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Status: Active

Sep 21st 2020 - Oct 30th 2020

10 days left

Ziglu is a financial technology entity that allows a user to access both Forex and digital currencies seamlessly. The company permits a user to use any currency via its Mastercard debit card and protects the user's digital currency up to £50,000 against cyber-attacks. Ziglu is authorised by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and is one of the first companies involved with digital currencies to be registered under the UK’s Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (AMLR). The company has achieved a 94% rating on TrustPilot, offers customers the option to send money via cryptocurrency, and previously raised £5.25 million in seed funding. Ziglu has featured in media entities like Coindesk and Yahoo Finance. It will use 30% of the investment in product development, 60% on user acquisition, and 10% on international expansion initiatives.

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Sustainable Accelerator 4 (SA) supports and invests in the UK’s best SEIS and EIS sustainability start-ups. Its goal is to empower the next generation of businesses who are redefining the way people consume, manage waste, produce food and apply smart resource technology. SA 4 argues that COVID-19 has led to a situation wherein innovative companies with sustainable solutions are more in demand. SA 4 aims to invest £100,000 - £150,000 into around 6-8 high potential sustainability businesses. It has made 22 investments across a variety of companies. SA 4 has helped start-ups gain a profitable track record. Some of them are Rovco, Airex, Zeigo, Sennen, Vendi, and Tandem. SA 4 will use the investment to grow its business and help emerging businesses get a boost by guiding them on different verticals.
pledged: 65% days to go: 32 investment: £327,700
Recap is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking, analytics and tax reporting platform. The company claims that market participants engaging in cryptocurrency have to deal with complex issues such as tracking all of their transactions, valuing cryptocurrency transactions in their tax currency and understanding capital gains tax legislation laws. Recap aims to solve this issue by enabling said participants to calculate any tax they owe on their cryptocurrency trading activity in a matter of seconds on its portal. The company has plans to launch a mobile application enabling investors to track their portfolio on the move. It also intends to come up with a Business-to-business (B2B) offering which Recap asserts will enable crypto native companies to account for their cryptocurrency activity with automatic accounts reconciliation to accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks. The company’s exit strategy is a trade sale within 3-5 years to a cryptocurrency exchange or accounting software provider.
pledged: 20% days to go: 16 investment: £60,000
Revix aims to revolutionise the investing experience for millions of people. It wants to become a platform that makes investing in Alternative Investment Assets (AIA) such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotech, renewable energy, eSports, venture capital, cryptocurrency, and art a simple, engaging and automated affair. The company endeavours to simplify complicated terms so that customers understand what they’re investing in and what the associated risks are. Users can create personalised financial targets and set customised triggers that automatically transfer funds when activated. The company will use 37% of the investment for paying personnel, 42% for marketing, and 21% for security and regulatory advances.
pledged: 0% days to go: 76 investment: Withheld
Bippit is a wellbeing platform that provides employees with financial consultancy from a professional with zero cost to the employees themselves. The company asserts that COVID-19 has made financial consultancy services difficult to access for employees. Bippit aims to resolve this situation. It is available in mobile and desktop formats and integrates with an employees’ entire financial life through 'Open Banking'. Bippit argues that this helps staff members receive all the tools they need to learn, plan, and take action concerning their finances. It also helps companies save time and money, ensures that employees receive an impartial support system, and allows financial experts to get an extra revenue stream. The company will launch an Initial Public Offering (IPO) likely within 5 years if it moves beyond strategic acquisition.
pledged: 97% days to go: 31 investment: £73,000
Clim8 is a financial technology company that aims to move billions of pounds of investment into sectors such as clean energy, clean technology, sustainable food, smart mobility, and recycling. It is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company quotes United Nations data arguing that the world needs to invest $2.4 trillion every year into clean energy, from now until 2035, to meet climate change targets. Clim8 aims to capitalise on this objective through its app. The company has raised £1.9 million in seed funding across two rounds, in December 2019 and April 2020, respectively. It also overachieved its first Crowdcube campaign by over 300%. The company will use the investment to continue onboarding its waiting list of over 10,000 and grow its business across different verticals.
pledged: 236% days to go: 15 investment: £946,797

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    21 Sep 20 Seedrs £2,894,284 / 289%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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