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Medic Bleep is a simple, secure and innovative patient-focused solution to communication challenges that healthcare professionals and the wider team in the UK National Health Service (NHS) face while going about their everyday work. It is saving each nurse & each junior doctor an estimated 48 minutes per shift. This coincides with the UK's Department of Health calling for a ban on pagers. If implemented across the NHS, it could free up the time to care for an estimated 11,000 nurses. To ensure data privacy and safety, the company allows communication to occur via the app. As a result of these safeguards and its user-friendly portal, the company's app has been downloaded 16,000 times by UK doctors and nurses. With the funds raised, the company will aim to solve looming technology gaps for over 30% of the NHS in the next 3 years and expand globally.
pledged: 73% days to go: 22 investment: £364,100
Flooring Hut is a technology company operating from the UK in the flooring industry. It allows customers to select their choice of flooring from well-known flooring brands and schedule a time and venue in which a fitter would come to the designated address and fit the flooring. The brand, since its inception in May 2015, has garnered a customer base of 16,000 with an inventory of 12,000 products and 140 approved fitters on its UK network base. It has undertaken sales worth £7.65 million till date. With the investment, the brand will build a more extensive lineup of products by collaborating with a variety of manufacturers, increase paid search marketing activities, and make its online platform more user-friendly and up-to-date
pledged: 110% days to go: 8 investment: £55,125
Body Rocket is a company that aims to revolutionise athlete performance by developing real-time aerodynamic analysis. Its proprietary wind tunnel sensor can be fitted discreetly on any roadgoing or track bike. The device measures drag and gives relevant data that can be used to reduce aerodynamic force whilst cycling. In a $2.1billion market, Body Rocket aims to bring forth this technology to individuals and organisations. In December 2019, the company's patented system was validated in the University of Southampton wind tunnel, an industry-first achievement, which attracted considerable interest from industry press, pro teams, and university researchers. With the investment, the brand will formalise strategic partnerships with pro teams, build its current prototype to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by the end of 2020 and launch its commercial product at Eurobike 2021.

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pledged: 156% days to go: 16 investment: £124,522
Brewbroker is an online platform that makes buying, selling & sourcing anything in beer an easy process. Thanks to its Intelligent DealFlow software that uses algorithms to match demand with supply instantly, the company aims to eliminate fragmentation across the beer industry. With the number of UK breweries having reached 2,274 in 2018 from 1,352 in 2013, Brewbroker aims to enrol a major chunk of these establishments on its platform. Post launch of their beta application in July 2018, a quarter of the UK’s brewers became members. 750 entities signed up and completed 373 tenders on the platform. 2020 saw the company launching Version 2.0 of its platform. With the funds received, the company plans to scale marketing further and onboard more clients.

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pledged: 52% days to go: 15 investment: £154,530
RightIndem is a white-label insurance software platform designed to deliver fast claims to claimants on its portal. The company develops and sells its own proprietary cloud-based digital claim process management software ‘as a service’ to the global insurance market. Insurtech is a vast market and attracts large amounts of investment, with $4.36 billion invested in the first three quarters of 2019. Till date, it has contracted clients such as Axa XL, Archipelago, NN Belgium, NN Netherlands, and Mapfre, with engagements at various levels of implementation and progress in the UK, Italy, Peru, US, and South Africa. They have also earned regard for automating claims processes form some of the world’s largest insurance organizations allowing for the settlement of low to mid-value claims within hours instead of days or months. With the proceeds, the company will connect operating expenses to the point where client revenues from claim volumes match operating costs.
pledged: 20% days to go: 38 investment: £200,001

  • £353,533
  • 125%
    of goal
  • Funded
    23 May 2015


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    14 May 15 Syndicate Room £353,533 / 125%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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