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Licklist is a social marketplace for nightlife. It is the only website that allows users to keep up to date with the latest news, reviews and events across the UK. For nightclubs and bars, they provide innovative tools for the users to fill a venue both cost-effectively and efficiently. They have a directory of over 6,000 venues to the community on their platform and operate the UK's largest photography agency with over 1,200 photographers, covering over 2,000 events per month and uploading over 50,000 photos per week. Till now, they have more than 600,000 registered users and they are growing by 10k-15k new users per month with positive cash-flow. With the proceeds, they will build a sales team, spend more on marketing and technology.
Gold rated by Crowd Rating
pledged: 141% days to go: 54 investment: £140,727
ImproveWell is a digital platform which provides a solution that focuses on quality improvement that empowers the frontline healthcare staff to drive the change. ImproveWell has adopted a SaaS-based business model and works on its three core feedback systems with which the staff members can share theme-based improvement ideas, how their day at work is going, help organisations track workforce opinion and complete personalized pulse surveys. With the proceeds, the company will accelerate its business growth and capture the global market share.
Gold rated by Crowd Rating
pledged: 252% days to go: 13 investment: £755,007
Seers Group LTD is a Data protection and Cybersecurity leader in the UK. It's a one-stop-shop for all industries related to the new data privacy laws and cybersecurity. In fact, it considers itself the UK's number one GDPR and cybersecurity expert. Seers Group is partnering with several businesses, accountancy firms, membership bodies, and has access to 300k businesses, which include even the early stage business. Furthermore, its user base is growing by 300% MoM. Seers' aim is to build a Business Development and Support staff to end partnership deals and give expert advice wherever needed.
Gold rated by Crowd Rating
pledged: 170% days to go: 11 investment: £255,001
OnCare is a digital care management software that is digitising elderly care, creating a global care marketplace via the OpenTable model to care. OnCare provides care agencies with the power to plan, manage and enhance care delivery and staff communication. Their mission is to make care easier for everyone. OnCare is currently live with over 110 home-care agencies around the UK, and more than 1100 care workers. The company is planning to enter markets of Hong Kong, Canada and Israel. With the proceeds, the company will use this fund for people, office space, technology, software, hosting and marketing.
Gold rated by Crowd Rating
pledged: 40% days to go: 19 investment: £237,500
Untied is a groundbreaking app that gathers information, claims costs and allowances, and prepares tax filings on the go. All of these can be sent to the tax authority from the application. The app connects across existing accounts, making tax sense of transactions and gives the assurance someone needs. Backed by Accenture's Fintech Innovation Lab and Barclays Techstars, the company became the first overseas winner of Israel's biggest fintech prize at Fintech Junction. The business will earn a turn over of £100m in ten years making it ready for an IPO. With the proceeds, it will create new software platforms, publishers, banks, and accounting firms.
pledged: 58% days to go: 11 investment: £350,000
Karadoo provides financial services with a focus on peer-to-peer lending and equity crowdfunding to charities, schools and sports clubs. Unlike other fundraising platforms, Karadoo is fully authorised by the FCA for these services, enabling customers to raise funds on InvestMyClub through donations, loans or equity – or a combination of those. Karadoo aims to provide an affordable fundraising market that is not only effective and flexible but also easy to use for everyone. The company has invested over £400,000 in highly automated platforms with low risk. This hybrid operating model offers easy scalability as well as efficiency. The funds will be utilized for acquiring resources and marketing purposes.
pledged: 95% days to go: 54 investment: £95,000
Founded in 2014, Insightful Technology is a software company having the vision to become the global industry standard solution for surveillance, regulatory compliance, risk management, and empowering the financial services market. Soteria powered by Insightful Technology enables businesses to show the best execution against these regulations pre and post-trade by collecting and organizing all electronic data and encrypting and archiving objects for the duty of care and evidential wait. Insightful Technology operates a licence subscription model named OPEX for archived and active users. Soteria is deployed and proven in more than 180 firms where operational efficiency and data management is necessary.
pledged: 76% days to go: 11 investment: £757,500
Limitless Travel helps disabled people by providing them with a worry-free world of exciting tours and holidays. It is founded and made up to meet the needs of people or guests with disabilities. The company offers group holidays and tours to the accessible travel market. The business generates revenue by organising and curating the sales of the tour. With the proceeds, Limitless Travel will increase the product range and include a varied range of travel services in different market sectors. The revenue will be generated by earning a commission (15-25%) and generating a margin (25-35%) from a cost-plus model. The management has prepared conservative forecasts that assume a modest growth in the business over a limited range of holiday products and a modest 5x exit in 2023 for £9.5 million. 
pledged: 192% days to go: 11 investment: £480,003
Touch Stay helps managers and owners of B&B, hotels and short-term rentals in delivering high-quality services to their clients. Its application allows hosts to provide all the information, area knowledge and insider tips to the guests. The company has also created a lodging association portal enabling it to create local area guides which are then syndicated to member hosts as part of their guest book. The following major product updates will generate the means to monetise the guests during their stay and to use Progressive Web App skills to personalise each guest's experience.
pledged: 100% days to go: 11 investment: £169,632
AAZZUR is a fintechs company founded on a strong desire to make banking intelligent, individual and interconnected. It is reinventing the way banks are built, and its data can be used to increase monetization, satisfaction and retention. This company was founded 18 months ago, but in the last month, it was contacted by fintechs, banks and one insurance company to help them with their problems. AAZZUR provides tools for common functions for the banking space. Its entrepreneurial team has a depth of experience, and the company has been to one of the world-leading accelerators, techstars. Now, it is looking to work together with banks, and its team has developed a neo-bank offering in record time that they are going to be soft-launched soon.
pledged: 134% days to go: 12 investment: £400,991
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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