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May 15th 2019 - May 15th 2019

Moltex Energy is developing and advancing a next-generation nuclear reactor that is capable of generating clean electricity at a much economical cost than fossil fuels. This objective will be realistic through Moltex Energy's fully patented and protected technology based on Stable Salt Reactor (SSR), the first fundamentally new nuclear technology. The company shares good relationships with the UK, the USA and the Canadian government. Moltex Energy aims to transform the world's energy market by designing intrinsically safe nuclear reactors that deliver clean energy at a lower cost than coal or gas, which is the key to provide affordable energy and make a meaningful impact on climatic.

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TTN Tech is the future of space travel
pledged: 54% days to go: TBC investment: £4,835,200
Biohm is an eco-conscious bio-technology company that is revolutionising construction through nature-inspired innovation. The company has adopted methods such as circular construction system, biomimicry, and triagomy. Some of the company’s carbon-negative bio-based materials include building insulation made out of Mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms) and ORB (Organic Refuse Biocompound), a 100% natural sheet material made out of food and agricultural surplus. For its innovation, Biohm won the Waitrose and Partners Plan Plastic Prize: The Million Pound Challenge and a Power to Change grant worth £600,000 to build sustainable living premises. It has also been shortlisted as one of The United Nation’s ‘Young Champions of the Earth’. The company will use 38% of the investment to grow its team, 22% to scale Research and Development (R&D), 22% to protect its Intellectual Property (IP), and 18% for product accreditation.

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pledged: 83% days to go: 15 investment: £624,764
Sol-Gel Materials and Application (SGMA) is a sustainable technology company that is using its new sol-gels to create sustainable solutions to plastic environmental waste. The company has researched and developed a non-plastic, non-toxic coating for products, from food packaging to electronics, that is water and oil resistant yet recyclable. Its product is the world’s only biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable (BCR) solution. The company's founder and CEO, Dr Fanya Ismail, has won the award 'Women in Innovation 2019' by Innovate UK and the company's work has been covered by BBC South East Today. The company plans to function as an IP management company, sub-contract manufacturing to chemical firms moving from bulk to advanced materials, and outsource distribution to partners, whose packaging customers serve brand owners.

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pledged: 163% days to go: 9 investment: £325,008
Carbon Negative Permeable Pavement Systems (CNPPS) offers Carbon Negative solution for hard surfaces like pavements and road networks. The company uses secondary aggregates, waste products and carbon-negative materials in its pavement systems which absorb more carbon in the manufacturing process than the carbon emitted per square meter by traditional carbon-intensive road construction methods. CNPPS's products are also permeable and can reduce flooding caused by rainwater run-off, thereby improving road safety. The company argues that its products are an estimated 5-8% less expensive than the currently used processes, having the potential to lessen the infrastructure budgets of the UK government. CNPPS requires initial funding to carry out a trial of its system by the Highways of England.  The company will use the investment funds to trial, accredit, CE mark and market CNPPS, and generate buyer interest in its products. 
pledged: 138% days to go: Stretch investment: £103,869

  • £5,728,799
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    15 May 19 Shadow Foundr £5,728,799 / 143%
  • Internet Business Awards Category Award Winner 2015
  • Hertfordshire Business Awards Finalist 2014

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