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Status: Expired

Oct 31st 2019 - Feb 6th 2020

Q Doctor aims at changing the NHS care delivery with the help of video consulting to benefit patients and clinicians. The company is focusing on delivering a model that keeps modernised NHS care free of charge for the patients. The video solution plugs NHS clinicians to the existing NHS infrastructure and allows them to connect to the NHS patients digitally. With the proceeds, Q Doctor will fulfil its strategy for 2020. It will deploy the funds into labour, development, operations, marketing, and contingency funds.

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Q Doctor Rating Review

Rated on 07/11/2019

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Management 71%

Skills 64%
The Founder and his team are highly skilled NHS Doctors and Advisors, but they currently lack a full-time CFO, who would be beneficial in controlling these increased levels of expenditure.


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Funding progress

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The Fitfck application (parented by The Social Station Media Group) is a fitness dating app designed to connect like-minded fitness enthusiasts within a socially isolating lifestyle. The app is based on the founders' experience and has been described as 'The UK's fastest-growing fitness social app' by Google, London. The company witnessed 100,000 sign-ups in its first year at a cost per install of £0.30 (Industry average £1.20), has working relationships with Google, Facebook and YouTube, and is available to interested franchisees in 30+ countries. The application has 60,000+ followers across social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It has been featured in publications such as Daily Mail, Metro, and London Loves Business. It will use the investment to pay salaries to its staff, increase marketing initiatives, manage server costs, and other expenses. 
pledged: 0% days to go: 57 investment: Withheld
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pledged: 111% days to go: 11 investment: £614,265
Gendius is a company that aims to bring pharmaceuticals and health economics, through clinical research and evidence, to the mobile health market. Their latest innovation, Intellin, is an intelligent remote management diabetes platform, with over 140,000 downloads so far. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for remote home monitoring of patients, and the company feels that its product is a suitable contender in this domain. Intellin has a reliable connection to over 150 medical devices and apps, and also consists of a two-way communication setup with a healthcare professional via a secure dashboard. Gendius is registered as an approved vendor with AstraZeneca in Saudi Arabia and looks to establish deeper relations with the National Health Service (UK) to create a demand for its product. The company will use the investment to scale its business globally, drive commercialisation, offer an opportunity to its stakeholders, and target venture capital.
pledged: 413% days to go: 15 investment: £206,593
BioScore is a London-based health technology platform that enables you to easily visualize, track, and understand your fitness and health test results. It is currently designed as a software service for health and fitness professionals, gyms, personal trainers, sports coaches, sports clubs, schools, other allied health consultants and their clients. Leveraging on the trend of health optimization, BioScore aims to provide meaningful infographics and explanations, linked test histories, and personalised advice and action plans from fitness or health experts to their respective end-users, resulting in more effective diagnosis of ailments. The company will utilise the investment to develop an athlete management platform with an inspiring infographic, reporting and sell licences to access the platform's suite of online tools.

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pledged: 66% days to go: 6 investment: £53,240
Performance Meals is a brand launched by Natural Sports Nutrition (NSN) in 2010 as high-protein diet products for sports and fitness seekers. The company seeks investment for ProFoods Group, of which NSN and PM are subsidiaries. Performance Meals' products come in a variety of flavours and are sealed into airtight pouches requiring no refrigeration. Since 2012, the company has sold around 2 million meals all over the UK, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Its products have received 5-star reviews via sales in gyms, stores and online websites including Bodybuilding.com, Amazon, and Monster Supplements. The company will use 12% of the target investment in marketing, 35% in recruiting human resources, 41% for stocks, and 11% as working capital.

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pledged: 39% days to go: 10 investment: £39,372

  • £1,044,834
  • 104%
    of goal


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    incorporated 5 years

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    31 Oct 19 Seedrs £1,044,834 / 104% 50.67%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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