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Husky is the UK’s only open, SaaS platform for workplace pensions. For employers, the platform deals with legal and compliance burdens of auto-enrolment while helping reduce pension costs. For individuals and company directors, the app is instrumental in bringing profitable and responsible investments with the Husky for Everyone app. And for advisers and accountants, it ensures strong client relationships amidst transparency and efficiency. Close to 1.4 million employers & 22.6 million workers are affected by the UK’s automatic enrolment (AE) legislation. Within this market, a conservative estimate of fees charged on employees by pension providers is £2 billion a year; Husky aims to disrupt this market & is ready to scale. Its method of operation has led to it achieving important milestones. With more than 1000 firms onboarded, a 92% renewal rate, and an average annual fee of £438, Husky charges its onboarded firms (including Crowdcube) with monthly recurring fees laid out as part of a 3-year subscription model. With the funds received, the company aims to disrupt the relatively stagnant workplace pensions industry with innovative products and empower its customers.

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Husky Rating Report

Rated on 19/05/2020

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Management 90%

Skills 91%
The CEO has experience working in the financial sector and at the same stage of business growth. He is skilled in Financial Services, Investment Banking, Foreign Exchange Risk Management, and Interest Rate Risk Management. The CTO has a successful exit under his belt and has the ability to operate effectively at all levels of the business, from product management and software development to business strategy, and sales and marketing. A key management team member is the Vice President, Sales who is renowned for his ability to create trading networks. He is proficient in financial services, equities, and asset management. The Vice President, Product & Service has a background in software development with a more recent focus on agile product management and project leadership. The VP, Engineering is proficient in developing world-class FinTech solutions for start-ups and global asset managers. The finances are dealt with by an external business advisory firm 'Flinder' (headed up by former PwC Senior Partner), with the company's CTO keeping a daily oversight.


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Funding progress

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pledged: 0% days to go: 58 investment: Unknown

  • £429,127
  • 143%
    of goal
  • Funded
    30 May 2020


    pre-money valuation

    equity available


    pledge per investor

    company number

    company status

    incorporated 8 years

    share price

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    Funding rounds
    29 Apr 20 Crowdcube £429,127 / 143% 86.67%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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