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3DUserNet is an online platform for viewing and collaborating on 3D data projects. Its SaaS platform enables project teams in global construction and engineering companies to store, view, navigate, work and collaborate online, through any smart device, on all their 3D data without the need for installed software. 3DUserNet has been working with sectors such as surveying, policing, civil engineering, security, road safety, and defence. Since its inception, the company has added multiple measurement tools including clip boxes, line of sight, checkpoint and slope tools to its platform. With the funds, the company plans to revolutionise the use of 3D, not just for existing entities already using the technology to enhance their businesses, but also for prospective clients who wish to enter this field.
pledged: 0% days to go: 78 investment: Unknown
Studio Pictures Limited is a UK based production company that specialises in the development of high-quality British film and TV projects. The company's interest predominantly lies within the British film and television industry that can be created within budget ranging from £1 million - £15 million. The company has established relationships with studio houses such as Warner Bros., Sony Pictures and Lionsgate and aims to build upon projects that can be made into a franchise. Their production, A Steet Cat Named Bob, went on to be distributed by Sony Pictures in the UK and had a Royal Premiere in London. Studio Pictures Limited will consider putting up to a maximum of 20% of the budget for each project as equity, on a case by case basis, subject to company reserves. With the proceeds, the company will grow and scale the business. It will become a tenant at Twickenham Studios in West London and look to profitable emerging markets, i.e. streaming, animation and interactive movies to become one of the leading UK production companies.
pledged: 0% days to go: TBC investment: Unknown
Wren & Fraser contribute towards third party costs of all funeral plans sold in the UK and guarantees to cover funeral services. The companies aim is to secure their customers desired funeral with their funeral plan provider and let the representative make their arrangements at a later date. Wren & Fraser have developed OnePlanwhich is a simple funeral plan that provides clarity in a confusing market. OnePlan is a comprehensive plan with no hidden costs. The company is planning to raise £2.0m for 20% of the company’s share capital, which intends to use to market its unique funeral plan – OnePlan - nationwide.
pledged: 5% days to go: TBC investment: £105,000
The Best dot dot is a positive review website that lets individuals celebrate the good things in life and in turn, enables others to benefit from those experiences. The company aims to create a leading platform, with a large, engaged user base and ultimately to maximise shareholder value. The company has a full robust technology infrastructure and platform in place, consisting of a mix of unique in house technology and tried and tested industry-standard platforms. Significant work has already been done to create the IP that will be purchased by the company and the funds raised will be used to build on the work already done and to take the business to the next level. By increasing the user base, the revenue will rapidly increase as the company introduces additional revenue streams.
pledged: 2% days to go: TBC investment: £19,050
FinOptix is an innovative FinTech company that solves real business problems. FinOptix’s objective is to become a significant player in a rapidly growing FinTech market by developing systems that provide financial clarity to decision-makers. FinOptix has a well-established user base, as well as a sales pipeline that covers multiple geographies and sectors. Their verification and validation procedures applied during the development process and operational trials have led to engagement with commercial partners. With the proceeds, they will design an Evaluator for the future, apply AI techniques to solve complex problems, develop their skill set and framework and hire a team of data scientists based on the assessment.
pledged: 5% days to go: TBC investment: £125,000
Butterwire is a professional research and portfolio analyst platform designed for high conviction low turnover active equity managers. Butterwire's AI web application was launched in June 2018 and is used by all active equity investors aiming to generate higher returns, with faster stock selection, longer investment horizons, lower portfolio risk, and less trading. The application assists active investors with their top 3 challenges: find opportunities, minimise risk, and keep aware. It is built by and for professionals but is accessible to individual investors, too. The company will utilize 10% of the proceeds to operations, 25% to development, 15% to research, 40% to business development, and 10% to administration.
pledged: 0% days to go: TBC investment: Unknown
epaysecure is a secure payment system, which offers comprehensive payment and benefit options, and allows all the services the consumer demands to be offered in one card and e-account. The prepaid business purchasing in European markets is estimated to be $700 million. The company operates in an e-banking and financial services marketing sector that helps clients by identifying new markets and bringing in new ideas to develop them through reloadable products and e-Wallet platform. The funds will be used for staffing, set up costs, other overheads including property marketing and general office costs.
pledged: 18% days to go: 84 investment: £168,340
Itasca Wines is a Hampshire-based vineyard and winery that produces fine English wines. The company is building a 700-tonne contract winemaking facility to service the growing demand for winemaking services in the UK. Itasca Wines is aimed to become a major winemaker and create award-winning wines at Penn Croft. The company has already planted its first vineyard, consisting of 16,000 vines and featured in Vineyard Magazine in February 2019. With the proceeds, the company is planning to commence production, distribution and marketing of the wine products.
pledged: 0% days to go: 23 investment: Unknown
Walljam's Metrix is a live experience retail operator that offers the first football-themed social entertainment venue in partnership with the UEFA Champions League. Leveraging on Walljam's patented, interactive, mobile wall designed to gamify wall sports, Metrix is striving towards offering experience rather than products. It aims to provide a thematic and interactive space where customers are both active and entertained. Moreover, Metrix has also attracted numerous international partnerships including Real Madrid F.C, DHL and Adidas. 
pledged: 14% days to go: TBC investment: £552,130
Living With is a health technology company offering a pocket-friendly and simple patient management application that allows medical professionals treat and track patients remotely. The app aims to revolutionise the way doctors and hospitals access digital tools to treat patients while collecting data for medical device and pharma companies. The company owns Squeezy (a popular paid medical app in the UK) and already has five products in 17 NHS Trusts. Living With also has a contract with one of the world’s greatest medical device companies. Living With will use the proceeds to give 5 data (drug/device) and 50 access customers (clinic/doctor), become HIPAA compliant for the US and to quicken sales and marketing.
pledged: 50% days to go: 84 investment: £130,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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