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Compare P2P Property Loans And Investment

P2P Property loans typically allows investors to loan their money alongside other investors for a set interest rate secured against a property.

P2P Property investment typically allows investors to own a share in a property for the purpose of either rental, development or refurbishment and eventually exit. Each platform is different.

Compare Platforms

Pit two platforms head to head to see how that compare! Select two platforms in the drop-down menus below to view a full comparison.


  • Homegrown

    Homegrown matches investors with established mid-sized developers. They also provide developers with a way to raise equity finance that will enable them to build homes. 



  • Property Crowd

    Property Crowd is a property investment platform that is aimed at institutional and professional investors. This type of deal flow is normally only available to institutional investors.  The platform's dashboard allows the lender to select from individual investments and is updated regularly.  Each property investment has comprehensive deal documentation such as a detailed surveyor valuation report and bond term sheet.  There is a low minimum investment of £900 with shorter terms of 6 – 24 months and all the due diligence is supported by international law firms. Property Crowd offer three types of investments Senior debt, Mezzanine Debt and Equity Funds can be withdrawn once requested within 5 working days P..



  • CrowdLords

    Bridging the gap between investors and professional property owners, resulting in potentially larger returns than saving the money with a bank. CrowdLords pool together resources so more people can own a property in the UK, rather than fewer. For those who are interested in becoming a landlord or developer, CrowdLords can source and provide the funds that people may not be able to acquire on their own.



  • Relendex Sponsored

    Relendex is a peer-to-peer (P2P) commercial real estate lending platform. All funds lent on the Relendex exchange are secured on UK commercial property. 
  • BLEND Network Sponsored

    Blend is a P2P lending platform that lends against property assets. The company performs enhanced due diligence on all loans and in the unlikely event a borrower defaults, Blend will step in and help to recover the lender's contributions. Blend gives investors access to potential average returns of 10% by investing a minimum of £1,000. There are no fees for investors, only borrowers. A secondary market option is available and 0.6% fee applies for trading using this service. All loans are secured against UK properties.
  • The Housecrowd

    The Housecrowd is a peer-to-peer lending and property crowdfunding platform. They offer loans and investments secured against UK land or property assets. Their mission is to simplify property investment and make it accessible to all people to build a better financial future.  The platform offers seven forms of investment Secured Peer To Peer Lending, The Innovative Finance ISA, Property Development Funding, Auto-Invest, Mezzanine Finance, THC Fusion Account, and a SIPP option. 



  • Proplend

    Proplend is an online marketplace offering investors rates of risk-adjusted returns. All loans are supported by a 1st charge on commercial properties in the UK. Loans are split up to three Tranches; Tranche A (0-50% LTV) had an average annualised return of 7.40% for the last 12 months (after fees, before bad debt and taxes). Tranche B (51-65% LTV) had an average return of 9.94% pa and Tranche C (66-75% LTV) had an average return of 12.35% pa over the same period.
  • CapitalRise

    CapitalRise offer investors access to prime real estate development investment. With tax-free returns available through their Innovative Finance ISA, these investments fund some of the finest real estate in London and the Home Counties. Borrowers can choose between three different loan types to suit their specific needs. Capital Rise's business model allows the company to offer low cost finance compared to traditional methods. They can also provide tailored loans with flexible terms for complicated projects. CapitalRise was set up with a clear mission: To disrupt the old way of investing in property and give investors easy and direct access to prime property development investments with attractive potential returns. The CapitalRise foun..
  • CrowdProperty

    Founded in 2014, CrowdProperty is a specialist property peer-to-peer lender to SME property professionals. CrowdProperty has been FCA authorised and regulated since the 1st November 2017; the business is the first and only property development / bridging member of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) and is Brismo Verified. The company has repaid over £20m to its 9,000+ investors, with a 100% payback record. CrowdProperty has lent more than £55m to borrowers to fund over 800 homes. The CrowdProperty Shield means the business will perform stringent due diligence checks on property developers, as well as any of their partners. All project loans are subject to 1st Charge security as a protection against any defaults.
  • Kuflink Sponsored

    Kuflink is a P2P property investment platform. They help borrowers get the money they need for their property and provide a platform where investors can invest in properties. 
  • Assetz Capital

    Assetz Capital is a peer-to-peer lending platform. They connect investors with small businesses and property developers who are looking to borrow money. Your investments are used to give them secured loans, backed by their assets.
  • Futurebricks

    Futurebricks are looking to democratise real estate investments by giving small to medium-sized property developers access to funding. This allows investors access to asset-backed property investments. When choosing an investment, the lender can view each project and their: investment summary, financials, planning permission, borrowers track record, location and book a site visit. The platform provides access to a dashboard, this is where lenders can manage and monitor their investments.  Regular updates are provided on the dashboard, from the inception to the final stages and completion of the development.
  • Loanpad

    Loanpad is on a mission to give investors a simple, smart way to make more of their money.  They have an innovative structure that lends through shared short-term property loans. By partnering with established property lenders the platform states “Our innovative structure effectively shields our customers from much of the risk of peer-to-peer lending by partnering with established property lenders, who take on both higher risk and return.” Loanpad charges no upfront fees to customers, instead, they take a portion of the interest earned from borrowers. All loans are secured against property and invested monies are spread across all loans in their portfolio at any one time They have two lending products Classic and Premi..


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