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miiCARE is a MedTech specialising in AI applied to geriatrics (elderly care). Its key product miiCUBE offers cutting-edge home-based and customised healthcare, helping the elderly enjoy their independence while being comprehensively connected to their families, friends, and neighbours. The company aims to provide these benefits to one billion people by 2028, comprising older people, family members and carers. Till date, miiCARE has secured partnerships with the UK’s largest NHS trust, Ebbsfleet Garden City, O2, Bristol Careline and Microsoft, and won multiple social impacts and digital health awards during the last 12 months. Funds raised will be used mainly for fulfilling pre-orders and close interests for large contracts with corporates, marketing and logistics, product development, sales and salaries.
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pledged: 52% days to go: 35 investment: £51,981
Accunea is the world’s first real-time continuous organ function monitoring company, specializing in biomarkers for kidney transplantation. Targeting NHS hospitals in the UK undertaking renal transplantation, the company aims to provide relief to patients awaiting organ transplants by ensuring availability of more organs for transplant and reducing the numbers of deaths due to increasing waiting list times. For this purpose, the company has designed a miniature analysis device which constantly monitors markers of kidney function and metabolism through a standard dribble line put into the vein of a patient. Accunea is raising £400,000 at a pre-money valuation of £2,230,000. The funds will be used to achieve clinical utility in Kidney and Pancreas.
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pledged: 59% days to go: 22 investment: £235,549
Moltex Energy is developing and advancing a next-generation nuclear reactor that is capable of generating clean electricity at a much economical cost than fossil fuels. This objective will be realistic through Moltex Energy's fully patented and protected technology based on Stable Salt Reactor (SSR), the first fundamentally new nuclear technology. The company shares good relationships with the UK, the USA and the Canadian government. Moltex Energy aims to transform the world's energy market by designing intrinsically safe nuclear reactors that deliver clean energy at a lower cost than coal or gas, which is the key to provide affordable energy and make a meaningful impact on climatic.
pledged: 143% days to go: 15/05/2019 investment: £5,728,799
Cloud-based SaaS software with the purpose of efficiently generating corporate management reports to reduce operational costs and improve data quality. Synapse's service can be implemented into pre-existing financial reporting systems to produce automated reports, even in large companies. Customers include Lloyds Bank, who have signed a 2-year term and the Bank of England have contacted Synapse to potentially integrate the system.
pledged: 105% days to go: 01/04/2019 investment: £894,056
WhatsInStore is the best way to shop for deals to save time, money and energy. It is the world’s first AI engine (patent pending) that empowers shoppers to make buying decisions by sending information to the user’s phone about the products they are interested in. WhatsInStore will focus specifically on the UK grocery market, which has a potential of 28 million shoppers. There are 87,041 physical outlets selling groceries in the UK and the company has signed up with 23 retail stores so far. The complete system has been built and is fully operational. The company has approval for SEIS and EIS tax scheme for the investors. The money invested will be used to grow the user base, secure more retailers, promote via predominantly social media and sell subscriptions to retailers
pledged: 34% days to go: 54 investment: £51,500
Paysme is a fintech company that has the vision to become the entrusted supplier of digital financial services to SME communities, by gathering mobile payments, pensions, banking, insurance, e-commerce, marketing tools and accounting in the sector-focused application. Paysme has a marketing partnership with two major credit card corporates. Paysme's expert industry application includes Marketti for market traders, cab: app for taxis & Fanslive for sports clubs. The company has processed over 1.4 million mobile payment transactions and onboarded 200+ markets to its Marketti platform. Also, the company is in discussions with 3 major sports clubs (2 football and 1 rugby) in England, Ireland, and Scotland.
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pledged: 41% days to go: 31/01/2020 investment: £102,850
Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Ltd (ABBS) is a pioneer in developing a patented platform technology that has military applications in mine-blast protection and for eVTOL aircraft. The combined value of these projects is estimated to be around $80 Billion by 2035. Roger Sloman (founder) has worked inexhaustibly for 10 years to make civilian and military vehicles safer. The company’s market applications consist of the military, aid agency, mine clearance, and VIP vehicles. ABBS is also working with regulatory authorities around the world such as CAA (UK), EASA (Europe), and FAA (US) to ensure the highest safety level for unmanned flight technology.
pledged: 29% days to go: 15/06/2019 investment: £146,675
Developing ultra-efficient combustion cycles by replacing a conventional engine's mechanical drivetrain with cleaner and compact electrical components. Libertine have created Free Piston Engines that can operate by using either fossil fuels, or renewable energy. Their products have opportunities to provide benefits in numerous industries and the company has already had discussions with two large automotive firms and OEMs that are interested in utilising the technology. Libertine owns 28 patents and has distributed a license for its product, which is currently generating annual revenue growth of around 90%. Revenues in 2017 totalled £300k.
pledged: 102% days to go: 09/11/2018 investment: £710,970
The Pension Lab offers an interative platform for employees and individuals, helping them reconnect and engage with their pensions. Its mission is to provide the customers with better knowledge of pensions and promote long-term financial decision making. The company has reached the finals of 'Pitchfest' competition held at the NEC as a component of “Venturefest”, and it is also a finalist in the “Innovation in Business” category. Some of the best Fintech solutions providers and pension services such as Yodlee and Origo are in partnership with the Pension Lab. With the proceeds, the company will develop its working capital, infrastructure development, and customer acquisition.
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pledged: 25% days to go: 28/02/2020 investment: £38,024
Supermeal is an online food ordering platform offering instant cashback to the customer for every order they place. Supermeal has served more than 50k orders and listed over 100k food items on its portal. The company is signing up 45+ restaurant partners every month with a total of registered 675+ restaurant partners. Supermeal has followed a business model that reduces the fees restaurants pay to 7% and provides a mandatory cashback (5%) to consumers. It has given £11,000+ in cashback and attracted over 10,000 customers generating £53k in device sales and £220,000 in orders. With the proceeds, the company will accelerate its marketing efforts, strengthen its senior management, and operational activities.
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pledged: 58% days to go: 29/02/2020 investment: £575,000
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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