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Active Needle Technology offers an award-winning "needle actuating device" which has high value medical and consumer applications. The company's patent-pending proprietary ultrasonic technology enhances visibility for medical needles in applications such as biopsy, in regional and joint anaesthesia and others. The company aims to commercialise its technology into a $4+ billion special purpose needle market. After identifying obvious commercial advantages in the tattoo market, Active Needle plans to use its ultrasonic needle technology to develop a low-pain tattooing system. Moreover, the company has won an Innovate UK grant to develop and test the tattoo device. With the proceeds, the company will complete CE marking for its initial biopsy device, for development of anaesthesia and tattooing products.
pledged: 37% days to go: 10 investment: £93,470
Accunea is the world’s first real-time continuous organ function monitoring company, specializing in biomarkers for kidney transplantation. Targeting NHS hospitals in the UK undertaking renal transplantation, the company aims to provide relief to patients awaiting organ transplants by ensuring availability of more organs for transplant and reducing the numbers of deaths due to increasing waiting list times. For this purpose, the company has designed a miniature analysis device which constantly monitors markers of kidney function and metabolism through a standard dribble line put into the vein of a patient. Accunea is raising £400,000 at a pre-money valuation of £2,230,000. The funds will be used to achieve clinical utility in Kidney and Pancreas.
pledged: 59% days to go: 34 investment: £235,549
International Ambulances (IA) aims to save lives and to provide better outcomes for patients, paramedics and hospitals. The company is building a revolutionary ambulance the 'ACESO' that will be the first ever purpose built global ambulance. ACESO will address known challenges of accident & emergency departments and promote the NHS 'See and Treat' strategy. Of the ambulance fleet size of 14,000, International Ambulances (IA) has identified about 1,200 A&E Ambulances of which the opportunity for ACESO is 500 per year. 
pledged: 25% days to go: TBC investment: £251,600
Ablatus Therapeutics is a MedTech company developing a one-of-a-kind tissue ablation platform known as Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA). This technology has been designed to overcome the limitations of existing products by offering ablation solutions in oncology (tumours) as well as non-oncology targets. With the proceeds, the company will finish the final elements of engineering of the generator and probe. It will also deliver formal safety test data that is a prerequisite for subsequent clinical trials.
pledged: 0% days to go: 43 investment: Unknown
Antev Limited (Antev) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm which focuses on the evolution of a drug used for prostate cancer, Teverelix TFA. The company is working on growing its copyright protection and is currently developing phase IIb clinical plans for prostate cancer. Antev is a pre-revenue company that aims at increasing its shareholder value by progressing the development of teverelix TFA towards registration whose approval is anticipated from 2023 onwards. The proceeds will be used for production, IP development, working capital and to develop a phase IIb repeat dosing clinical trial in prostate cancer.
pledged: 0% days to go: 43 investment: Unknown
Living With is a health technology company offering a pocket-friendly and simple patient management application that allows medical professionals treat and track patients remotely. The app aims to revolutionise the way doctors and hospitals access digital tools to treat patients while collecting data for medical device and pharma companies. The company owns Squeezy (a popular paid medical app in the UK) and already has five products in 17 NHS Trusts. Living With also has a contract with one of the world’s greatest medical device companies. Living With will use the proceeds to give 5 data (drug/device) and 50 access customers (clinic/doctor), become HIPAA compliant for the US and to quicken sales and marketing.
pledged: 50% days to go: 12 investment: £130,000
AgPlus has created a diagnostic platform for detecting human diseases and delivering laboratory instrument results instantly, whilst keeping in mind the business requirements and unmet requirements. The company works in collaboration with leading diagnostics companies to improve and share products quickly and globally. It aims is to become known as a leader in Point of Care diagnosis.
pledged: 57% days to go: TBC investment: £905,005
Using AI technology to help the elderly feel safer and more comfortable in their homes. miicare has developed wearable devices and wireless sensors to monitor body vitals. If any irregularity occurs a call will be placed to a family member, a social worker, or a 24/7 professional telecare service. This increases support for the elderly and peace of mind knowing an emergency can be easily and quickly addressed. All data is secured using blockchain encryption.
pledged: 42% days to go: 47 investment: £41,651
Reducing the cost of orthopaedic equipment by using compression screws and titanium maxiangle locking plates. DC Surgical Supplies have acquired an exclusive license with Palmer & Baker with the aim of helping the NHS cut the cost of purchasing regular-use equipment by as much as 35%. Their product is CE Certified and has been featured in The Telegraph.
pledged: 30% days to go: 28/11/2018 investment: £99,000
During their stay in hospital, around 7-10% of patients attract unexpected infections. In some cases, this is caused by unclean complex surgical tools. Aspetium have developed ultrasonic washers (dubbed "uSonic") to thoroughly decontaminate expensive surgical instruments, which can be safely reused to potentially prevent easily avoidable infections.
pledged: 168% days to go: 14/08/2018 investment: £150,903
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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