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Miso Tasty is a Japanese inspired food brand that specialises in the production and sale of Miso, a delicacy of Japan. To maintain authenticity, the company sources its key ingredients directly from Japan and has experience of over six years in manufacturing a range of delicacies such as Miso Soups, Miso Pastes, and Meal Kits. Led by an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and creative chef Bonnie Chung, Miso Tasty has established itself into the UK's top two supermarkets -Tesco and Sainsbury's. It's products have been featured in publications such as The Guardian, Daily Mail, and The Sunday Telegraph. Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver mentioned Miso Tasty on his TV show. The brand has also launched a collaboration menu with Masterchef Winner Tim Anderson's restaurant, NanBan. With the funds received, Miso Tasty will put more efforts into brand awareness within the UK, launch product ranges such as marinades and sauces that delve deeper into Japanese cuisine, recruit more staff and capital resources to further the brand's business.

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Rated on 01/04/2020

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Management 77%

Skills 91%
Miso Tasty business is passionately led by the MD of the company who is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and creative chef. She started Miso Tasty with a focus on Miso but is now embracing a greater spectrum of Japanese ingredients to appeal to a broader audience. The sales and marketing roles of the company are covered by other professionals who have skills to develop the brand and increase brand awareness through its digital marketing strategy.

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  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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