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businessagent.com 2018 Premium

businessagent.com 2018
Business Agent is the UK’s first regulated alternative finance marketplace attracting 60,000 visitors a month. It has tracked and researched £7.8bn of P2P funding and 2334 equity crowdfunding pitches, helping investors make more of their money and entrepreneurs raise finance. As part of its strategic growth it is now acquiring the UK’s only authorised alternative finance ratings service and rebranding to become NextFin. 27/7/18: STOP PRESS: FCA compels equity and P2P sites to use NextFin services by proposing legislation to insist that data is freely available for investors to compare and make informed decisions. https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/consultation/cp18-20.pdf

  • £402,136
    raised so far
  • £249,772
    minimum target
  • £499,873
    maximum target
  • TBC
    days to go
  • 38.46%
    maximum equity offered
  • £4,000,000
    valuation pre-money
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The pitch

Business Agent* is an FCA approved aggregation and rating portal for equity and debt crowdfunding investments.

AIM is shrinking, legacy stock markets are too expensive to maintain and do not serve the requirements of SMEs, banks are closing branches, lending less and are paying little or no interest to investors. As a result of this there is a huge growth in equity crowdfunding and P2P lending which has seen the launch of hundreds of alternative lenders & platforms that has created a new c.£3bn marketplace, expanding at 66% p.a. There is no single portal or trusted ratings index for investors to compare on a like for like basis and no secondary market to facilitate exits.  

* NextFin is the new trading name of Business Agent Ltd

The solution

NextFin aggregates equity and debt crowdfunding investments to create the alternative finance marketplace. This makes it easy for investors and lenders to find and compare opportunities by presenting all investment offerings in one place. With the addition of a free of charge ratings service investors will be able to view ratings of every equity crowdfunding pitch, every P2P site, and every equity crowdfunding site. NextFin’s technology will constantly track these companies and investments providing the investor real-time intelligence on which to base investment decisions. The platforms and entrepreneurs will be self promoting and marketing their ratings driving thousands of visitors a month to the NextFin site, in the same way businesses refer their potential clients to Trip Advisor and Trustpilot. There is an estimated 10 million website/platform visitors per month across the whole of the alternative finance market. NextFin is targeting to direct 5% of this highly profiled traffic to its platform from which it will earn between £5-£8 per click from advertisers and partners. In addition an in-house brokerage service also earns between 1%-6% commissions on loan placements. A future revenue stream (not featured in the financials) will be developed once visitor traffic reaches critical mass. This will see Nextfin being able to realise the full value of its captured ratings data and visitor traffic by launching a secondary market, which is estimated to be a £5bn marketplace.

NextFin is raising £500k at a pre-money valuation of £800k to:

• Acquire CrowdRating for a non cash consideration of 20% equity
• Develop P2P and Equity site ratings
• Expand the management, infrastructure and marketing resource
• Increase visitor traffic to 6m a year via rating referrals

Owing to the size of the market and rapid growth of the industry, enterprise valuations in alternative finance are based on visitor traffic, market share and registered users. Recent published valuations of companies with visitor traffic of over 6m per year are in excess of £70m. NextFin is the market leading aggregator and has first mover advantage. It has the potential to exceed these valuations because it is the whole of market aggregator and is currently the only ratings service provider as it grows to achieve 500,000 visitors p.m.

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Meet the team

Non-Executive Board members

  • Stephen Hazell-Smith


  • John Pennie

    Non-Exec Legal Counsel Director

  • Roland Kitson

    Non-Exec Strategic Partnership Director

  • Karen Wagg

    Head of PR and Marketing

  • Naresh Haldipur

    Non-Exec Finance Director

Executive Directors

  • Sacha Bright


  • Hannah Boote

    Operations Director

  • Adam Jimenez

    Software & Program Management

  • Carl Oliver

    Sales Director


  • Lee Nicolaou

    Marketing Manager

  • Lauren Fowler

    Loan & Equity Manager

  • Ollie Judd

    Senior Designer

  • Andy West

    Web & Server Management

  • Jordan Hunter

    Digital Media Apprentice

  • Lindsay Roxburgh

    Accounts and Finance

  • Jodie Bright

    Partner Manager

  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

As seen in:

  • The Guardian
  • Financial Times
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • The Times
  • The Daily Telegraph