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Hoptroff TTaaS® software is a hassle-free compliance solution for financial services under MIFID II and CAT regulations. Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS®) ensures that timestamp records of computer transactions are accurate to the microsecond, making onlie transactions trustworthy, reducing fraud, regulatory risk and the cost of business for Financial Services and Media. Hoptroff is building their presence in the US – the largest potential market worth $30bn. They are fundraising with the goals to invest in PoC trials for the growing pipeline of potential global customers introduced by their partners, transitioning from annual up-front fees to monthly payments with BTR and invest in launching IP Media service.
Gold rated by Crowd Rating
pledged: 248% days to go: 7 investment: £620,020
Nutrifix is a web platform that provides companies with a virtual staff canteen and employees with a personalised weekly meal plan from local restaurants and catering companies that deliver straight to the user’s workplace. Their mission is to take away the stress of healthy eating, making personalised nutrition a reality. Nutrifix also featured in Forbes in April 2019 and has recorded 15,000 app downloads till now with over 8,000 newsletter subscribers. The proceeds will be used for product development, marketing, engineering and operational purposes.
pledged: 228% days to go: 12 investment: £227,960
Antaco is a company that deals in waste management by converting it into neutral solid biofuel using their patented technology. The global water sector is estimated to present a £15 billion opportunity. To date, the company has raised £5.8 million, including an £857,000 grant from the UK government and has also signed a contract with its first customer (Swiss Public Utility). With the proceeds, the company will build up their in-house capacity, increase enhancement of existing plant and hire subcontractors to install and commission plant.
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pledged: 129% days to go: 6 investment: £517,360
Borrow A Boat is a mobile and web-based marketplace that allows users to book all types of boats online for charter, be it on a short-notice request for the day, a long weekend on board, or a 7-14 day boating trip for your summer holiday. The company is providing a 21st-century solution to the people of Britain and changing how people go boating. Till date they have been backed by VC Edition Capital, following on with £1m lead investment with over 22,000 boats listed in over 65 countries. They have been headlined as the sponsor of the UK's biggest boat show in Southampton in 2019.
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pledged: 83% days to go: 20 investment: £1,251,960
vFloorplan creates innovative, interactive Meeting and 3D event floorplans making it easy for potential customers and booking agents to explore venue layouts. The Kia Oval, QEII Centre and National Conference Centre (National Motorcycle Museum) are a few customers already using vFloorplan 3D, with recurring revenue and great feedback. Till now, the company has achieved a waiting list of 100+ venues, contractual relationships with 3 major partners and they are also the finalists in the National Entrepreneur Awards. They are seeking funding for a rollout to almost 200 UK venues including key Premiership Football Clubs, major UK tourist attractions and notable hotel brands.
pledged: 26% days to go: 19 investment: £52,640
ePOS Hybrid has developed a fully connected ePOS platform dedicated to the hospitality food industry. The company is on a mission to empower hospitality businesses to harness technology to improve the business operations, customer experience and profitability. Till now, they have secured an enterprise customer with locations throughout the UK and, in just 8 months, scaled from 0 to 200 customers, processing more than 400k orders. With the proceeds, the company plans to accelerate growth by increasing its market awareness and boosting sales.
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pledged: 92% days to go: 19 investment: £229,370
Ortharize is a business travel platform that enables companies to cut their travel bills by rewarding their employees for spending less on flights, hotels and trains. With a proven business model, the company is confident that their innovative incentives platform coupled with competitive customer pricing will lead to rapid growth. They are in talks with Expenses Software Company to rollout to 1000+ customers. Moreover, through its partnership with Travel & Transport, Ortharize also has access to global airline and hotel inventory with pre-negotiated discounts and commission from launch. The company is planning to exit within 5 years and expect this to be through a trade sale.
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pledged: 104% days to go: 11 investment: £521,180
Geronigo is a tours & activity provider company that enables individuals to access over 120 distinct adventure experiences at various locations across the UK. The global tours & activities market segment is valued at £160 billion & is growing at a rate of 7-8% per annum. Till date, Geronigo has achieved over £2.2 million bookings in 2019 from 55,000 participants.  They offer bookable inventory available in 2,000 activity locations within the UK alone with more than 11,000 bookable experiences in over 50 countries. The company is raising funds to turbocharge its growth & establish Geronigo as a household name.
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pledged: 87% days to go: 11 investment: £260,190
Genomes.io is a private and secure DNA data storage and sharing application. It aims at resolving the problem of DNA data breach and exploitation by allowing users to manage, store, sequence, and commercialise their genomic data. It aims to develop technology partnerships with population sequencing initiatives, rare disease organisations, as well as pharma and biotech companies. Genomes.io will allow its researchers to benefit from having better access to genomic data while protecting individual data owners. With the proceeds, the company will bring its B2C and B2B products to the market.
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pledged: 176% days to go: 8 investment: £88,130
Muoverti makes patented tilt bikes that bring the real feeling of outdoor cycling to stationary bikes. Their tilting and steering plus digital media control enable exciting, interactive workouts for pros, enthusiasts, and all who like to exercise without getting bored. The connected fitness equipment market is valued at $888 million in 2018. To date, they have attracted investments of more than £600,000 by 30 investors and created 'Planet Fit', a community-driven online platform for games, coaching, and group rides. Funds will be used to build the first 'Alpha' series, finetune the user experience that optimizes the manufacturing process.
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pledged: 37% days to go: 13 investment: £55,840
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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