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Relendex is a peer-to-peer (P2P) commercial real estate lending platform. All funds lent on the Relendex exchange are secured on UK commercial property.  They facilitate the financing of property developments and refurbishments throughout the UK.

On average a lender can expect interest rates between 7-11% p.a. There is a choice of four products Junior Loans, Senior Loans, Mezzanine Loans and Secured Portfolio. The platform provides a Virtual Data Room where lenders can see an Executive Summary and Valuation Report for each loan available. Each loan is divided into loan tranches which provides lenders with different risk appetites.


There are no fees charged to the investor to invest or set up their account.  Fees are charged to the borrower which covers the platforms operating costs.

A secondary market is available called the “Resale Marketplace” there are currently no fees to either buy or sell in the Resale Market. 

What happens if Relendex ceases trading?

If Relendex should cease trading they have made arrangements with a third-party administrator to manage all loan parts on behalf of the lender.  The administrators’ role includes the administration of interest and the return of capital to Lenders in accordance with sums collected and repayments of principal received from relevant Borrowers.

Relendex Products and Investment

    Lend against UK property (Development or Bridging available). This class of loan benefits from a Second Charge over the asset security, ranking behind the First Charge holder.

    term: 6 - 24 months min. investment: £500 return: up to 11.00%*
    * provided on 10/03/2020

    Lend against UK property (Development or Bridging available). Junior loans enjoy a First Charge over the asset security and ranks behind the Senior Loan claim.

    term: 6 - 24 months min. investment: £500 return: up to 10.50%*
    * provided on 10/03/2020

    Your money will be invested in a unique personal portfolio of secured Loan Parts secured against UK property, selected from Relendex loans rated A+ or A with a maximum 65% Loan to Value. With a maturity bonus of 1.5% p.a. payable on Expiry.

    term: 24 - 36 months min. investment: £2,500 return: up to 4.00%*
    * provided on 16/01/2020

    Lend against UK property (Development or Bridging available). Senior loans enjoy First Charge over the asset security and ranks ahead of any other claim.

    term: 6 - 24 months min. investment: £500 return: up to 7.00%*
    * provided on 16/01/2020

Investor Overview

  • All loans are secured against value UK properties.
  • Resale loan parts through their resale marketplace.
  • funding for commercial real estate investments, developments and bridging loans available.
  • 6 months to 5 year terms.
  • Interest is normally paid quarterly.
  • There are no fees for investing in a loan.
  • There are no fees for selling loans via Relendex.
  • IFISA available.
  • * correct as of 04/06/2020

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