that Generation Z and millennials want purpose-driven products and services that can also address environmental and social challenges of the times. The company asserts that its services align with the aforementioned objective. Novus allows its members to live a sustainable lifestyle by providing them access to sustainable brands through Novus' in-app marketplace and rewarding them via cashbacks. The company intends to undergo two more funding rounds – Series A and Series B – for scaling its UK operations and expanding in the US and other key EU markets within the next two years. It will IPO its business when it achieves profitability. The company also foresees a strategic exit to interested banking entities.
pledged: 0% days to go: 17 investment: Withheld
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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