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Cloud-based SaaS software with the purpose of efficiently generating corporate management reports to reduce operational costs and improve data quality. Synapse's service can be implemented into pre-existing financial reporting systems to produce automated reports, even in large companies. Customers include Lloyds Bank, who have signed a 2-year term and the Bank of England have contacted Synapse to potentially integrate the system.

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HaMuch is an online platform that lets homeowners compare hourly rates of local tradespeople and check their availability. The company has provided digital marketing services to businesses such as Travis Perkins, HomeServe, and Rated People. About 200,000 tradespeople have uploaded their profiles on the platform with 12,000+ having uploaded their respective prices. The company has been featured in The Sunday Telegraph, Express, Sun, and Microsoft News. 
pledged: 53% days to go: 26 investment: £92,470
Monva is an FCA approved, customer-centric intelligent comparison platform for financial products and services. It combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and smart technology to enable its customers to select the most accurate financial product they wish to buy or invest in. Monva is initially targeting the Credit Card market, which will be followed by Loans, Energy, and Communications, which already represents a potential £3 billion opportunity. The company is targeting 80% of the adults in the UK market that have either never switched a financial product or switched only once. With the investment, the company will build the platform to make it more user friendly, develop strategic partnerships, and recruit staff who specialise technology and marketing.
pledged: 71% days to go: 26 investment: £440,870
Nextfin is an FCA approved aggregation and rating portal for equity and debt crowdfunding investments. AIM is shrinking, legacy stock markets are too expensive to maintain and do not serve the requirements of SMEs, banks are closing branches, lending less and are paying little or no interest to investors. As a result of this, there is a huge growth in equity crowdfunding and P2P lending which has seen the launch of hundreds of alternative lenders & platforms that has created a new c.£3bn marketplace, expanding at 66% p.a. There is no single portal or trusted ratings index for investors to compare on a like for like basis and no secondary market to facilitate exits. * NextFin is the new trading name of Business Agent Ltd The solution NextFin aggregates equity and debt crowdfunding investments to create the alternative finance marketplace. This makes it easy for investors and lenders to find and compare opportunities by presenting all investment offerings in one place. With the addition of a free of charge ratings service investors will be able to view ratings of every equity crowdfunding pitch, every P2P site, and every equity crowdfunding site. NextFin’s technology will constantly track these companies and investments providing the investor real-time intelligence on which to base investment decisions. The platforms and entrepreneurs will be self-promoting and marketing their ratings driving thousands of visitors a month to the NextFin site, in the same way, businesses refer their potential clients to Trip Advisor and Trustpilot. There is an estimated 10 million website/platform visitors per month across the whole of the alternative finance market. NextFin is targeting to direct 5% of this highly profiled traffic to its platform from which it will earn between £5-£8 per click from advertisers and partners. In addition, an in-house brokerage service also earns between 1%-6% commissions on loan placements. A future revenue stream (not featured in the financials) will be developed once visitor traffic reaches critical mass. This will see Nextfin being able to realise the full value of its captured ratings data and visitor traffic by launching a secondary market, which is estimated to be a £5bn marketplace. NextFin is raising £500k at a pre-money valuation of £2M to: • Develop P2P and Equity site ratings• Expand the management, infrastructure and marketing resource• Increase visitor traffic to 6m a year via rating referrals Owing to the size of the market and rapid growth of the industry, enterprise valuations in alternative finance are based on visitor traffic, market share and registered users. Recently published valuations of companies with visitor traffic of over 6m per year are in excess of £70m. NextFin is the market-leading aggregator and has first-mover advantage. It has the potential to exceed these valuations because it is the whole of the market aggregator and is currently the only ratings service provider as it grows to achieve 500,000 visitors p.m.

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pledged: 46% days to go: 51 investment: £92,994
Lifetise is a financial planning platform that enables prospective clients to plan significant expenditures such as buying a home, marital expenses, child-rearing and retirement. Presently, they have come up with two major offerings: Homefinder and Childminder. The first one acts as a tool that shows money required to afford a home in the UK and the amount of time taken to save the money while the latter helps parents to calculate the costs of childcare along with their work. Lifetise is targeting the 25-40 age group in the UK whose population numbers are approximately 14 million. To date, they have been featured in prominent publications like Evening Standard and Stylist with an active following on Reddit. The company has secured 12,000 customers after their partnering with Accenture's Fintech Accelerator Programme. With the investment, Lifetise will spend more on developing its applications with a focus on all major life expenditures, marketing on social media channels, build partnerships and human resources.
pledged: 77% days to go: 28 investment: £191,389
FinOptix is an innovative FinTech company that solves real business problems. FinOptix’s objective is to become a significant player in a rapidly growing FinTech market by developing systems that provide financial clarity to decision-makers. FinOptix has a well-established user base, as well as a sales pipeline that covers multiple geographies and sectors. Their verification and validation procedures applied during the development process and operational trials have led to engagement with commercial partners. With the proceeds, they will design an Evaluator for the future, apply AI techniques to solve complex problems, develop their skill set and framework and hire a team of data scientists based on the assessment.
pledged: 5% days to go: TBC investment: £125,000

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