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Jun 22nd 2020 - Aug 1st 2020

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Square Mile Farms (SMF) is a company that installs innovative and productive vertical farms in a workplace to engage employees and help businesses create a culture of healthy, low-impact living. Its 'Office Farming' model creates green spaces for engagement and collaboration. In 2019, it was invited to build a vertical farm in Paddington Central by British Land, one of UK’s largest landowners. The setup now acts as a hub for the company's office farm installations and a base from which it can conduct Research and Development (R&D). SMF's customers include Grosvenor Group Limited and Vodafone. Moreover, the company has been covered by media platforms such as BBC One and BBC Radio. It will use 45% of the investment for sales and business development, 15% for design and technology up-gradation, 15% for raising its profile and increasing brand awareness, and 25% for operations.

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Gively is an online marketplace where users can give and get secondhand items for free. The secondhand clothing market will double in value to £50 billion annually by 2023, and the company finds itself as a suitable contender in this domain. They aim to lower greenhouse gas emissions and minimise landfill sites through its portal. The company has reached over 5,000 users, 70% of which came from unpaid channels. Gively won an SME (Small and medium enterprises) grant worth £10,000 of television advertising and has received rave reviews from its users through the App Store, social media, and in person. They will use 50% of the investment for marketing purposes, 25% for technology up-gradation, and 25% for hiring human resources.
pledged: 57% days to go: 30 investment: £39,810
Plantwork Systems (PWS) is an eco-conscious, technology company providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to the wastewater treatment industry. It is the developer, owner, and provider of a range of proprietary technologies such as TN-REM, NUTREM®, and the deHoxar Spiral Separator. These products aid in nutrient removal, improved filtration, sludge thickening. This leads to wastewater treatment plants recycling more water, reducing their energy requirements, and minimising water scarcity. The company has generated combined revenues of £1.44 million since July 2017. PWS is seeking funding of up to £1 million, at a pre-money valuation of £6 million. It will use the investment to accelerate its growth and bring more innovative products to the market. 
pledged: 0% days to go: 182 investment: Withheld
CareGREEN is an innovation company that has created a unique air pollution capture and storage technology with the aim to reduce harmful pollution in the atmosphere. Their latest product is the Environmental Air Purification Intervention & Control System (EAPICS). The technology has been accredited as a significant solution in reducing COx worldwide. A World Health Organisation (2016) report established that more than 80% of people living in urban areas face the greatest environmental risk to their health today due to air pollution. CareGREEN believes its specialised filtration systems will contribute to a considerable fall in health issues linked to poor air quality. It is also diversifying its reach in other renewable energy sectors such as solar and wind. The company will utilise the investment to scale its business.
days to go: Stretch investment: Withheld
Emission Solutions (EMSOL) empowers organisations to take everyday steps to reduce emissions through their real-time emission monitoring and analytics system. EMSOL's open framework platform is built with networks of sensors like air and noise pollution, vehicle tracking, and working with any asset tags and emission sensors which enables EMSOL to perform real-time measurements with location tags and calibrated sensors. Data from these platforms are easily shared on dashboards, through notifications and gives detailed real-time data on urban noise, air quality, and vehicle pollution. To date, EMSOL won Rushlight Environmental Analysis Award, achieve yearly income targets, rated 5th place in the national PowerUp Index and 4th in the London and South East region. Moreover, EMSOL also won a fully funded project sponsored by DFT to deploy EMSOL technology into the rail sector. The company will use the funds to expand its customer base and increase the number of deployment sites.

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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
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