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Status: Funded

Jul 13th 2020 - Sep 11th 2020

POS8 is a company that has developed an app, Fetch, that allows customers to order and pay from their phone. The company feels that 'Fetch' holds prominence against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. Using the app, customers can view a menu, order food & drink and pay securely, all in a matter of seconds with no need for contact, from the comfort of their smartphones. The app's 'Intelligent Ordering System' sends orders to a venue staff’s own devices according to who has the fewest orders waiting. The company believes that its pay-per-transaction model allows it to dominate the £98 billion restaurants industry. POS8 is also developing a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) & beacon location technology to pin-point guests to an accuracy of 10 cm for faster serving times. The company will use 10% of the investment to complete its location technology, 20% in Point of Sale (POS) integrations, 20% in operations, and 50% in sales and marketing to build customer and user base.

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FETCH Rating Review

Rated on 20/07/2020

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Management 80%

Skills 82%
The management team of Fetch is led by a CEO who is an expert in all aspects of strategy within the business including acquisition of global partners, account management, international sales, digital marketing, solution selling and new software development. The CTO is experienced in software development for room/property management systems, point-of-sale and payment integrations. He has a strong technical background with a track record of success in overseeing the implementation of new technology platforms and business procedures. The VP of Sales and Marketing is skilled in negotiation, budgeting, hotel management, international business, business development and planning. The Chief Information Officer is well versed in go-to-market strategy, software development, cloud computing, software architecture and network engineering. The Operation Director is a specialist in investor relation management, corporate governance, event management, HR management, digital marketing, online advertising, and company secretarial skills. The Creative Director has deep domain experience in brand activation, art direction, digital campaign development, interaction design, sponsorship strategy and creative entrepreneurship. It was noted that they had not appointed a dedicated finance head.


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Jobmate helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) manage tasks such as preparing invoices, scheduling meetings and complying with regulations through its application. The company asserts that its app is customisable and enables SME owners to have a work-life balance. It also aims to create a community of professionals that can cooperate, increase their work opportunities, and earn higher profits through the app. Jobmate is targeting 20,000 subscribers in year one and 650,000 by year five. The company will use the investment to take its product to launch through the latest innovative digital marketing, established networks and distribution partners.

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pledged: 264% days to go: 1 investment: £396,251
Cuckoo is an internet broadband provider. The company claims that incumbent internet providers treat customers with poor customer service, high prices, and complicated contracts. Cuckoo aims to change this by providing users with fair and transparent prices, simple contracts, high-quality routers, and responsive customer service. The company is currently developing its website and billing engine ahead of launching with its first customers in the second quarter of 2020. Cuckoo's business is in the pre-revenue stage. It expects to start generating revenue in May/June 2020 when they launch their broadband service. Cuckoo will use 50% of the investment towards paying salaries to staff, 25% as technology development fees, 10% as professional fees, 5% as rent, and 10% as AOB. Cuckoo's exit strategy is via a trade sale or listing in the United Kingdom.
pledged: 17% days to go: TBC investment: £69,622
Capture Education is an education portal that aims to help educators and parents connect, foster engagement, improve understanding and increase satisfaction with respect to their children. The company asserts that its software can help reduce workload and costs for educators. It also claims that an average nursery will save over 6.5 hours per week on paperwork when switching from paper to the company's digital solution. Parents can see shared images instantly, watch videos of their children's achievements on the portal at any time. The portal allows educators to capture plans to allow and track activities of children's clubs and extracurricular lessons. The company has witnessed over 1 million observations created and shared on its portal. Over 19,000 parents access the company's system every month. Capture will use 40% of the investment in Research & Development (R&D), 30% in marketing, 10% in sales, and 20% as contingency funds in the wake of COVID-19.
pledged: 91% days to go: 39 investment: £227,910
Zobi is a technology company that aims to secure smart devices in a home against any potential attacks by a fraudster or fraudulent entity. Zobi's first device and app, Hedgehog, aims to address this issue. Hedgehog can anonymously monitor the Wi-Fi of a user, detect and block suspicious activity or devices, and show a user the security loopholes and the means to plug them. Zobi claims that there are currently around 135 million connected homes and, by 2025, the spending per year on smart home devices is said to be $160 billion. It aims to be a major contender in the smart home security sector. The company won the European Product Design Award 2020 and secured $120,000 worth of grants from Amazon and Google for its cloud services. Zobi will use the investment to build partnerships and its business development team, expand its offerings to other regions, scale-up marketing and PR, and recruit a senior Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 
pledged: 106% days to go: 39 investment: £159,402
Boring Money is an investment guidance platform that presents users with investment/pension guides & comparison tables to help them make sound investment decisions. The company asserts that 47% of the UK's 16 million investors lack confidence and want clearer communication to make better investment decisions. BM sees itself as the solution to the aforementioned issue and aims to be a market leader in the segment. The company earned £1 million+ in revenue in 2019 and a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot. BM's clients include organisations like BlackRock, Barclays, Wealthify and Nutmeg. The company has also featured in publications like The Financial Times, The Times & the BBC. It will use the investment to grow its presence, monetise its website, and help more people make better investment decisions.
pledged: 292% days to go: 23 investment: £876,900

  • £438,660
  • 292%
    of goal


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    incorporated 3 years

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    Previous Funding rounds
    13 Jul 20 Seedrs £438,660 / 292% 72.00%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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