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Status: Active

Dec 21st 2020 - Jan 30th 2021

11 days left

Nooro makes cannabidiol (CBD) snack bars. Company founder J.D. Furlong asserts that blending CBD and certain nootropics lead to better cognitive functions in individuals. Nooro also argues that it is the UK's first CBD snack bar seller that is plant-based and gluten-free. The company's products are stocked across 250 retail outlets, cafes, gyms, and delis across the UK. Nooro pivoted to Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sales during COVID-19 to get better margins. It invested in creating a business model with four distinct revenue streams with 60% earnings coming via e-commerce D2C sales, 15% via digital affiliate sales, 15% via direct sales to partners, and 10% via wholesalers. The company will use the investment to launch an additional three new flavours by February 2021 and grow its business across different verticals.

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    21 Dec 20 Seedrs £172,936 / 173%


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Your Dog’s Club (YDC) is a dog-specific online retailer that provides high nutrition food and treats alongside top quality toys and accessories. YDC community consists of its customers (Waggys), local dog business partners (Pack Leaders), and industry experts (Gurus). The company aims to connect the aforementioned parties through its online community, coupled with a dedicated website, social media feeds, competition announcements, and pet education amidst other details. YDC has scored a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot and aims to be a contender in the £2 billion recession-proof pet market. It has also registered over 5,400 customers. YDC will use 30% of the investment for digital marketing, 25% for accelerating customer base, 20% as working capital, 20% to boost customer growth via affiliate agreements with Forestry England and English Heritage, and 5% for optimising operational costs.
pledged: 128% days to go: 27 investment: £192,680
trükl is a web-based, integrated and automated parcel delivery booking platform for small businesses. The company argues that on average, 5% of all UK deliveries don’t go as planned, which amounts to over 50 million dissatisfied customer experiences. trükl intends to change this and become a contender in the parcel delivery industry that is expected to double to £21 billion by 2024. The company monitors orders for issues and alerts retailers in real-time to ensure satisfied customers across the supply chain. It has successfully monitored the delivery of 4,500+ shipments since August 2020. The company also processed 330 orders earning revenue worth £1,800 on a single day in December 2020. trükl is a member of SETsquared, an award-winning business incubator. The company will use the investment to develop its integrations further, platform features and acquire and support new retailers.
pledged: 95% days to go: 39 investment: £142,615
Ace+Freak is a Ready To Drink (RTD) cocktail for Millennials and future generation Z consumers. Its mission is to disrupt the £630 million UK RTD market, offering an impeccable tasting product. The company asserts that it uses only natural and vegan-friendly ingredients in its products. It points out that it has put 125,000 cans in hands to date and has 8,500 followers on Instagram. The company has more than 125 strategic business to business customers and a nationwide UK distribution. Ace+Freak was voted 'Best cocktail RTD' at the International Canned Challenge competition. The company has seeded the brand within culturally relevant events to its millennial customers including Adidas, Beats by Dre, Max Factor and Saatchi Gallery. It will use 35% of the investment for operational excellence, 45% for marketing, and 25% to hire personnel.
pledged: 65% days to go: 32 investment: £163,330
Perfino designs natural scent infused artisan jewellery. The company argues that one-third of humans are intolerant to synthetic chemicals and that up to 60% of these chemicals may be absorbed into the bloodstream. Perfino wants to change this scenario and provide fragrance lovers access to natural scents with no skin contact. Perfino pendants come with six super-absorbent lava stones and a bottle of expertly blended natural essential oils. Users need to simply add a drop to a stone, put it in the pendant, and enjoy a wonderful scent all day long. The company aims to disrupt the $310 billion global jewellery/perfume market with its products. Perfino's CEO has featured in the BBC’s CEO Secrets and Radio 4 Business Matters. The company will use the investment to grow its team and product range, boost sales and set up a membership service.

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pledged: 124% days to go: 16 investment: £62,436
Lemonade Dolls (LD) is the UK's first subscription underwear brand that aims to make hassle-free and comfortable underwear for young women. The company's revenue has grown 550% since January 2020. The Lemonade Dolls brand is sold in Topshop, New Look, and ASOS Marketplace. LD has 2,600 subscribers, 15,000 Dolls on its database, and over 70,000 followers across LD and Lemon's on Instagram. It also aims to bring audiences different brands like Candy Kittens, Frank Body, Dr Paw Paw, Mooncup, and Oh K!. The company has been praised by fashion magazine Grazia as having 'Broken the mould'. The company will use the investment to develop the technology behind its subscription platform, grow its product offering, strengthen its virtual presence, and drive brand awareness.

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pledged: 228% days to go: 25 investment: £205,523

  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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