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Status: Active

Jun 1st 2020 - Jul 11th 2020

9 days left

AirSensa is a proprietary globally-scalable cloud platform developed with the aim to avert air pollution globally. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 7 million die prematurely every year because of air pollution. Lack of poor data coupled with unreliable systems makes tracking air pollution a major task. Better data can help city authorities to make effective interventions, help businesses to improve operations, and help citizens avoid the worst of pollution. The company's unique big data platform (STORRM) can scale to run hundreds of thousands of sensors and serve any number of users simultaneously while providing reliable air pollution data. AirSensa's technology can also be used to understand the impact of Covid-19, to tackle the post-Covid complications due to air pollution by providing hyperlocal, real-time information to those people as well as the existing vulnerable groups like asthmatics and heart disease patients. The company will utilise the investment to drive business development, build a post-COVID product that will lead to potentially lesser fatalities due to risk from polluted air, and ensure more people join its ecosystem.

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Rated on 10/06/2020

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Management 79%

Skills 91%
AirSensa has a skilled and diverse team in place covering the roles of Business Development, Software Development, and Finance. The CEO is a keen observer of how technology is shaping the world. He is skilled in the Internet of Things, Strategic Partnerships, Business Innovation, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. The CTO of the company is specialised in Software Architecture, Technology Strategy, Middleware, and Application Development. The business is overseen by the Head of International Development, who is skilled in Business Planning, Business Development, Economic Research, International relations, and International Development. The finances of the company are overseen by the Head of Finance who specialises in Financial Analysis, Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Mergers and Acquisition.


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Funding progress

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KegTracker is a company that has launched an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) enabled device that turns kegs into smart containers. The device tracks real-time location, volume, temperature and motion for each keg in order to create reports & insights that enable a sustainable supply chain. The company asserts that a lack of transparency in managing kegs has led to annual industry losses of £1.4 billion+ in theft and spoilage, £1 billion+ in poor distribution, and £500 million+ in suboptimal production and lost containers. KegTracker argues that its device can reduce these losses significantly. The company has developed a working prototype, filed a patent and received letters of interest from leading UK breweries, coffee roasters and Wales National Health Service (NHS). In 2019, the company featured in Startups Magazine and were finalists at FutureFood Awards, London & Partners BGP, and Pitch@Palace. It will use the investment to bring its product to more markets.
pledged: 115% days to go: 29 investment: £115,372
Good Club is an online grocer that aims to sell sustainable household food and products across the UK. The company's sales have grown from £18,000 to £234,000 in May 2020. The potential demand for sustainable food and products is £61 billion in the UK, and the company finds itself as a strong contender in this domain. COVID-19 has led to an increased interest in home-delivered grocery products amongst consumers. Good Club responded to this by opening its first distribution hub in North London. It has also carried out a 'Life Cycle Analysis' of its proposed process and prototype packaging to ensure that its sustainable and eco-friendly. The investment raised will help the company grow its revenues, establish scalable marketing foundations for future growth, and roll out 'Closed Loop' service to strengthen customer loyalty.
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Mass Financial is a next-generation banking system that helps in creating a personalised account via a smartphone or any other device. The company's app allows users to treat assets equally such as fiat currency, precious metals, and investment assets, monitor spending and create budgeting patterns, transfer money instantly, and avail cashback offers. All of these features, the company proclaims, are backed by blockchain technology for optimum security. Mass Financial has passed a pre-application for an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license and received rave reviews at the 2019 Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. The company will use 50% of the investment received to deposit the required capital reserves in the Central Bank of Lithuania for the EMI license approval, 30% for setting up integrations with MasterCard, SEPA and S.W.I.F.T. SCRL systems, and 20% for hiring human resources.
pledged: 78% days to go: 22 investment: £234,152
SMARTR Health Limited, also called Celsium, is a medical technology company. It has developed the world’s first medical-grade device that continuously measures core temperature, both accurately and non-invasively, through a combination of a wearable sensor and a smart platform. Intended for use in the formal healthcare sector, as well as at home, it has been classified as a CE Class 2A medical device in the EU and as an FDA 510K medical device in the US. In a clinical study, conducted in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital and Cleveland Clinic, the company's product showed promising results 10-20 times more accurate than current devices. Celsium has experienced a surge in demand due to Covid-19, where fever is a key symptom. This, the company argues, is a perfect time to accelerate its business plan.
pledged: 0% days to go: TBC investment: Withheld
Dream Reality Interactive (DRI) is a software development company that builds interactive programmes and games across the full spectrum of immersive platforms and devices. DRI is in a soft launch of its mobile Augmented Reality (AR) karaoke game, Singheads, with the full launch expected in late June. DRI is partnering with Snapchat to leverage its 229 million daily active users towards this objective. The game offers players a new song to sing every day, and the unique business model opens the mobile karaoke market to ad-funded play. AR avatar heads powered by Bitmojoi (similar to Apple’s highly valued Memoji) significantly enhance the user experience. The company will use the investment to further develop its game. It will exit by being a catalyst in launching a successful number of games and eventually be acquired by a global platform such as Snapchat, Apple, Tik Tok, or by a global video games company such as Electronic Arts, Zynga, Activision, Tencent or NetEase.
pledged: 0% days to go: 35 investment: Withheld

  • £628,060
  • 93%
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    incorporated 3 years

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    01 Jun 20 Seedrs £628,060 / 93% 51.33%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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