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Gravitricity is an energy technology company based in Edinburgh, London. Its patented technology is based on a simple principle: raising and lowering a heavy weight to store and release energy. The Gravitricity system suspends weights of 500 - 5000 tonnes in a deep shaft by several cables, each of which is engaged with a winch capable of lifting its share of the weight. Electrical power is then absorbed or generated by raising or lowering the weight. The technology has a 25+ year life with no cyclical degradation, has no parasitic loads, is cost-effective and can be installed anywhere including city-centres. The company has recently submitted its fifth patent application and has won a grant under InnovateUK's Energy Catalyst programme. It is working with winch partner Huisman Equipment BV and controls-partner ISC to build a 250kW Concept Demonstrator and design modular full-scale systems. With the funds received, Gravitricity will buffer for any COVID-related delay in energy requirements amidst the global economic downturn.

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Gravitricity Rating Report

Rated on 22/05/2020

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Management 75%

Skills 91%
Gravitricity team consists of specialist engineers, project managers and finance professionals. The core team is supported by professionals in shaft sinking and geology, an intellectual property advisor, and a patent attorney. The team is led by a Managing Director who is skilled in Early-stage technology development, Innovation, Biomass energy systems, Wave and Tidal Streams, and Energy System (Utility) business models around emerging technologies. The Technical Director is skilled in research and development, photovoltaics, wind energy, feasibility studies, engineering, and renewable energy. The Business Development Manager has skills to build the brand and increase brand awareness through her demonstrable skills in research, data analysis, strategy development, and project management. The finances of the company are overseen by their Finance Director who specialises in private equity, project finance, corporate finance, financial modelling, and mergers and acquisitions.


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pledged: 119% days to go: 1 investment: £417,627
CFP is a family owned business which is backed by British Business Bank. The company has created the world’s leading carbon fibre composite recycling operation. CFP has drawn a pipeline of business across a range of applications and is now involved with 25+ businesses across automotive, defence, and oil and gas industries. The company has taken concrete steps to improve its sales team to reflect its end market focus. CFP believes that as the adoption of the products occurs, the markets are adequately plentiful and different for CFP to achieve its aspirations and that the exit valuation fixed out in the Investment Memorandum remains achievable.
pledged: 0% days to go: Extended investment: Unknown

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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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