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Classical Diary

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- Jul 20th 2014

Classical Diary intends to break down into classical music prejudices and bring a young, fresh, collective vision of the discipline in a friendly atmosphere. It is a new way for new audiences to be introduced to classical music, but also an exciting tool for those who already love it and wish to stay connected wherever they are!

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Walljam is a sports technology business that is digitising ball sports through its advanced, smart panel technology. The company's latest offering, 'Metrix', is the first football-themed social entertainment venue launched in partnership with UEFA Champions League. Walljam intends Metrix to be the turning point in the company's image from a purely fan engagement platform to a social entertainment and live events operator. Metrix's inaugural venue will open in Autumn 2020 at Westfield London (White City), Europe’s largest shopping mall. Under the UEFA Global Licensing Partnership, nine more venues are expected to open across Europe within the next five years. The company is seeking to raise funds of £3.5 million at a pre-money valuation of £3.6 million. It will use the investment to launch the first Metrix venue and manage working capital.
pledged: 10% days to go: 83 investment: £552,130
Evershare.io is a platform that enables fans to own a share of an artist's music income under Income Share Agreements (ISA). An ISA is an agreement between the recipient and the donors whereby the recipient agrees to share a percentage of the income generated from their project that they have raised money for. Using blockchain technology, the company is building a new way for artists and fans to engage and share the journey to musical success. For just £12 a year, an artist or band can submit their music to Evershare upon which the customer service team will help the artists or band to release their music tracks across major streaming companies such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. The artists also get to keep 100% of royalties they earn from the release of their albums or singles. They will use the investment to support and bring talent that is less heard or unknown to fans and break the unhealthy oligopoly that exists in the music publishing industry.
pledged: 0% days to go: Extended investment: Withheld
HighCandi is a drone services business that specialises in providing operational support to large companies, for example, in telecommunications and renewable energy sectors. It brings together independent drone service providers under one brand and uses these drones to inspect infrastructure, providing photo analysis, video inspections, and 3D digital models of facilities to help clients manage their assets in an affordable manner. HighCandi’s app, which can memorise and automate inspection regimes, makes sure that each drone delivers consistent imaging and data. The company's aerial videographers are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensed and adhere to legal restrictions wherever they film. The company's strategy is to target 10% ($520 million) of two key sectors, namely The Global Industrial Inspection market and European Real Estate market, by 2021. HighCandi is a potential disruptor in the drone sector which is expected to boost the UK economy by £42 billion. With the investment, the company will start recruitment to drive sales, pilot engagement, and brand marketing.
pledged: 0% days to go: Extended investment: Withheld
Studio Pictures Limited is a UK based production company that specialises in the development of high-quality British film and TV projects. The company's interest predominantly lies within the British film and television industry that can be created within budget ranging from £1 million - £15 million. The company has established relationships with studio houses such as Warner Bros., Sony Pictures and Lionsgate and aims to build upon projects that can be made into a franchise. Their production, A Steet Cat Named Bob, went on to be distributed by Sony Pictures in the UK and had a Royal Premiere in London. Studio Pictures Limited will consider putting up to a maximum of 20% of the budget for each project as equity, on a case by case basis, subject to company reserves. With the proceeds, the company will grow and scale the business. It will become a tenant at Twickenham Studios in West London and look to profitable emerging markets, i.e. streaming, animation and interactive movies to become one of the leading UK production companies.

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