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Status: Active

May 30th 2019 - Oct 13th 2020

21 days left

AAZZUR is a fintechs company founded on a strong desire to make banking intelligent, individual and interconnected. It is reinventing the way banks are built, and its data can be used to increase monetization, satisfaction and retention. This company was founded 18 months ago, but in the last month, it was contacted by fintechs, banks and one insurance company to help them with their problems. AAZZUR provides tools for common functions for the banking space. Its entrepreneurial team has a depth of experience, and the company has been to one of the world-leading accelerators, techstars. Now, it is looking to work together with banks, and its team has developed a neo-bank offering in record time that they are going to be soft-launched soon.

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Peerport Limited (trading as MultiISA) is targeting the multi-million-pound market and claims to offer a holistic approach to Individual Savings Account (ISA) management. The company asserts that traditional ISA managers don’t give users enough flexibility with their investment choices. Current ISA rules restrict investors to only one ISA of each type per tax year. This impedes the investors’ ability to build a diversified IFISA portfolio. Peerport argues that its portal offers investors the freedom to operate multiple accounts like Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), Cash ISA, and Stocks & Shares ISA under a single ISA management platform. The company will use the investment to finalise the build-out of its end to end platform, fund its office space, manage marketing costs, oversee staffing costs, pay regulatory fees and supervise working capital.
pledged: 3% days to go: TBC investment: £5,500
Ziglu is a financial technology entity that allows a user to access both Forex and digital currencies seamlessly. The company permits a user to use any currency via its Mastercard debit card and protects the user's digital currency up to £50,000 against cyber-attacks. Ziglu is authorised by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and is one of the first companies involved with digital currencies to be registered under the UK’s Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (AMLR). The company has achieved a 94% rating on TrustPilot, offers customers the option to send money via cryptocurrency, and previously raised £5.25 million in seed funding. Ziglu has featured in media entities like Coindesk and Yahoo Finance. It will use 30% of the investment in product development, 60% on user acquisition, and 10% on international expansion initiatives.
pledged: 126% days to go: 39 investment: £1,262,624
DeadHappy is a digital-first life insurance provider that aims to disrupt the £3.7 billion life insurance market. The company claims that traditional life insurance is complex, expensive, and inflexible. DeadHappy argues that it can offer customers a cheap, flexible and enjoyable alternative. It has developed a unique pay-as-you-go life insurance product with a rolling 10 year guarantee of cover. A simple sign-up process allows customers to answer only 4 medical questions & obtain cover in under 5 minutes, on-line, via their mobile phone. The company's proprietary Deathwish Platform enables customers to personalise their life insurance by creating ‘Deathwishes’. In 2020, DeadHappy reached 120,000+ total deathwishes and has sold 7,800+ total life insurance policies. The company will use 35% of the investment for company growth, 30% for technology development, 20% for product development, and 15% to build partnerships.
pledged: 109% days to go: 39 investment: £1,646,850
RoosterMoney is a pocket money application & debit card that aims to transform the way kids learn about money around the globe. It has more than 200,000 monthly active users. The company launched a Visa prepaid debit card in the UK, in July 2019, with over 16,000 card users. RoosterMoney has featured in publications like the Guardian, The Times, and the BBC. Its 'Pocket Money Index' has been quoted on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal (USA), and the Sydney Herald (Australia). The company will use 30% of the investment in marketing, 40% in team and product development, and 30% in upgrading its technology and payment infrastructure.
pledged: 95% days to go: 36 investment: £2,011,620
Cocoon Card Limited (Cocoon) is a financial technology company that helps businesses grow by helping them understand which customers they should provide 0% interest payment terms too, 0% interest instalments means a consumer can buy something today and pay for it in the future. It also helps them collect and manage these payments. The company's software has two components, that is, Risk Management Module (RMM) and Instalment Collection Module (ICM). RMM assesses if a potential customer can pay in instalments while ICM prepares a collection plan if the customer is deemed creditworthy. Cocoon asserts that its product removes the need for third-party lenders and allows businesses to serve the UK's ~14 million 'thin-file' consumers that are rejected from mainstream 0% interest finance. The company has envisioned an investment target of £150,000 and anticipates an exit in 3-5 years by either a trade sale or Private Equity (PE) buyout.
pledged: 53% days to go: 85 investment: £70,000

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    30 May 19 Angels Den £400,991 / 134%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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