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EV Hub plans to offer fast charging for fleets of electric cars, vans, and couriers at sites with 15-30 bays each. The company uses the latest stable technology that needs only c.30 minutes per charge in comparison to 1-2 hours ‘Fast’ chargers and overnight for ‘Slow’ home/work charging. EV Hub's goal is to start with London’s 3,000 electric taxis, and it will expand quickly to serve vans, hire cars, minicabs, and couriers. With the proceeds, the company will lease and run two first flagship, high-traffic sites, King’s Cross and Heathrow Airport, which will help boost the working capital to profitability.
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pledged: 0% days to go: 03/02/2020 investment: Unknown
Borrow A Boat is a mobile and web-based marketplace that allows users to book all types of boats online for charter, be it on a short-notice request for the day, a long weekend on board, or a 7-14 day boating trip for your summer holiday. The company is providing a 21st-century solution to the people of Britain and changing how people go boating. Till date they have been backed by VC Edition Capital, following on with £1m lead investment with over 22,000 boats listed in over 65 countries. They have been headlined as the sponsor of the UK's biggest boat show in Southampton in 2019.
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pledged: 85% days to go: 13 investment: £1,272,330
Asap water crafts have developed an electric power-assisted watercraft for beach lifeguards that blasts the user through the water, for the ultimate adventurer, or for rescue to reach people faster. Their aim is to help lifeguards save more lives. In production and selling worldwide, they have been granted EU Design Registration and have EU & US patents pending. Asap has grown the production setup by making significant improvements - lowering assembly skill level with a modular/practical design. Its goal is to reduce product costs by at least 30%. With the proceeds, Asap will scale with a big marketing push by lowering the manufacture costs and providing the required capital to fulfil orders quicker.
pledged: 49% days to go: 25 investment: £97,280
Customers can receive free parking at an airport by simply allowing others to rent out their vehicles, instead of leaving their cars idle in the airport cark park. ForestCar aim to help reduce harmful vehicle emission and are a part of a reforestation programme whereby a share of their revenue is invested in restoring global rainforests.
pledged: 84% days to go: 26/09/2018 investment: £210,000
eFOLDi a business that uses inventive engineering to unlock mobility in the less abled. It is a portable, lightweight and versatile mobility vehicle which can be folded to a suitcase size or used as a chair.  The eFOLDi has an international patent, a registered trademark, passed various safety tests and won British invention of the year 2016    
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pledged: 163% days to go: 11/01/2020 investment: £569,800
Auto Lease Compare is a company that uses a web-based platform to provide business services of leasing cars in the UK market. The company is on a mission to transform the growing UK car leasing industry. They are currently operating in a leasing & rental market worth £49 billion in the UK alone. Auto Lease Compare have increased their users to 40,000 on the platform and have also partnered with some of the UK’s leading leasing companies. With the investment, the company will grow its business by revamping and upgrading the website, executing a strong marketing strategy and increasing brand awareness.
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pledged: 259% days to go: 28/02/2020 investment: £129,490
Pedal Me uses high-tech cargo bikes, trailers and trained riders to provide delivery & taxi services when needed. The company offers a solution that will out-perform motors in car-centric cities as bike-friendly measures like bike lanes are introduced. As of now, the company has 32 bikes and 45 staff in total. It has witnessed a strong MoM growth (19% on avg). The trips provided by Pedal Me has negligible carbon footprint in comparison with vans, taxis or electric vehicles. With the funds, the company will improve the technology, maintain speed with demand, develop the staff and balance the process.
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pledged: 144% days to go: 18/12/2019 investment: £433,070
Try EV is a platform that allows customers to discover, analyze, customize and explore with EVs before making a final buying decision. It encourages “electrify to buy” and intends to change the car purchasing process. The company has also collaborated with big brands such as BMW, Tesla, etc. Try Ev was an Exhibitor at London Motor Show 2019, it was shortlisted for “Greener Greenwich” at Greenwich Business Awards and it was an Elevator Pitch Business Awards finalists at London Motor Show 2018. The funds will be used to balance the growth, to bring key talent, to promote partnerships with major leasing companies and charging networks and to improve marketing and promotion efforts.
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pledged: 59% days to go: 11/12/2019 investment: £88,430
Zona is a retrofit product using patented technology that fits any helmet or motorcycle worldwide. With pre-sales from 19 countries, the company is now looking to accelerate growth in this global arena and further expand into the larger cycle market.
pledged: 19% days to go: 31/01/2018 investment: £84,730
Mute International aim to make electric scooters and bicycles immediately available for use through their technology driven usership programmes. The bike supply programs are tailored to individual and commercial needs without the constraints and costs of ownership whilst also making a difference to the environment. 
pledged: 131% days to go: 21/07/2017 investment: £1,050,910
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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