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LendingCrowd is a P2P lender that provides business loans with keener rates and in turn better rates to lenders. The platform has three accounts to choose from Growth Account, Income Account and Self Select Account.  All are IFISA eligible with a minimum £20 investment.

Self Selected Accounts provide the lender with the opportunity to build their own portfolio of loans from either new loans or existing loans(secondary market)  Capital and interest repayments are paid monthly from each business you/the lender has lent to. 

Repayments on a Growth Account or Income account will automatically be used to purchase new loan parts on the lender's behalf.  The Income Account interest payments are transferred to a separate account for withdrawal.

Lender Fees and withdrawal of funds

There are no fees to open an account or to add funds.  Fees apply on the amount lent.  A 1% on-going repayment fee applies to all accounts and is charged on a monthly basis.  A fee of 0.5% charged on the capital sold applies when selling a loan part. There is no fee to purchase a loan part.  Withdrawal fees of 1% apply to Growth Account, Growth ISA, Income Account and Income ISA when a withdrawal is made.

Wind Down

Lending Crowd have made contingency arrangements to ensure an orderly wind-down procedure is in place should they cease trading or become insolvent.  They have achieved this by creating a separate bank account, holding sufficient collateral to cover the cost of management and administration while the wind-down takes place.

LendingCrowd Products and Investment

    LendingCrowd will automatically diversify investments across various creditworthy small business loans. A minimum of 20 loans will be allocated funds.

    The minimum investment amount is £1,000 up to £20,000 pa and the variable target rate is 4.9% per year. 

    There is no fixed term. Full or partial withdrawals are possible subject to a 1% fee.

    term: 6 - 60 months min. investment: £1,000 return: up to 4.90%*
    * provided on 16/01/2020

    LendingCrowd will automatically diversify investments across various creditworthy small business loans. Interest payments will be paid into a separate account for withdrawal purposes. Capital will continue to be reinvested into new loans.

    The minimum investment amount is £1,000 and the target interest rate is 4.6% per year. 

    term: 6 - 60 months min. investment: £1,000 return: up to 4.60%*
    * provided on 16/01/2020

    Customers can select which creditworthy small business loans to diversify their investments across.

    The minimum investment amount is £20 and interest rates range from 5.95% to 14.25% per year. Loan term is 6 months to 5 years but you can sell your holdings on the Loan Markets for. 0.5% fee. 

    There is no fixed term and customers can expect to receive a monthly income of their capital and interest.

    term: 6 - 60 months min. investment: £20 return: up to 14.25%*
    * provided on 16/01/2020

Investor Overview

  • Minimum investments start from £20
  • No fixed terms
  • 1% annual fee of capital invested
  • 1% capital withdrawal fee
  • All 3 products available
  • * correct as of 24/01/2020
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* correct as of 18/06/2020

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* correct as of 18/06/2020. Credit bands are determined by the platform.


23 Manor Place, Edinburgh

0345 564 1600

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incorporated 10 years

  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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