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The Teacher Booker is an online platform created for schools. It offers a robust tool that helps schools manage all staff administration through its wide range of recruitment provision. The app has over 5,000 teacher registrations with 100 schools who use and implement Teacher Booker. It has also secured a contract with a well-known regional education services provider. The Teacher Booker platform aims at eradicating expensive supply teacher agency fees and saving the schools millions of pounds a year.
pledged: 0% days to go: 07/11/2019 investment: Unknown
A certified educational service to help millions learn new skills to acquire the careers they desire. Stay Nimble delivers its service via a SaaS platform, which is comprised of various types of content to help job hunters gain access to different industries and fields of work. The information available has been developed by performance coaching experts that have worked with Olympians and Paralympians, to help those that need guidance on dealing with change. In the last 4 months, Stay Nimble has over 1,000 visitors accessing the website every month with 150 members on the platform and more than 500 users have signed up to the company's regular newsletter. On average, a member registers to Stay Nimble every day. Revenue streams will consist of a paid tiered subscription service with premium features and a partner referral scheme.
pledged: 115% days to go: 01/02/2019 investment: £172,850
Assisting students to write outstanding essays by suggesting tailored improvements. Currikula helps students by offering in-depth feedback on their work from the content to the structure, including finding suitable references for their bibliographies. The feedback feature requires a subscription, yet references and analytics checks are free. Students have the option of paying per essay for feedback, or paying a quarterly fee for unlimited reviews.
pledged: 116% days to go: 28/11/2018 investment: £150,649
Gooseberry Planet has developed a number of unique apps to teach children about online safety through gamification. The idea was devised in response to a perceived gap in the way children are thought about online safety in school. In a familiar game, children are presented with live scenarios and the consequences of their responses to them, all in a virtual world. Companion teacher and parent apps and support materials allow teachers and parents to monitor progress and to discuss the scenarios and the children’s responses.
pledged: 223% days to go: 27/11/2015 investment: £44,501
Yodomo is a platform for creative experiences offering 100+ high-quality courses, live experiences from creative artists, and kits of materials. Backed by more than 200 investors and live experience partners including The Sunday Times, Yodomo has built a marketplace creating new revenue streams for artists via numerous courses. These include bookbinding, drawing, sewing, botany, and weaving. Its corporate clients include Innocent, Fora, and Ticketmaster. Moreover, Yodomo was nominated for Seedrs ‘Seedling of the Year’ award in 2019. With the proceeds, the company will focus on customer and revenue growth. 
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pledged: 202% days to go: 19/02/2020 investment: £100,778
An education programme with the vision of giving struggling children insight in their learning gaps by providing personalised content from their dedicated teaching assistant. Zzish's technology delivers real-time data to the child's teacher and parents every step of the way and offers recommendations to ensure the child is learning at their maximum potential.
pledged: 182% days to go: 23/08/2018 investment: £544,730
Chessable applies learning styles and gamification to make it easy to get started with learning Chess. Chessable allows you to select a opening book you'd like to play and then when you have learnt it just once the Chessable system will use it's algorithms to make sure you review what you learnt in the most efficient manner possible.
pledged: 5% days to go: 02/12/2016 investment: £8,046
University compare is a higher education comparison service. It's a digital marketplace that allows universitys and students to connect. Since 2015 they have hit their last two annual revenue targets. They are looking to use the funding to scale up.
pledged: 100% days to go: 11/05/2018 investment: £250,300
Tutora allows one to one tutoring sessions to be booked and paid for on an easy system. Parents are able to choose from thousands of tutors, and tutors can easily find students whilst managing an online diary. 
pledged: 200% days to go: 12/03/2017 investment: £699,080
Bedrock Learning helps students to expand their vocabulary, enabling them to understand difficult texts and express themselves more articulately. The Bedrock online system has inbuilt assessment for the students and feeds the data back to teachers / parents who are able to monitor their progress. 
pledged: 155% days to go: 22/04/2017 investment: £155,410
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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