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Creating Your Perfect Pitch Deck

With over 30 years of experience in running a number of successful businesses and recognised for his wealth of experience with startups, investing and entrepreneurship, our CEO, Sacha Bright has been working in the equity crowdfunding industry for nearly a decade.

Six months ago, his previous company BusinessAgent merged with Crowdrating to create Nextfin - the UK’s first FCA-regulated Alternative Finance aggregator and ratings platform. For the last 5 years, Nextfin’s team of experts have rated over 700 startups for thousands of investors, and boasts a database of over 5000 equity crowdfunding pitches.

Our experience within the equity crowdfunding market has provided us with a wealth of knowledge on the pitching process and, as such, enabled us to create a secret formula for creating the perfect pitchdeck.

Creating your perfect pitch deck

How does Nextfin work with you

At Nextfin we realise that the pitchdeck can be the make or break of a startup. After all, it's how you attract potential investors to take a ‘closer look’ at your business proposition. The deck is used to cast your company’s vision.

We believe that a pitchdeck is the most important storytelling device you can use, and your ability to craft a compelling and focused narrative is essential to piquing your audience’s interest.

A summary of what we can offer:

  • What you need

    How we can help

  • A pitch deck that can find you an investor

    Our analysts spend significant time getting to know your business in a fact-finding missions that delves deep into your business, to craft a compelling narrative.

  • An expert to tell you what investors are looking for

    We use our experience of working with investors as well as our successful ratings product to advise you on how to create an investment-ready pitch deck.

  • Training on how to pitch

    We work with you throughout the whole process from consultation phase to the competition of your pitch deck.

  • Guidance on where to find the right investor for your business

    Our team will use their combined experience of equity crowdfunding to provide you with details on finding an investor. We offer a one-to-one session with our CEO, Sacha Bright, who will offer tailored top-tips for attracting investment.

  • A professional to tell you what your business is worth, as well as strengths and weaknesses

    Our independent ratings service will provide an impartial and detailed review that focuses on all aspects of your business, ranging from financials to management.

The NextFin pitch deck

The pitch deck that NextFin created for us helped us gain a lot of interest.

We help to create an investable deck

With over 5 years experience, we know what makes the perfect pitchdeck and, more importantly, how it can attract investors. How do we know? Because we have worked with investors directly, and thus know what they are looking for.

Creating the perfect pitch deck requires several types of professionals: from a graphic designer, to an experienced entrepreneur, a sales and marketing professional to an accountant. We utilise the information provided by these professionals as well as your own insights to create a slide-deck comprising between 10 and 20 slides to format a pitch that explains the business in a succinct, yet compelling manner, to encourage investment.

At Nextfin, we offer a flexible approach to a wide range of situations - whether it be rewriting your pitchdeck, or simply coaching you through the pitching process - we offer a service that can be tailored to each business’s needs. But in general terms, these are the steps we follow:

  1. If you decide to utilise our service, we begin with an in-depth consultation whereupon one of our analysts will discuss your business proposition to determine what you hope to achieve. This starts the process of aligning our final presentation to your needs. We launch a fact-finding mission incorporating the three main areas of our successful ratings product to extrapolate the following from your business: product/service, operations, finances, management, sales and marketing strategy.

  2. We then work with you to identify the most compelling part of your idea and mould our service around ensuring that this stands out in your pitch.

  3. We then produce compelling copy for your pitchdeck which showcases the important areas of your business in a way that will stimulate interest and appeal to any potential investors.

  4. We then consult with you again, this time pouring over every detail of our written narrative to ensure that you are satisfied and making any amendments as you see necessary.

  5. Our team of in-house professional graphic designers produce appealing and visually engaging content to accompany your pitchdeck, ensuring that it captures the essential features of your business and stands out on crowdfunding platforms.

  6. Finally, and most importantly, you will be coached by our team and receive 1-1 sessions with our CEO Sacha Bright, who will give you guidance on pitching, to ensure you are able to perform to the best of your ability.

Our pitch deck looked very slick and professional, thank you NextFin!

Our process

At Nextfin, we get you the exact pitch deck support you need by following a clear and effective strategy that involves intensive consultation and implementation phases. Here’s how:

  • Firstly we talk

    Firstly we talk

    Whether in person or virtually we like to talk, it’s the best way to understand your project and set out goals to produce an amazing presentation that delivers your message. This starts the process of aligning our final presentation to your needs. We launch a fact-finding mission incorporating the three main areas of our highly-successful ratings product to extrapolate the following from your business: product/service, operations, finances, management, sales and marketing strategy.

  • Then we review

    Then we review

    The key to any successful project is highlighting the opportunities that exist for you to stand out in a unique way. Understanding your audience and what drives them is fundamental to engaging them in your data. Which is why our team spends time thinking about your project, reviewing your documents and crafting a design plan for your infographic that delivers on your goal.

  • We move onto the design phase

    We move onto the design phase

    Putting our ideas into practise and bringing them to life is where our passion lies. We enjoy making you look great by amazing your audience through a meaningful presentation design, and our dedicated, in-house graphics team will create a visually compelling pitch deck that captures the essential features of your business.

  • We deliver

    We deliver

    Any presentation we work on is always delivered on time, on brief and on budget!

The high rating in our pitch deck was very benificial for us.


  • A one-to-one session with our CEO, Sacha Bright who will use his experience to discuss what makes a perfect pitch deck

  • Appointment of an in-house project manager who will oversee the creation of your pitch deck and work with you.

  • Appointment of an in-house copywriter who will write your pitch deck in an effective and engaging way to make your pitch stand out.

  • Appointment of an in-house graphic designer to create a visually compelling pitch to keep a prospective investor engaged.

  • Appointment of an accountant to review your financials.

Total: £4,000

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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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