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Wi-Fi Securities Limited

Status: Active

Wi-Fi Securities Limited is a cyber security company that aims to revolutionise the security of public access Wi-Fi. To realise this vision, the company is developing a unique patent-protected system called SpriteGuard™ which will protect you and your data from hackers by stopping you connecting to fake hotspots. The system is targeted towards the $550 bn worldwide hospitality industry and has the ability to expand to other large global markets like city-wide free Wi-Fi, airports and coffee shops. Moreover, Wi-Fi Securities Limited has a highly experienced Wi-Fi Securities management board that has a track record of delivering multi-million-pound projects from concept to successful commercial deployment.

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Wi-Fi Securities Limited Rating Report

Rated on 14/04/2020

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Management 70%

Skills 73%
The expertise of the management team spans across a plethora of market sectors including security, telecoms, design and development engineering, and product delivery. The CEO has worked with blue-chip companies such as Rolls Royce, Caterpillar, Tyco Inc, 3M, GKN, Volvo and Leyland Trucks, taking direct control of several multi-million-dollar product portfolios and subsequent launches to market. He is on the board of the Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and the Liverpool City Region Health and Life Sciences Board.


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pledged: 230% days to go: 9 investment: £574,990
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Strowz is an innovative, all-in-one financial lifestyle App that allows users to create multiple savings buckets earning 2% interest, link bank accounts and credit cards, invest in high growth funds, and set up customised round-ups. The Strowz App combines technology, finance, lifestyle and helps users save and invest intuitively. As of May 2020, Strowz savers have targeted over £3.6 million across 260+ savings buckets. The company also won the 'Best Programmatic Technology For Trading Award' for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019 from WSL and Fund Technology awards. The company's growth strategy will include 'Word Of Mouth' referrals, social media & digital ads, strategic partnerships, amongst others. The company will use the investment funds to increase growth, focus on product development, and launch Strowz in Canada and the US.
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MiiCARE is a company that provides AI-based in-home companionship & health support for the elderly. miiCARE provides an 18-month product validation process with the NHS and the elderly. Its innovation miiCUBE is a cloud-based assistive technology solution that can detect an emergency and inform a designated responder. miiCARE already has 250 prospective clients who have already expressed interest to purchase the product. The company was accepted for the 'Microsoft for Startups' program in 2019 and Microsoft's 'AI for Good' acceleration cohort in 2020. The company will utilise the investments to create an emergency stock to support future orders, fulfill orders for clients, strengthen its team, and create a small inventory for orders.
pledged: 91% days to go: 39 investment: £181,116

  • £620,000
  • 7%
    of goal


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    incorporated 2 years

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    21 Nov 19 Growth Invest £620,000 / 7% 77.33%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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